IPhone pictures edit. 10 Best Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

How to Turn OFF or ON Auto Enhance on iPhone Photos

In order to make your image look stunning right from the word go, the Apple Photos app automatically enhances the image. As a result, you don’t have to manually go through the editing process before blasting your shots on social networking sites or sharing them with your friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, this slightly hidden photo editing tool doesn’t always do justice to all images.

At times, it tends to either brighten up an image too much or use the beauty tool unnecessarily to destroy the real appearance of a photo. Hence, it’s better to turn off or on auto-enhance on iPhone photos depending on your needs. If that’s precisely what you want to figure out, let me guide you through:

Enable or Disable Auto Enhance on iPhone Photos in iOS 16

In order to have the desired control while editing an image, I prefer to keep the auto-enhance tool disabled. As someone who wants the images to look real, I can’t help but hate this tool. so when it fails to live up to the mark. Thankfully, there is a quick way to take control of it.

To begin with, open the Photos app on your iPhone.

Now, navigate to the image that you would like to edit.

Tap on the Edit button that shows in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Next, check out the tiny auto-enhance tool (looks like a magic wand). Tap on this very tool to turn auto-enhance off/on.

Be sure to tap on Done, which appears in the bottom right corner of the screen, to finish.

How do I turn off auto enhance on my iPhone 14?

You can turn off auto-enhance on your iPhone 14 from the Photos app. To do so open the Photos app, select the photo for which you want to turn off auto enhance and tap the Edit button. You willl find a magic wand icon, tap on it to turn off auto enhance on your iPhone 14.

Wrap Up…

And that’s pretty much to turning the auto-enhance tool off or on in images on your iOS device. No matter how cool a feature may be, it won’t appeal to everyone’s taste. Hence, it’s always advisable to offer an option to manage the feature. It’s well-thought-out to automatically adorn the appearance of an image so that users can share them without having to spend plenty of time behind editing.

However, not everyone (especially those who want to have the desired control over the image) wants this tool. And that’s the reason why the ability to tweak it is appreciable. What do you think?

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Best Photo Editor Apps for iPhone

Every iPhone comes with a great camera. Whether you capture seascapes at sunrise or parties after dark, you’re sure to grab some high-quality snaps.

However, there is more to mobile photography than point and shoot. To craft images that make people say “wow,” it’s usually necessary to run a few edits.

From the built-in Photos app to third-party options, there are countless photo editor apps for iPhone nowadays.

To help you narrow down the choice and find the best tool for your needs, we decided to put together a definitive list. Keep reading to discover our top 10!

What Is an iPhone Photo Editor?

An iPhone photo editor is basically any iOS app that allows you to change images in some way.

That could be making some minor adjustments to colors or brightness, reframing the scene, or transforming photos completely. Some editing tools are even designed for creating digital art, allowing you to mimic hand painting styles, and utilize images as the scraps in a virtual collage.

Does the iPhone Come With a Photo Editor?

Yes. The iOS Photos app is mainly a gallery, but it also provides some basic adjustments, allowing you to enhance your photos.

However, for more advanced or complex edits, you will need to visit the App Store and find a dedicated photo editor. Apple has never made a dedicated photo editing app for iOS, so all the choices here are from third-party developers.

How Do You Edit a Photo to Make It Look Professional on iPhone?

Recent versions of the iPhone have begun to rival both DSLRs and the best mirrorless cameras, in terms of image quality. But still, you will need to do some editing if you want your smartphone photos to look professional.

In most cases, this will involve balancing exposure and contrast, removing unwanted distractions, and adding a little polish with localized adjustments or a vignette.

It’s definitely possible to use multiple apps to complete these tasks, but flicking between editing tools will add time and complexity to your workflow. For this reason, it’s generally better to stick to one or two apps.

Another factor to bear in mind is that not all apps produce the same level of image quality. Some apply quite harsh adjustments, while others give you precise control. Before you commit to one tool or another, it’s worth taking a closer look at the results from each app.

The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

So, where should you begin looking for your photo editing match? To help you get started, here’s a look at ten of the best apps on iOS right now:

1) Pixelcut: Best All-in-One Photo Editor for iPhone

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Pixelcut is one of the first apps to make pro-level photo editing tools accessible to anyone.

All of these features are really easy to use, and you can snap, enhance, and reimagine any photo in under three minutes — no experience necessary.

And that is why it’s top of our list.

Pricing: Starts from 9.99/mo or 59.99/yr, and you can buy credits for editing individual photos

2) VSCO: Best iPhone Photo Editor for Filters

When it comes to filters, VSCO is the undisputed monarch. No other app comes close to the breadth and quality of the presets (200) on offer here, which is perhaps why many pros are happy to use this editor.

VSCO earned a certain reputation a few years back, when the Starbucks brigade adopted the app en masse for a fleeting period of time. But in truth, Visual Supply Co. was producing film emulations long before the VSCO girl stereotype became a thing.

As a creative person, all you need to know is that this app is easy to use and packed with useful features. It cannot match some apps on this list in terms of functionality. In fact, some people call it a bit basic.

But overall, VSCO is a decent choice for most photo enthusiasts — plus it can handle video editing and gifs.

Pricing: Free version with limited features, full access for 29.99/yr

3) Snapseed: Best Free iPhone Editing App

If your aim is to get the best possible editor without spending a dime, it’s hard to look past Snapseed.

It might be owned by Google, but the iOS version of this app is stacked with useful tools — from basic sliders to selective adjustments and visual effects. The choice is almost overwhelming, although a relatively basic interface helps to improve navigation.

Snapseed does offer filters, too. However, this is where you discover that Google hasn’t put a lot of effort into adding new features over the past few years. Most of the presets look like they come from the Hipstamatic era; if you don’t know what that is, you might need to take a history tour of Wikipedia to find out.

But other than that, you can’t really fault Snapseed. It’s not the most cutting-edge app on this list, but that doesn’t matter when you are paying exactly nothing.

Pricing: Free app

iphone, pictures, edit, best, photo, editor

4) Adobe Lightroom: Best iPhone Photo Editor for Cross-Platform Edits

You can’t really have a conversation about photo editing without including Adobe. You can even find the company’s most famous product, Photoshop, in the dictionary. Definition: the digital alteration of a photographic image using editing software.

Yet the first Adobe product in our list is not Photoshop — it’s Adobe Lightroom.

Designed to provide a mobile toolset for professional photographers and enthusiasts, this iOS app combines the features of an image library and an image editor.

The editor is a stripped-down take on the desktop software, complete with lens distortion correction, localized adjustments (incl. gradients), and curves for exposure. Overall, it’s a pretty solid standalone offering.

However, the biggest advantage of using this app is that it syncs with your Creative Cloud account. That means you can easily edit your camera photos on your phone, or access iPhone edits on your Mac. You just need to cough up for that pricey subscription first.

Pricing: Cloud storage from 4.99/mo, full Creative Cloud access from 29.99/mo

5) Carbon: Best iPhone Photo Editor for BW Pictures

Many keen photographers have recently turned to black and white as a refreshing change from the super-saturated colors of social media. On iOS, Carbon is probably the best tool for exploring this timeless style.

This very sleek app has over 50 filters to choose from, and a nice range of BW-focused editing options — from split toning to grain and borders. It can even handle RAW files from your iPhone or DSLR. The tools are pretty easy to use, as well, thanks to an uncluttered design.

The obvious limitation of Carbon is that you need to wave goodbye to color. For this reason, it will only appeal to a niche audience.

Pricing: Free with limited features; full access to premium features from 19.99/yr

6) TouchRetouch: Best iPhone Photo Editor for Removing Objects

Another editing app that focuses entirely on a certain task is TouchRetouch. In this case, it’s all about removing unwanted objects (or people) from your photos.

It might sound a bit destructive, but it only takes an annoying wire fence or power line to ruin a perfect photo. TouchRetouch has dedicated tools for removing these distractions, along with general purpose retouching tools for cleaning up blemishes and other distractions.

This editor is perhaps the most specialized on our list, but it deserves a place because it works well and doesn’t cost the earth.

Pricing: One-time 3.99 purchase

7) Mextures: Best iPhone Photo Editor for Creative Edits

Some photo editors are mainly designed for enhancing the image you start with. Others, such as Mextures, help you to build something new using your photo as the foundation.

This app goes well beyond brightness and saturation, with editing features that can truly transform your photography. You can add overlays, filters, grain, light leaks, film presets, and a whole lot more thanks to unlimited layers.

Of course, you don’t have to go crazy with the effects. But this app is definitely aimed at digital artists who like to experiment, rather than the average smartphone snapper.

Pricing: One-time purchase of 1.99, with extra overlays available as in-app purchases

8) Adobe Photoshop Express: Best Professional iPhone Photo Editor

While Photoshop Express doesn’t enjoy the same dominance on mobile as its bigger brother has on PC, the iOS app is still worth checking out.

Express is clearly aimed at people who do creative stuff for a living. It lets you fix up the most common photo problems without expending too much effort, and it has a range of tools for improving selfies and portraits.

If you’re happy to dive into a world of sub-menus and slightly obscure icons, you can achieve a lot using this app. It’s just going to take you a while to wrap your head around the options — and a fair chunk of your paycheck each month.

Pricing: Standalone Express subscription is 4.99/mo or 34.99/yr; included in Creative Cloud subscriptions from 29.99/mo

9) Superimpose X: Best iPhone Editing App for Blending Images

Some of the most interesting visual content is made up of multiple images that have been combined by a creative mind. On iPhone, Superimpose X provides the necessary editing features.

This app is really full-throttle graphic design software that has been shrunk a little for mobile devices. You can smudge, warp, and mask, mimic double exposures with various blending modes, and finish with a garnish of preset effects and filters.

Designers and digital artists will absolutely love this app. For the rest of us, it’s probably overkill.

Pricing: One-time 4.99 purchase

10) Picsart: Best Creative iPhone Photo and Video Editor

This iPhone and iPad app has become popular with meme creators over the past couple of years. Now, plenty of other people are discovering what Picsart can do.

This free photo editor is packed with filters, stickers, and templates, and you can create photo collages within the app. The FOCUS here is very much on using images to create content, rather than helping you to fine-tune your photos.

It’s also worth noting that this app has a certain style. And that style is loud, bright, bold, and maybe even a little childlike. Picsart was made for K-pop fans rather than fine art connoisseurs.

Pricing: Free to download, in-app purchases for some content

What Is the Best Photo Editor on iPhone?

Taking into account usability, features, and versatility, we believe that Pixelcut is currently the best photo editor on iPhone.

Of course, there is strong competition out there. VSCO and Carbon provide vintage vibes; Mextures and Superimpose X can unlock playful creativity; and the Adobe apps provide a slice of professional photo editing.

Snapseed gets an honorable mention as the best truly free option on the App Store right now — you could probably say the same on Android, actually. And TouchRetouch is great for editing images that are less than perfect.

Why You Should Try Pixelcut

Overall, Pixelcut wins because it provides a great workflow for pretty much any creative project.

The app has tools for tweaking your photos, designing social media posts, and creating art with custom layouts. It’s completely accessible for beginners, and creative pros will appreciate how much time they save on editing.

In other words, it’s the complete package.

Want to give it a try? Download Pixelcut today and join 10 million small businesses already using the app!

Ready to start creating with Pixelcut?

Join more than 10 million small businesses, creators and entrepreneurs that use Pixelcut to grow their business.

iPhone Photo Editing Tips And Tricks You May Not Realize You Can Do

In an increasingly digital age, it’s amazing what our phones can do. These little gadgets not only have incredible capacity for all of our photos, texts, calls and social media apps, but the cameras are no joke, either. In fact, the latest iPhones, the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, have a 12-megapixel camera system with three cameras, all in the palm of your hand.

You no longer need a clunky Nikon or Canon camera to create some impressive work.

If you don’t know where to start, though, you’re definitely not alone. Just because you have fancy cameras and settings attached to your iPhone doesn’t mean it’s a breeze to understand how they work and put them in action. Below, you’ll find tips and tricks you can do with a fingertip touch (or two).

Turn on the grid in your viewfinder

According to Greg McMillan, a longtime “iPhoneographer” and host of “ The iPhoneography Podcast ,” having the grid setting turned on is one of the most important tools for creating a balanced photo.

“I always have this turned on because it helps me keep the camera level, so I don’t have a crooked photo,” McMillan said. “I’m a firm believer in having a level horizon in my photos.”

This is an option you have to switch on in your iPhone’s Settings app. Scroll down to Camera, then, in the Composition section, flip the grid toggle on.

“The grid is a great tool to help with composition,” McMillan noted. The composition is essentially a fancy word for how you arrange the elements of the photo that your eye will be drawn to. The grid option will split the camera view into thirds, both vertically and horizontally.

Jane Goodrich, head of Picsello. a photography business brand, recommended remembering the rule of thirds, which holds that when a photo is divided evenly into horizontal and vertical thirds, subjects look best when placed at the intersection of the dividing lines.

“Each spot where the lines intersect is where you would want to place your subject within the frame,” McMillan said, noting that this ultimately creates a more aesthetically pleasing photo.

Tap to set FOCUS and exposure (and lock it, too)

McMillan explained that the FOCUS and exposure levels are essential for getting a good photo.

“While composing your image, tap on the screen at the point where you want your FOCUS to be, and a yellow square will appear to show you the FOCUS point,” he said. “This also sets the exposure.”

Once you place your FOCUS, you can drag your finger up to increase the exposure (brightening the image) or down to decrease it (making it darker).

The FOCUS of your image is the main subject, so regardless of whether you’re taking a photo of a sunset, a waterfall or a person, you’ll want to make sure that’s what the eye naturally is drawn toward. According to the rule of thirds above, you should place your FOCUS somewhere near the lower, upper, left or right third of your image.

Best FREE Photo Editing Apps For iPhone! (2022)

McMillan pointed out that you can also lock your FOCUS and exposure on the Camera app, which is especially helpful for “those times when you may want to achieve [your] FOCUS, then move the camera to recompose your photo without having to worry about refocusing.”

To do this, tap and hold the FOCUS point, and the yellow square will flash a couple of times at the top of the screen. Then, a yellow indicator will appear with the words “AE/AF LOCK” to show you the FOCUS and exposure are locked in place.

Consider the wide-angle lens

Maria Perez. a senior video producer at BH Photo Video, found through her experience that perspective and composition can really make or break a photo.

“Mobile cameras have so many great features that help with framing your composition,” she said.

On the iPhone, the wide-angle lens (the 0.5x perspective option you see each time you open your camera) can help you capture a subject super-broadly.

Portrait mode, which can be found by swiping once after the Photo option at the bottom of the Camera app, allows you to capture photos with a sharp FOCUS on the subject and a blurred background.

Both of these built-in composition options help with changing perspective and depth of field.

Goodrich also noted that it’s important to avoid capturing too many things in your photo. “Leave empty or negative space around your subject,” she said. “Give your subject room in the photo.”

Use burst mode for group photos (and live mode, too)

Besides the relatively obvious portrait and cinematic modes available in the Camera app, McMillan suggested playing around with other options, like burst mode or live photos.

Burst mode was originally designed to help users take action photos by capturing a multi-shot sequence of one scene. However, McMillan noted it’s a great tool for taking group photos, too. He advised turning on the function that lets you use burst mode by hitting your phone’s volume-up button, which allows you to more easily access burst mode in the moment.

“This needs to be turned on in the same Camera settings app. Go to Settings, [then] Camera, and toggle on ‘use volume up for burst,’” he said. With this enabled, you can take burst photos just by clicking the volume-up button on the left side of your iPhone.

Live photos are another fun camera feature. They capture everything that happens 1.5 seconds before and after you take the photo.

There are three choices for editing live photos, McMillan explained:

  • Loop: “Your live photo will play like a video for the 3 second duration, then keep repeating itself.”
  • Bounce: It “will play the video but at the end of the three seconds, it will go in reverse to the beginning and keep repeating the process.”
  • Long exposure: This is “the most popular choice, and [is] often used when taking a live photo of [things like] moving water because it will give it that smooth, veiling look that a lot of photographers like when shooting waterfalls.”

Use the magic wand tool

There are a lot of different adjustments available in the editing suite of Photos. The magic wand “auto” tool in particular is a great starting point, since it uses artificial intelligence to determine the best settings for the image.

“Once you tap the wand, you’ll see where some of the icons have been adjusted,” McMillan said. “If their respective functions have been decreased, the circle shows how much it has been moved, and if the function was increased, the circle and the number within it turns yellow.”

He also noted that these default settings are a good way to play around with iPhone editing.

“You can experiment with each adjustment by selecting it and sliding your finger back and forth while watching the photo to see how it changes the look of it,” he explained. “[If you] go through all of them to find your favorite adjustments, you’ll be able to go through an edit quite quickly.”

If at first you don’t succeed, use the straighten function

Even with the grid function on while you’re taking a photo, it may be difficult to get an image that’s perfectly straight. Good thing there’s a setting for that!

Within the adjustments located beneath your picture after you click “edit,” you can straighten your image by tapping on the third setting (the box with the arrows going around it). From there, you can swipe left or right to shift the perspective a certain way. The other two options within the straighten adjustment allow you to skew the photo either vertically or horizontally.

“This is effective when taking pictures of buildings or tall trees where you may want them to look less skewed,” McMillan said.

Adjust the exposure, highlights and shadows

Although there are pre-made filters available to use on the Photos app, Perez has found that “it’s best to use the different toggles provided to really customize the look you’re going for.” She noted that, since not all photos are created equal, one filter won’t fit everything.

To increase or decrease the exposure, slide to the second setting available under the adjustment tool. Depending on where you’re starting with your photo, you can lighten or darken it a touch, but avoid adjusting it too much. “This is because it can lower the quality of your photo and make it grainy,” Perez said.

Highlights, meanwhile, are the fourth toggle on the adjustment bar. The highlights in an image are the lightest colors, and increasing the range of highlights and shadows (the darkest parts) can make a photo look more dynamic. You can darken the highlights by sliding left or lighten them by sliding right.

Lastly, shadows, which are quite literally the areas where there’s an absence of light, can contribute to greater contrast in your photo. To mess around with this function, slide to the fifth adjustment in the toolbar. Like the highlights option, slide left to darken your shadows or right to lighten them.

“Exposure, highlights and shadows are what truly brings out the most of your photo, regardless of what you’re using,” Perez said.

Bottom line: Experiment, get to know your tech and take a lot of pictures.

Above using any editing or camera tool available on the iPhone, the best way to take great pictures is to experiment.

“Take lots of photos,” McMillan recommended. “You can always delete the ones you don’t like — in the digital age, we don’t have to worry about using a limited supply of film [like in] the old days. The more you shoot, the better you’ll get.”

McMillan also advised using social media and photography platforms like Flickr, Unsplash and Glass as sources of inspiration.

“You may find yourself drawn to a certain style of photo, so [you can] follow those photographers and ask them how they took or edited them,” he said. “The mobile photography community is full of people who are looking to learn more and people who are happy to teach and help.”


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It’s not hard to find a decent humidifier, but this one’s large water capacity and app and Alexa integration earns it brownie points for sure.- you can adjust it without even getting up from the couch. It’s also got a nozzle you can point in two directions at once.

Promising review: This humidifier is amazing! I live in a small apartment this unit works great in my living room and my bedroom, yes I tried both rooms. I really like that it has Bluetooth, I have the app on my phone, installing it was a breeze. I also use Alexa which is a plus. You can also set it to automatically turn on and off when it reaches your desired humidity level. It’s so quiet I had to check to make sure it was working. Anyone looking for a good room humidifier you can’t go wrong with this one.

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How do you know if your house is too humid or dry? Well, this small gadget will tell you, and will even connect with your smartphone so you can check from anywhere nearby. It comes with a strip of double-sided tape in case you’d like to stick it in one location permanently.

Promising review: I love this thing! It’s simple. Easy to connect and it gave me peace of mind when my kitten accidentally shut off the power supply. I was able to map how long it had been off. I mean for the price it is better than expected. I use mine in an egg incubator. — Monica Heisse

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Sometimes you don’t need too many bells and whistles; you or your child just need the sound of the ocean (or rain, or heartbeat, or white noise, or. you get the idea). You can leave this little sound machine plugged in or take it on the go with a charge that lasts 10 hours.

Promising review: I was in search of the perfect sound machine and this is it!! I needed both the shush sound AND the white noise. Other sound machines had either or, not both. Also, this doesn’t take any batteries. So you don’t have to deal with the headache of buying batteries all the time. Best part is that the charge lasts hours, mine lasted over 10 hours on one charge. So I take it with me in his stroller, in the car, anywhere. I even use it for myself, the rain sound and ocean is so soothing. I will be buying another one in case they run out!- Nrona84

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Let a robot do the work for you when it comes to your carpets and hardwood floors. This high-suctioning vacuum connects to Wi-Fi so you can power it up from afar or set it to clean on a schedule. It scoots under most furniture at just 2.85 inches tall.

Promising review: We have a dog, a cat, and a blended family of five teens. I wish I had bought this a long time ago as it would have saved me lots of angst from stepping on messy floors and fighting with teens to vacuum! Day three of using this and I’m loving it! It did stall at one point because of long hair caught in the brush (three of the teens are girls with long hair, as well as myself so no surprise) but it alerted me on my phone and it took just a minute to clear it out and off it went again! It’s doing a fabulous job! I just started it with my phone app from work today so I’ll go home to clean floors tonight! SO happy with this purchase! Now if only it emptied the dishwasher!- Kat

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Basic robot vacuums are great, but sometimes it’s a little maddening to watch one randomly bonk around your home. Not so with this Smart little Roborock S4 Max, which uses laser navigation to map your house and then sucks up dirt on an organized path. You can use the maps it creates in the app to set boundaries, schedule specific areas for cleaning, and send it out to tackle spills. It can run for 180 minutes on a single charge.

Promising review: This is a really great robot vacuum with tons of great features. I originally tried a competitor’s robot because of a sale, but decided to try the Roborock robots because of the LiDAR navigation This robot has all the epic features of the S4 but dominates carpets (carefully pulling dog hair out of the carpets with zero damage to the carpet) and moves with ease over thresholds. This robot doesn’t have an automatic empty bin, but it takes 20 seconds to snap out the dustbin and empty it, so I’m not putting a lot of stock into that feature. This really is the perfect robot vacuum. I did a lot of research into the available options and put 3 robots through the paces, and the Roborock S4 MAX really outperformed anything else I’ve seen. If you are looking for a really Smart bot to basically automate your daily sweeping around your house—look no further!

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Vacation is dicey for plant parents. You either entrust your plants to someone who may accidentally kill them, or just hope they’re still alive when you get back. Thankfully, here’s a third option: These ceramic watering stakes. Just soak them, then place the end of the tube in a container of water and let each plant suck up as much moisture as it wants while you’re away. Safe travels!

Promising review: I was so happy to open my door to happy and healthy plants after a three-week trip away from home. These stakes work great, and I’m a bit embarrassed to say that they do a better job than I do at keeping my plants consistently watered. Many of my plants looked happier than ever. These are really the best and only solution (other than hiring a service) to take care of your houseplants for extended periods of time. If your plant likes to be damp then your water source should be placed even with the plant pot, if your plant likes to be more dry you will place your water source below the level of your plant pot, and if your plant wants to be very moist then your water source should be above your plant pot- Lou Who

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Set this little machine free on hard floors and watch it mop for you. Two water tanks keep the dual mop heads cleaning, and although this won’t map your home like Smart robot vacuums, it will avoid carpets, furniture and falling down stairs. The mop heads are washable and reusable, and it can also be used in handheld mode for Windows, wall tile and more. There’s no dock, so it won’t even take up floor space when not in use.

Promising review: I previously bought the iRobot 240 and returned it. so I was looking for for something similar in the market where it takes care of one room at a time and gets the job done thoroughly. Then this bot came up just recently, so I decided to give it a try. Although it doesn’t have a virtual wall feature, which I really want, it gets the job done way more thoroughly than the iRobot 240 because if its more advanced sensors and navigation algorithm. In addition, the pad on this robot is its wheels, so it takes care of way more real estate in one run than the iRobot, which has two wheels just for going around. So if you are looking for something small and efficient, give this robot a try- Joey Z.

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Sometimes you move into a building and the laundry room’s on a whole different floor. Sometimes there’s no laundry access at all. If that’s the case, check out this portable washing machine that can hook up to a kitchen sink and wash a small load of clothes surprisingly well.- all without a trip to the laundromat. (You can get a portable dryer, too!)

Promising review: I absolutely love this machine. I live in an apartment with a shared laundromat. It has been a lifesaver. I don’t have to go up and down just to do laundry. It is extremely easy to use! Easy to hook up to my sink and washes my clothes thoroughly. Clothes are almost dry after spin. The two casters are a little small, but I can still roll it to move around. It has plenty of room for clothing. I tried 5-6 pairs of pants, 4-5 towels, and a queen size sheet with 4 pillows. Super satisfied. Well worth the money!- Lily

A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

I recently wrote about how to take better photos with your smartphone.

Are you wondering what all those sliders and buttons on photo-editing apps actually do?

A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

The controls you have vary based on the tool you’re using, but adjusting the Exposure is often first on the list in a photo app’s editing options. Changing the exposure lets you make the image lighter or darker. Be careful not to go too far and wash out the white areas.

A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

Adjust the White Point to change the brightest part of the photo. Adjust the Black Point to change the darkest part. Move the Highlights slider to adjust the brightness in the lightest areas of the photo. Adjust the Shadows to likewise change the image’s darkest areas.

A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

Change the Contrast to increase or decrease the difference in tone between the picture’s highlights and shadows.

The highlights get brighter (and the shadows darker) when you increase the contrast. Low-contrast images can look flat or soft.

A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

In addition to controlling light, you can fiddle with color in your photo. Saturation increases or decreases the intensity of the colors. Warmth lets you move colors to the “warm” orange and yellow range or to “cool” blues. Tint shifts the overall color hue in the image.

A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

These are a few of the basic adjustments you can make if you want to venture beyond the automatic presets, filters and special effects in your photos app.

The support site for your preferred photo-editing app should have more precise details and guidelines on using these tools and others, but here are a few parting tips:

  • Edit your pictures in a place with neutral light and not near a bright window, which can affect how the image looks on the screen.
  • Take your time and explore.
  • Don’t worry about messing it up! In most apps, you can discard or undo your changes if you don’t like what you see.

How To Edit an iPhone Image and Keep the Original

Multiple options for editing iPhone images and keeping the original make it easy to play with photos and not worry about losing any of the original versions. With many creative ways to edit your photos, having the original photo handy allows you to experiment with editing while always have a starting point for new creations. Read on to find out how to edit your iPhone photos without losing the original images.

Comparing the Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

iphone, pictures, edit, best, photo, editor

How to Keep Original and Edited iPhone Photos

Having multiple options to edit your iPhone photos means that the process you use is decided on your personal preference. Depending on the type of software you use for editing, you can keep your original copy intact.

Duplicate Photos on iPhone

The most common way to keep an original iPhone image is to duplicate the photo before you do any editing.

To duplicate your photo on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • After taking the photo, click on your Camera Roll or open the Photos app.
  • Select the photo you want to duplicate.
  • Select the Options button in the lower-left corner of the photo.
  • Scroll down and select Duplicate. Another copy of the photo will appear in your CameraRoll.

If you wish to make separate edits to the same original photo, you can duplicate the image multiple times so that an original copy always exists. This is particularly helpful when using outside apps for editing. (Source: PixemWeb)

Screenshot and Crop Photos on iPhone

Another simple method for duplicating an original photo is by screenshotting the image—how you screenshot will depend on the version of the iPhone you have.

  • If your phone has a Home button, you will hold it and the Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously and then release.
  • If you have a newer iPhone without a Home button, press the Volume Up button on the left side and the Sleep/Wake button on the right side of the phone simultaneously.

The screenshot will be waiting for you in your Camera Roll. A successful screenshot will look like a small camera flash and even be accompanied by a camera clicking sound if your volume is enabled. (Source: Apple)

Once you have your screenshots, head to the screenshotted photo in the Camera Roll, and follow these steps to edit:

  • Select Edit from Options in the lower-left corner of the image.
  • You will be greeted with multiple editing options.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see a box with arrows around it. This is used for cropping and rotating the photo.
  • Click on this if the original photo includes black or white borders. You can crop the photo to just what you need

Screenshotting the original image is a quick way to make sure you have an original copy without having to go back to a specific screen or page. You can easily screenshot editing options as well to see how different edits look before committing to them.

Copy or Save To Files on iPhone

Duplicating the Photo works perfectly well for saving the original, but you might forget about the original copy or accidentally edit it. While you can always revert the edited image to the original, consider copying or saving the photo file somewhere else outside the camera roll.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click the photo in your Camera Roll.
  • Select the photo options in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • At this point, you will have a few options:
iphone, pictures, edit, best, photo, editor
  • You can Airdrop, Message, or Email the photo directly with the apps that your phone suggests.
  • You can select Copy Photo and paste it in other applications, such as Notes, Email, or Messages.

Save to Files is a similar option that allows you to import or transfer the image into another location so that an original copy is stored. When you save from those locations, it will often add it to your camera roll without deleting from this stored location. This serves as an additional backup for your photos. (Source: Apple Files App)

Use HDR Mode on iPhone

The high dynamic range (HDR) option in your camera takes multiple photos at once at different lighting and exposure levels to create a more dynamic photo. These are blended into one photo to make your photos pop! You can let the iPhone do some editing for you and keep the original copy. (Source: Business Insider)

To enable HDR on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Select Camera in the Settings app.
  • You will see HDR settings at the bottom (to either enable or not) and an option to keep the original Photo.
  • This setting allows the camera to present the best blends of lighting and exposure in one photo. Less editing may be needed when this feature is turned on.
  • If you do select Keep Normal Photo, all photos will end up with a duplicate, which can be either helpful for duplicates or frustrating to delete every time if you are happy with the HDR version and do not need a copy.

Use Photo Editing Apps on iPhone

Uploading your pictures to photo editing apps will still allow you to keep your original photo in the Camera Roll. When you export the edited photo, it will save separately to the Camera Roll. The hardest thing to remember is actually to export the edited version and not lose any progress.

These are some editing apps (both for professional and amateur use) that allow you to edit your photo while also saving the original version:

  • Instagram: When editing and posting to Instagram, the newly edited photo will save as your most recent photo. The original will still be intact as long as you have selected Save Original Photos in your Instagram settings. (Source: How-To Geek)
  • VSCO: Similar to Instagram, the VSCO is uploaded to a feed and will need to be exported to the Camera Roll for a saved edit. (Source: VSCO)
  • Snapseed: Google’s photo editing product also allows you to save the edited photo separately. (Source: iPhone Photography School)
  • Adobe Lightroom: Catered to professionals, you can save the original copy in its actual size and dimensions. This also applies to edited photos within the app. (Source: Adobe Lightroom).

Revert Edits with Apple Photo App

The cool thing about editing photos in Apple’s Photos app is that you will never lose the original version of a photo. After editing a photo, there is an option in the lower right-hand corner on the edit screen to Revert or turn the photo back into the original. (Source: Apple Photo Editing)

This feature is particularly useful if you make a mistake, or you decide to go in another editing direction. The downside of this feature is that it doesn’t allow you to save the edited version. You must either screenshot or duplicate the image to save your progress.

Keeping Photo Edits and Original is Easy

Saving your edits and original photos is simple on an iPhone, given the range of options you have at your disposal. No matter what you do to the original on the Photo’s app editing software, you can always take it all away and start fresh with the image you initially took.