Iphone X Does Not Display Incoming Call

What annoys you the most about a standard dialer on iOS?

The most primitive and non-developing application does not know how to search for subscribers by pressing a few buttons in the Symbols section, does not allow you to assign a quick call to certain buttons and is deprived of a number of functions that are in the simplest button dialer.

Very upset lack of a subscriber number on the screen from the address book for an incoming or outgoing call. This is necessary when several numbers of different operators are assigned to one contact. One can only guess from which number the incoming call is coming from or to which number the iPhone is ringing.

We found a fairly simple solution to the problem.

You can customize the display of the number on the screen on any iPhone with any version of iOS.

Iphone X Does Not Display Incoming Call

1. Open the contact card for which you want to enable the display of the number and click Edit.

2. We click on the field with the phone number, select it and copy it.

3. Click on the label to the left of the number and select Add Your Own Label.

4. Paste the copied number and select the line as a label.

5. We do the same with each number.

Do not forget to click Done to save changes.

Now, during an incoming or outgoing call, not only the name, but also the subscriber number will be displayed on the screen. Thanks re: Store for the helpful tip!

Unfortunately, the process is quite painstaking, you will have to process each contact card separately, but this function is not needed for all subscribers from the phone book.