iPhone x touchscreen not working

IPhone 11 sensor / touchscreen not working

Display problems on your phone can be a nuisance. If the sensor or touchscreen is out of order, it will complicate the further operation of the device. When the picture began to be displayed with defects and other interference, the iPhone 11 sensor does not work, which stopped responding to pressing, then you should find the source of the problem and fix it as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem can lead to disastrous consequences and costly repairs.

How to determine if the sensor and touchscreen are broken?

Determine the malfunction of the Touchscreen on the iPhone 11 by the following signs:

HOW TO FIX iPhone X Touch Not Working

  • poor touch response;
  • lack of response to commands;
  • iPhone responds to a press with a delay;
  • spontaneous inclusion of programs, applications, typing;
  • difficulty turning pages;
  • some areas of the screen have stopped working.

A sensor malfunction is most often characterized by a lack of response to touching the module. In addition, the phone can independently send commands. Many users believe that replacing the display module is enough to solve the problem, but this does not always work, since problems may remain after repair. To eliminate the likelihood of a repeated error, it is recommended to contact a professional. Experienced technicians will be able not only to determine the source of the problem, but also to qualitatively troubleshoot the problem.

Incorrect operation of the touchscreen controller can lead to several variants of defects. touch screen glitches, interference, stripes. If the iPhone 11 touchscreen does not work, and the sensor responds to commands every other time, then it is worth checking the controller’s performance. In case of failure of this module, the phone begins to live “its own life”, namely, the commands are executed spontaneously.

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Reasons for the failure of the sensor and touchscreen on the iPhone 11

Such breakdowns are most often associated with the penetration of moisture into the body of the gadget. In addition, strong mechanical impact and careless handling can cause disturbances in the operation of the sensor. It is enough to drop the phone from the height of the kitchen table or sofa, and it will start to glitch. This is due to the fact that the motherboard contains many fragile BGA chips that can be broken with any physical contact.

Malfunctions in the operation of the device occur due to a fall or impact, since the soldering points are broken, and the contact tracks are cut off. The most common causes of damage to the sensor, touchscreen on the iPhone 11 include:

  • blow, fall;
  • penetration of water or other liquid into the body;
  • manufacturing defects;
  • sloppy operation.
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Problems with the sensor and touchscreen can be caused by various reasons, which also affects the degree of damage, signs of breakdown. For example, after a hit, the touchscreen of the iPhone 11 or only part of the sensor does not work. Such malfunctions occur in the event of a strong blow, falling of the phone. In case of strong mechanical stress, not only the touchscreen may be damaged, but also the case of the device.

If water gets on your iPhone, it will corrode and short-circuit the motherboard. This will cause the touch screen to fail. This module may also fail due to a malfunction of the touchscreen controller. If the owner encounters a similar breakdown again, then most likely, low-quality components were used in the previous workshop.

If the iPhone 11 sensor does not work after updating the operating system, then in this case there are two ways to solve the problem. In the first case, it is enough to roll back the firmware. The user can contact the service center for help or wait for a new version of the update with already fixed faults to be released. Secondly, you should call the master.

If the breakdown is caused by damage, flooding with liquid, then only replacing the screen will help. The main thing is to install original spare parts or high-quality analogues, which in terms of characteristics and reliability do not differ from factory parts.

What to do if sensor or touchscreen doesn’t work on iPhone 11?

Poor touchscreen performance on iPhone11 may be due to an incorrectly installed protective glass, bumper, case. Such protection can lead to module failure. For example, if the glass does not fit well to the screen, then the sensor will not be able to fully respond to interactions with it. A cover or bumper often pinches the screen, which subsequently manifests itself in a poor sensor response. To check the operation of the gadget, sometimes it is enough to remove all protective devices.

If the touchscreen or sensor is out of order due to damage, then the controller may need to be replaced on the iPhone. It is almost impossible to perform such manipulations on your own without the appropriate equipment and tools. Replacing the microcircuit located on the motherboard requires not only experience and skills, but also the necessary components and devices.

The process of replacing a touchscreen on an iPhone includes several stages, each of which requires the utmost care. To gain access to the module, almost the entire apparatus must be disassembled. First, disconnect the battery and disconnect the loops. This will require special tools.

It is not uncommon for iPhone users to encounter unscrupulous craftsmen who performed repairs improperly. For example, in the course of work, other components were damaged, parts of dubious production were used. If you do the work inaccurately, then there is a possibility of damage or overheating of board components. To get a quality service, you should contact a trusted master. An experienced specialist will determine the cause of the malfunctioning of the gadget and carry out a prompt and high-quality repair of the iPhone 11.

Fix iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working. Troubleshooting Tutorial

Why 3D Touch doesn’t work on iPhone 6?

Owners of iPhone 6s / 6s Plus / 7/7 Plus / X / 8/8 Plus sometimes face the problem that the “3D touch” function does not work. First, make sure 3D Touch is enabled on your device. To do this, go to Settings. General. Accessibility. 3D Touch. The slider must be active.

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Another possible reason why “touch” lags is iPhone 6 freezing, system crash. In this case, you need to try to restart the device in the usual way through the power button, or perform a forced restart. simultaneously hold down the lock button and the HOME button (on the iPhone 7. the volume down button), then after the “Apple” appears on the screen, first release the home button, then the button nutrition. If this method did not help to restore the touchscreen, and 3D Touch still does not respond to the iPhone, then you need to use the Tenorshare ReiBoot program, which will solve this error by entering and exiting recovery mode in a couple of minutes.

The touchscreen on the iPhone does not respond after updating to iOS 12. 3D Touch does not work. What to do?

Mobile device owners often complain that the iPhone screen does not respond to touch, the 3D Touch function does not work or lags after a new iOS system update. Before fixing this problem, you need to find its cause. In this article, we will look at several ways to solve the problem if the touchscreen does not respond on iPhone.

IPhone screen is unresponsive, touchscreen is not working

Very often, iPhone users are looking on the Web for a solution to the problem of why the iPhone 5 screen does not respond to touch after the iOS 11/12 update. In this case, the display itself is on, but the touchscreen does not work. Most likely, something went wrong with the iPhone, the device caught a “glitch” and froze. How do I fix the error? Or perform a forced reboot as described above; or, if this method did not solve the problem, use the Tenorshare ReiBoot tool.

If a hard restart did not help, the touchscreen does not work, 3D Touch does not respond, then use the Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

Download Tenorshare ReiBoot software from the official website. Install it on your computer.

Connect your iPhone with a non-responsive screen to your computer using a USB cable. Tenorshare ReiBoot software recognizes your device.

Then click on the “Enter Recovery Mode” button. Your iPhone will be put into recovery mode.

After that, the “Exit recovery mode” button should become active. Click on it. the iPhone will be rebooted. After restarting the iPhone will be ready to use again and the screen will work in the correct mode.

Note that all data on your device will be saved. nothing will be deleted, even if you forgot to make a backup. Tenorshare ReiBoot can be installed on both Mac and Windows; available for free download. If after using the tool, the iPhone screen does not respond and 3D Touch still does not work after updating to iOS 12, contact Apple Service Center to diagnose the problem.

In addition, Reiboot helps to solve errors such as black screen on iPhone. iPhone stuck on an Apple, iPad is disconnected connect to iTunes how to unlock, on a blue screen of death, or iPhone does not respond at all to your button presses.

Causes of sensor breakdowns

Basically, the operation of the sensor deteriorates when exposed to environmental factors, i.e. in most cases, the damage is of a mechanical nature. Therefore, we strongly advise you to immediately purchase a protective glass or a protective film for your mobile device when buying, in order to protect the new thing from minor damage. Also, on the Internet, there is a fact that if the screen of the fifth iPhone falls, it will be damaged with a 98% probability. Let’s note the main reasons for the lack of an answer:

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A breaking iPhone sensor may take some time to appear

  • Factory defect, which is extremely rare;
  • Falling the phone with the display down, which may cause serious technical problems;
  • System freeze;
  • The update installation was carried out incorrectly due to a possible disconnection of the device during the data update process;
  • Installing incompatible software;
  • Questionable programs;
  • The use of substandard parts. Fake display parts for Apple gadgets are common. Someone wanted to save money, but someone turned to an inexpensive service center, where customers are provided with just such parts, therefore rapid wear is a very typical phenomenon for such elements.

How to identify a malfunction?

With a faulty sensor, even typing a password is problematic

What “features” of your gadget’s operation will indicate a malfunction of the equipment of such models as, for example, the iPhone 5? Also, you will probably agree that when the touchscreen reacts to touches only in certain areas of the screen, this is also a malfunction, definitely focusing our attention on itself and annoying in order.

Let’s also note the case when the phone becomes its own master. it launches applications, writes something unintelligible, scrolls through documents incorrectly. A belated response to touch, accordingly, also indicates an obvious malfunction. How can we rehabilitate a gadget?

Restart iPhone

What to do if the sensor is not working on iPhone

We all know that Apple products are famous, first of all, for the quality of their products. However, sometimes incidents happen to us, due to which the correct operation of the Apple gadget may stagger. In this article, we will look at the reasons why the iPhone sensor does not work well and how to fix this problem.

The influence of accessories on the work of Apple gadgets

The touchscreen of the phone may also not work for reasons such as faulty accessories. We advise you to rid the phone of the film, which may have been glued incorrectly, in addition to this, we advise you to try to remove the cover from the device. If the work of your iPhone has returned to normal, you will have to abandon these accessories and purchase more suitable.

The tips above did not help how to proceed?

In an iPhone, a fall could not only break the sensor

If the proposed solutions to the problem did not help you, it is likely that the device was subjected to strong mechanical stress. If the device has been damaged as a result of shock or falling, we strongly recommend contacting the service center.

Serious damage will require more time from the master for repair work, because not only the display will have to be repaired, but possibly some vital parts of the mechanism. All iPhones, starting from the fourth, have a screen matrix consisting of three parts: the first part will be the protective glass, then the sensor goes, and only then the screen itself (display).

A special feature is that if any one element is damaged, the entire display module will have to be replaced.