iPhone x doesn’t work NFC

What to do if Apple Pay doesn‘t work?

Apple Pay. a new payment system designed for contactless payments. The built-in NFC chip allows you to pay for goods and services with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, some users are complaining about problems with Apple Pay. In this case, the tethered card will be completely useless. Let’s learn more about the causes and possible malfunctions.

What could be the problem?

  • Your phone must support NFC technology.
  • iOS glitches.
  • Problems with the terminal.
  • Incorrectly added card.
  • Faulty module or antenna.
  • Moisture intrusion.

Ways to solve the iOS problem:

  • Reboot the device;
  • Reset the network settings (Settings. Main. Reset. Reset network settings);
  • In the Wallet app, delete the card and re-tie it;
  • If there is no result, try reinstalling or updating the firmware.

If after this procedure Apple Pay is not working, you should think about a problem with the NFC-chip. The most common problem is bad fixing of antenna module or NFC-chip is out of order. If the signal is bad, it indicates debris or dust.

What can cause the above-mentioned problems:

  • Dust, debris, or a drop of glue from assembling the device interferes with the good contact;
  • The fastener is loose;
  • Gadget falling;
  • Water penetration.
iphone, doesn, work

How to fix the problem?

You need to contact the service center, tell the engineer about the problem and the possible causes of failure.

After diagnosing the device, the master will voice the cause, timing and cost of repair.

You can contact our service center by calling 067-574-19-02 or at the address:

What is the NFC chip in the phone: how it works?

Near field communication (NFC) means near field communication. is a wireless communication interface, which has a small response radius of about 10 centimeters. The device is most often small, capable of sharing with other gadgets and passive tags. One more peculiarity is low speed of data transfer. And with all the above, the connection time is only 0.1 second.

Low power consumption, as it is the case with most chips. NFC users can also be pleased with its low cost.

Apple Pay malfunctions

Users quite often encounter the fact that the contactless payment system stops working on their devices. Let’s take the following situation as an example: Apple pay on iPhone 7 has stopped working. Here are a few reasons why this may have happened:

The NFC module or its antenna is faulty

In normal use, this part is damaged quite rarely, but it can be easily spoiled by poor-quality repair, when troubleshooting on your own.

Problems on the card side. Sometimes the phone is in full working order, but it still can’t be used to pay in stores. Then check to see if the card has a balance, if it’s blocked, and if the pin code has been changed recently. All these situations make it impossible to use Apple Pay.

Software failures

Contactless payment can stop working due to iOS glitches and problems. Sometimes rebooting the phone saves the situation, but sometimes finding and fixing the problem is much harder. Only competent specialists can do that. Note that Apple Pay does not work on all iPhone models below SE version.

How to find out that NFC doesn‘t work on your iPhone

The simplest and obvious way to find out the problem is to try to make a payment in the store. If after you put your iPhone to the terminal nothing happened, most likely the problem is with the antenna part. Another thing. if the BGA solder under the NFC chip is broken or it has failed. Then it will be impossible to add cards to Wallet and activate iPhone after reflashing.

Certainly, this problem will not occur in a vacuum. Often, problems with the NFC chip occur due to physical effects on the phone. for example, if the iPhone has been dropped, or due to unskilled repairs. The fall has caused problems with Apple Pay on iPhone X, which was brought to the engineers in the Apple Pro service center.

The phone was brought to the service center in this condition

Alas, the broken back window was not the only consequence of the fall of this phone. Apple Pay stopped working, and after a reset the iPhone owner decided to relink the bank cards, but the phone refused to register new cards. Flashing the smartphone from the DFU-mode did not help: the iPhone turned into a “brick” and stopped activating, because with the soldering fault or a faulty NFC chip the smartphone can not pass the activation procedure.

After reflashing the phone turned into a “brick”

The fall damaged the back window of the iPhone

Why does not NFC work on an iPhone?

NFC controller is located on the top of the case around the camera module. Self-reported physical chip failure is unlikely. If it happens, it is ordinary mechanical damage, most often drop or shock, contact with liquid and voltage jumps. It is not rare that NFC module fails due to software or firmware problems.

To determine the nature of the failure, software or hardware is very simple.

If the reason is a firmware failure the phone identifies the fault as error #53. Probably there was a failure while installing updates.

Error #56 occurs if there is a hardware problem. This is the breakage identifier of the NFC chip. In this case it needs to be repaired by means of rebolling. Or the controller needs to be replaced completely, but in this case Apple Pay will not work.

The NFC chip or module antenna is defective

The NFC chip and antenna module in iPhones is located right under the back cover. According to user feedback, sometimes dropping the phone causes it to stop working correctly. This was a common reason why Apple Pay doesn‘t work properly on the iPhone 7 and 6, which have a back cover that’s too thin and fragile.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to fix this failure on your own, the only correct option is to contact an authorized Apple service center. Simply replacing NFC will not solve the problem, because you have to additionally reprogram the cryptographic protection module. It’s impossible to do it in an external repair shop. But it is possible to replace the antenna itself, and its module is removable and costs only 200-300.


Step 1. Update Privat24. Step 2. First go to “Cards Menu” and then to “Card Design. Step 3. Choose a cover and click on it. Step 4. Press green “Save” button.

Digital covers from the catalog can only be installed on PrivatBank cards linked to Apple Pay.

There are no limitations. you can change it if you like 🙂

Everywhere that accepts contactless payments. You can tell by the icons:

iphone, doesn, work

iPhone 6 and up

Press Home button twice and put your finger to the Touch ID, then put the phone to the terminal.

iPhone X

Double-click on the side button. Look at Face ID and bring your phone to the terminal.

Apple Watch

Press the long side button twice and hold the watch near the terminal. You will feel a pulsation.

  • On iCloud.com set the status to “stolen” (lost mode).
  • Lock the card by dialing 3700.
  • After blocking the card on your device, you can continue to use your physical card.

Via Privat24:

  • Update Privat24 on your iPhone;
  • Select the card in Privat24 and click “Add Card to Apple Pay”. You will be redirected to Wallet;
  • Select your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad;
  • Additional verification may be needed. If everything is ok, the card will be automatically added and activated.

On iPhone:

  • go to Wallet on your iPhone;
  • Press the “” button to add the card;
  • scan the card or enter its number manually;
  • Confirm the action in Privat24 or with the OTP password.

On the Apple Watch via iPhone:

  • Go to Watch on your iPhone;
  • Select Wallet and Apple Pay;
  • click “Add payment card”;
  • scan the card or enter its number manually;
  • Confirm with Privat24 or OTP password.

Via MacBook Pro add to iPhone:

  • Go to the system settings;
  • Press “Add card”;
  • scan the card or enter its number manually;
  • Confirm the action in Privat24 or with the OTP password.

Via iPad add to iPhone:

  • Go to Settings;
  • tap “Add Card”;
  • Scan the card or enter the card number manually;
  • Confirm the action in Privat24 or OTP password.
  • Open the Apple Watch on your iPhone and go to the “My Watch” tab. If you have more than one watch, select one of them.
  • Tap Wallet and Apple Pay.
  • To add a new card, click “Add payment card”. When prompted to add a card used in iTunes, cards from other devices, or recently deleted cards, you must select them and then enter the security codes for those cards.
  • Click “Next.”. If the bank or card issuer needs additional information to verify the card, it will ask for it.
  • Go back to the Wallet and Apple Pay menu again and tap on the card.
  • After the bank or the card issuer checks the card, press “Next”.

Limit. 20 devices for Mastercard, 99. for VISA card.

The iPhone X and Watch Series 3 support up to 12 cards, the others support 8.

  • set region. Ukraine;
  • Update the iOS 11 version;
  • Check internet, without it you can not add a card (but you do not need internet for payments);
  • authorize in iCloud;
  • Set a password or Touch ID.

The design may vary, but it doesn‘t affect how Apple Pay works.

It’s okay, but the card needs to be locked quickly. You can do it yourself via Privat24 in menu “My accounts. Management of card/account. Blocking of card” or by calling toll-free number 3700.

When the card is blocked you will receive a notification in Privat24 or by email.

In Wallet Apple Pay, the locked card will remain, but will not be active for payments. After reissuing the card, add it to Wallet again, and delete the blocked card.

Apple Pay and NFC not working in iPhone and iWatch. Not a problem.

Just recently, by the end of 2019, we in Belarus finally got an opportunity to pay for purchases in stores with our iPhone or Apple Watch using Apple Pay technology by bringing your device to the terminal instead of a payment card. Except that many users have not got this feature working after tethering their cards.

There may be several reasons; let us list the most common ones:

Your telephone has been previously repaired and may have been assembled by inexperienced masters, as a result of which there is no good contact between the circuit board and NFC antenna. 2. Your phone has been exposed to shock or liquid. In this case the problem will most likely concern the integrity of the NFC chip soldering or its digital circuits, or its power circuits. 3. You have a reconditioned iPhone. Anything can happen to it. It may not have the necessary antenna parts at all, there may be a cheap case that will not properly function as an antenna on top of the device. Also the board of your iPhone may be previously hit or been in the water.

Nikita Goryainov

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