Iphone Se Camera Features And Settings

For more than 30 years, the famous Apple company has been a leader in the gadget market. With the development of modern technologies and the advent of touch smartphones, the apple corporation continues to be the leading link in the high technology world. The smartphones of this brand are simply wildly popular, and finding a person who has never heard of an iPhone is now an extremely difficult task. And no one is embarrassed by the fact that not Apple invented the first touchscreen smartphone. Users immediately appreciated the ideal design parameters of the gadget, its sensitive sensor and vibrant display colors. The latest iPhone model (seven) as well as its predecessors has a sophisticated appearance. This device is not only pleasant to behold, but also comfortable to hold.

It should be noted that all iPhones differ from other smartphones in such parameters:

  • unique operating system;
  • an individual feature of each model;
  • high ink transfer rates and display quality;
  • the accuracy of the presented phone parameters.

Of course, it is undeniable that the owners of Android-based smartphones “download” programs to their devices anytime, anywhere. But thereby exposing smartphones to viruses and other hacker programs.

Apple products involve the use of only its paid content, which reinsures iPhone owners from “freezing” and system crashes, protects users’ personal data. Also, the iPhone boasts high precision assembly devices, no extra cracks and gaps on it can not be found. All the details of the case and the insides sit like a glove, so looking at the iPhone, it seems perfect.
There are times when the owner accidentally loses his device. And here Apple tried for the consumer, endowing each smartphone with a unique number and setting the device search function via satellite.

Features iPhone 7

Undoubtedly, smartphone users are actively involved in virtual communication. Quickly and most importantly correctly write the desired text on iPhone is not difficult. Super sensitive screen and the correct selection of words in the keyboard layout will help to cope with this task. So, let’s look at the advantages that this coveted iphone 7 has.

Iphone Se Camera Features And Settings

Updated camera system for and photography

IPhones have always been famous for clear and high-quality shooting. And the new Iphone 7 Plus contains one front and two full-fledged, rear cameras with digital and optical zoom. One, like the iphone 7, has a wide angle lens (28 mm, f / 1.8) and captures an increased amount of light. The second with a telescopic lens (56 mm, f / 2.8) and a double zoom, but less light. When shooting, the smartphone independently determines which camera to use. Thanks to this innovation, close-up photographs are highly sharp, and the image can be magnified up to ten times (up to six times) when taking pictures. It is now possible to make a high-quality portrait photo, like on a professional camera, on an iPhone using the bokeh effect. This is due to the automatic adjustment of the camera, the contours of the face are clear, and the background picture is blurred.

Increased display brightness

The new iPhone, compared with its predecessors, received an improved version of the display (iPhone 7. 4.7 inches, 1334 × 750 pixels. IPhone 7 Plus. 5.5 inches, 1920 × 1080 pixels). Its brightness increased by 25%, and you will agree, a high figure. Also, the color palette has expanded, so that the color rendition has become brighter and even more realistic. The technological novelty 3D Touch allows you to tactilely feel every touch on the display, which allows you to more clearly perform various tasks.

New powerful processor = fast work = energy saving

IPhone developers have equipped a new smartphone model with a powerful 4-core processor. This advanced processor is not only the most modern, it has high performance and independently determines when it needs to be increased or decreased. Therefore, there is a saving of battery power, which in the modern world is extremely important. The capacity of the battery in the seven is 1960 mA / h, seven plus. 2900 mAh In addition, the phone’s memory is increased to 256 GB. now you can freely download applications ands. Fans of unique and high-quality games have long appreciated the iPhone’s advancement in this area. After all, the App Store offers iPhone owners the latest news and exclusives. And, often, it is the users of Apple products who have the opportunity to evaluate the latest software products.

Joy for music lovers

In addition to the fact that music can be “downloaded” for 10 years in advance, the iPhone is equipped with cool stereo speakers. Their volume has doubled than in the previous model. Also, EarPods (Lightning connector) are included with the smartphone.

iPhone 7 is not afraid of moisture

The smartphone case is designed in such a way that it is not afraid of rain, snow, or getting into the water for up to 30 minutes. How often are situations when your favorite phone falls out of your pocket directly into a container of water. This is very unpleasant and unexpected. iPhone 7 can withstand “immersion” under water to a depth of 1 meter. What other smartphone can boast of such an achievement?

Home Button

Frequent breakdowns of the mechanical button on the Home menu in the past. Now she has become sensory and extremely sensitive. Modular Taptic Engine allows you to feel the touch tactile, in addition, it has a tuning function. And again, Apple developers put the security of personal data of users, first of all, and use a fingerprint sensor to identify the owner to lock / unlock.


The color palette of iPhone cases has expanded significantly. In addition to the classic black and white, new colors and shades were used: matte black and black onyx (gloss). In addition to the fact that all models are made of durable aluminum, the choice of consumer presents branded color options: silver, gold and pink gold.

iPhone 7. the feasible dream of any user

Even despite the fact that Apple products having a pretty decent price, its functionality and quality speak for themselves. We can summarize that the iPhone seven, like all previous models, is equipped with a high-speed operating system. It will not fail at the most inopportune moment and will not fail due to download from an unverified source. This latest novelty from Apple is equipped with the latest technology, this can be seen by performing several actions simultaneously in your iPhone. As it happens, you go on vacation, but you want to take a minimal amount of things. Now there’s one less problem, you don’t have to drag a voluminous camera with cases, chargers and other headsets. The quality of photos ands in the new iPhone 7 exceeds all expectations and can compete with some professional cameras.

An ultra-modern “smart” processor that not only quickly copes with the tasks, but also economically distributes the gadget’s consumption and energy consumption. All the same, geniuses exist, since they came up with such a technology.

Perfection of forms, color palette of the case, super naturalistic image, high performance, high-quality and loud sound, you can list all the advantages of the iPhone 7 for a long time. Having used it at least once, it is unlikely that there will be a desire to use something else. Well, perhaps with a newer version of this “apple” technique of the future.