Iphone X Under Water Can

The flagship iPhone X is very different from its predecessors. the frames have already become, instead of a fingerprint scanner and Home button, face recognition technology and gestures have appeared that allow you to interact with the iOS operating system at a new and slightly more intuitive level. Even the display has gained new technologies. But the water protection for the iPhone has remained the same, but because it’s time to figure out whether to worry about Apple’s mobile technology during photo shoots at the bottom of the pool?

Iphone X Under Water Can

Is iPhone X waterproof?

Apple’s mobile, splash, water, and dust protection first appeared in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. Degree of protection. IP67 according to IEC 60529. A similar combination is deciphered as follows. the technique will cope with immersion to a depth of 1 meter in 30 minutes. After the “Seven” protection technology reached both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and unchanged. the same standard, the same depth of immersion, the familiar indicators of life under water.

Will the device survive the immersion in water

Immediately after the release, the iPhone X turned from a hotly debated new product with the innovative Face ID face scanner and the appeared gesture system, into the subject of endless stress tests. Apple’s novelty was dropped on the floor, and it was frozen in the refrigerator and even boiled. Enthusiasts did not pass by a test for water resistance. the iPhone X repeatedly swam in pools, sank to the seabed and even had fun in the washing machine. And, strangely enough, the novelty coped with all the tests, and even with 100% effectiveness. According to experimenters from the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel, the iPhone X is able to withstand immersion to a depth of 6 meters, and at the same time it can remain in the water for several hours in a row.

And, although the tests do not take into account the fact that the protection is gradually worn out, the answer is obvious. Apple’s smartphone is really capable of surviving water, especially in cases where the owner does not abuse the checks.

How the company provided protection

Apple developers have chosen a standard way to protect the internal components of the iPhone X for IP67. a special sealed rubber frame is located around the perimeter of the case, acting as a barrier that does not allow dust and moisture to pass through.

And, although the protection has already been tested by time (Apple is introducing IP67 technology since the iPhone 7), it is worth remembering the natural wear of the components of the rubber frame. With frequent contact with water, the protective mechanisms break down and become unusable. As a result, do not intentionally immerse the iPhone in liquid (especially soda, tea or coffee)!

What to do if the phone falls into the water

If the iPhone X has not experienced contact with water, liquid or drinks and has stopped turning on, you should immediately proceed to the emergency response procedure. It is recommended that you dry your smartphone immediately (talking about paper towels or a towel, not a hairdryer!), And then leave it alone for 3-4 hours. Next, hold down the power button located on the right side of the case until the Apple logo appears on the screen or at least a special notification reminding you to recharge the battery. If notifications have appeared, you should expect the iPhone X to return to life soon. In the alternative case, you will have to wait a couple more hours, and after that. try again.

In addition, it is worth remembering the use of cleaning products and compressed air. both “components” of cleaning can disrupt the iPhone’s performance even more than salt water.

Can I shoot under water?

From a technical point of view. you can: iPhone X, according to the IP67 standard, is able to withstand a half-hour immersion in water to a depth of a meter. It is exclusively about clean running water. photo shoot at the bottom of the sea will end for iPhone X hitting the table of a surgeon technician from Apple. And therefore. is it worth the risk of expensive equipment when it is much easier to use either special cameras or cases that protect against water with double power?

Does the breakdown from water getting into the device refer to warranty cases?

The following information is listed on Apple’s official website: “Damage to the iPhone or iPod caused by contact with the liquid is not covered by the one-year limited warranty.” As a result, when contacting the service immediately after the photo shoot underwater, the probability of free repair is reduced to zero.

Deceiving technicians from the service, saying another reason for the breakdown, will not work. in the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, starting in 2008, special indicators are installed that confirm the fact of contact with the liquid. If the indicator looks the same as in the image above, then you should immediately forget about the guarantee.

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