Iphone X Max What’s Included

If anything remains truly stable in the modern world, then this is a reaction to the announcements of the iPhone. Each time, sofa analysts bury the company, accuse it of being secondary (sometimes even copying itself), of lagging behind the market, and at the same time of other deadly sins. And the further course of things remains just as stable. the new iPhones are scattered like hotcakes. In Moscow, according to rumors, this year there were no queues on the day sales started, but this more likely suggests that Apple is increasingly focusing on online sales, and the problem with the shortage of devices at first is gradually being solved. This is just a very good sign, and not vice versa.

Iphone X Max What's Included

iPhone 11 Pro Max official portrait

This year, the company introduced just three iPhone models. The most affordable will be the iPhone 11. this is the default option for most people, the ideological follower of last year’s iPhone Xr and just a well-balanced device. expensive options are the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max. We got used to the word Pro in the names of laptops, iPad Pro is also a completely meaningful phenomenon, but where is the iPhone? Smartphone for professionals? Seriously?

⇡ # Specifications, equipment

Information about the technical specifications and subsystems of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The most unexpected in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the availability of an adapter for quick charging. We did not get tired of criticizing Apple for “saving on matches” a year or two ago, but now everything is in order. over, the bundled Lightning cable on the other end has a USB-C connector, which means that the new iPhone can be charged from the new MacBook without buying additional accessories. In general, this year Apple is not directly similar to itself. And yet, no, it’s just very similar, because the adapter from Lightning to mini-jack is not included. finally and irrevocably it’s time to use wireless headphones. So buy yourself, for example, AirPods.

⇡ # Design and ergonomics

The most important news (for someone good, for someone bad) is that the iPhone has not changed in the face. Specifically, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is very similar to the iPhone Xs Max. He still has a “fringe”, it’s a “monobrow”, it’s a cutout for the front camera, a speaker and Face ID recognition system. And although this is clearly not Apple’s most successful solution, it performs one important function: the iPhone cannot be confused with anything, despite the huge number of imitators and explicit clones. When the back side of the case is in most cases covered by a cover, and the front is almost completely occupied by the screen, maintaining recognition can be very difficult. Now the iPhone has another very characteristic element. a square block with three large cameras on the back. It was he who welcomed visitors to the official Apple website, and it was he who became the most controversial design element of Apple since the rejection of Touch ID.

Although something very similar in terms of the camera, if you remember, was the Huawei Mate 20 Pro last year. Then everyone took it normally, and jokes and numerous memes about the ugly camera climbed out of each iron only now. This once again brings us back to the understanding that the iPhone is not just a smartphone, but quite a cultural phenomenon. No matter how loud it sounds.

Since today we are talking about the iPhone 11 Pro Max, then we will compare it with last year’s analogue. iPhone Xs Max. And the first thing you can notice is a significantly greater weight. Last year’s flagship Apple was not easy, to put it mildly. it weighed 208 grams, but now we have already 226. So it’s not recommended to wear it in a shirt pocket, and the comfort of carrying it in the front pocket of jeans and the inside pocket of a jacket or jacket is already on facets.

There are at least two reasons for this weight gain. Firstly, the back surface of the case is covered with a solid and rather thick piece of glass. If you look closely at the protruding square platform under the built-in cameras, you can see that this is not an overlay. everything is cut out from a single piece of glass. With this approach, the iPhone should be better protected from falls, but we did not begin to check it in the battle with the freshly laid Moscow tiles. Apple has long been using Corning Gorilla Glass in the iPhone, iPad and Watch. and this is never indicated in the specifications. and even invests in Corning’s new research and development. In theory, each subsequent Apple smartphone becomes stronger than the previous one, but the Web is already full of photos of the broken iPhone 11 Pro. By the way, the rear window has a rough matte texture, the case itself is not as slippery as before, so the iPhone 11 Pro is not so scary to use without a case.

If the younger iPhone 11, which replaces last year’s iPhone Xr, is available in a variety of bright colors, the flagship iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are available in more familiar colors: a choice of dark (Space Gray), light (Silver), gold (Gold) and the new dark green (Midnight Green).

The latter will definitely be the most sought after. Firstly, it looks very fresh and unusual for Apple, and secondly, only with this color you can immediately understand that it is in the hands of a new iPhone, and not some Xs or X.

All controls remain in place. Two buttons for volume control and a silent mode switch on the left, a Lightning connector on the bottom, a power button and a SIM card tray on the right. Home button and Touch ID sensor. in the junkyard of history. There will be no painful addiction when switching from iPhone X or iPhone Xs: I transferred the data, put a new iPhone in my pocket and went. in this regard, nothing has changed for years. And this factor in many ways keeps people from switching to Android. However, the point here is not only in hardware, but also in software. I will tell you more about this later.

In the meantime, it’s worth mentioning separately about the improved protection of the case. Formally, the iPhone 11 Pro Max corresponds to the same protection class as the iPhone Xs Max. IP68, but now Apple claims to remain operational when immersed to a depth of 4 meters for half an hour.

⇡ # Interface and features of iOS 13

New iPhones initially come with a new version of the operating system, although it is becoming available for past iPhone models. So in iOS 13 there are a lot of new “chips” that significantly change the user experience. The most important. and the saddest thing for me personally. is the lack of 3D Touch. Now, instead of pressing hard, long hold is used again. Say, if you want to change the order of the icons on the desktop, then you first need to call the context menu by long clicking on any icon, and then select the corresponding item in it. That is, one additional action appears, and this is not the only example.