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The card is not added to Apple Pay. all the reasons for the Wallet failure

Hi all! Apple Pay, of course, amusement. If it “starts”, then it works almost like a Swiss watch-for a long time, clearly and without any failures. Well, perhaps, sometimes a map from Wallet will be deleted on its own.

But who pays attention to such trifles?

In general, the main thing is to “start”. for here sometimes some problems happen. What kind? Yes, the most ordinary. you wildly want to add a bank card to Apple Pay, but nothing happens. Wallet completely ignores all your attempts. The card is not added. a person suffers and is upset. the image of an apple company suffers. the number of dissatisfied people increases.

On the one hand, the author of these lines is absolutely “parallel” for the image of an apple company (and they will somehow cope without me). And on the other, I can’t leave people in trouble

Therefore, let’s try to figure it out and look at the reasons why when adding a bank card to Apple Pay, a failure occurs. One two Three. Go!

Error “Apple Pay’s Add Failure. Contact the card issuer

Actually, it is this error that most often appears when it is impossible to add a card to Apple Pay.

After all, this whole article is so connected with it so differently.

What to do? For starters, make it advise Apple. contact the issuer of the card.

What does it mean to contact a card issuer? Call that bank whose card you are trying to tie.

Suddenly, specifically for your plastic there are some restrictions and it simply cannot be added to the Apple Pay wallet.

  • Bank or its individual cards do not work with Apple Pay. In fact, the “apple” payment system has a lot of restrictions. I already wrote about this in the error instructions “This card does not meet the requirements of Apple Pay”. I will not repeat, read and analyze your card. perhaps it is simply physically not added to Apple Pay.
  • A limited number of authorizations. Few people know, but some banks have a limit on the number of additions to their Apple Pay cards. That is, for example, you cannot bind the card more than 5 times a month (as far as I read, there is such a thing, in particular, with Sberbank). What to do? Either just wait (after a certain period, this counter will be reset), or call the bank and swear. let them drop authorization manually.

Checked? They called? They didn’t say anything worthwhile? Then we are going further.

How to use Wallet on iPhone

For those who first encounter the Wallet system, the question of how to use it on the iPhone becomes very relevant. In fact, everything is quite simple, and most importantly, so accessible that even people of advanced age quickly memorize teams and actions.

As already mentioned, using the IPhone discount card application is very easy and convenient. What needs to be done:

  • The phone is submitted to the reader to pay for the purchase.
  • A finger is applied to the Touch ID so that the device can be considered a print.
  • After the payment is completed, the device will issue a check. This is where the procedure is completed.

Important! After completing the operation, it is recommended to pick up the printed check, which serves as a guarantee of the purchase.

The iPhone application application can save not only credit cards, but also discount. You can add corporate plastic from the “tape”, “five”, “intersection”, “triples” or any other store and use them if necessary. You can only imagine how much space will be free in the wallet if you remove the mountain of cards from there.

Use a discount card is even easier than a credit card. If you need discount cards on Wallet in the iPhone, how to use:

In the same way, users can make purchases in online stores supporting Apple Pay. In this case, a special button appears near the goods, you will also need to attach fingerprint.

note! To freely use the presented functionality on the iPhone Se, XR or other versions, the last update of the system must be made. You also need a contactless data transfer module.

The iPhone phone program works with systems such as Visa and MasterCard. The list of banks whose cards can be translated into a digital version is quite extensive. Among them:

In addition, Valet collaborates with such well.known mobile systems as Beeline, MTS, Megafon, etc. D. You can connect even an electronic wallet, for example, Yandex. Money”.

How to add a discount card to Wallet to iPhone

Before connecting the application, you should make sure that the device is equipped with a Touch ID system. Otherwise, using the program to pay for purchases will be problematic. How to add a discount card to Wallet on the iPhone:

  • From the retail network, a message should be rejoiced with the link by which in the future should be crossed.
  • The same will need to be done if the message does not come to the phone, but by e.mail.
  • Scan a QR code marked by adding a card to Wallet.
  • You can use the option with the official application of the shopping center. To do this, it will need to be said and installed on the phone.
  • When making online paying through Apple Pay, the card is automatically preserved.

Important! It should be borne in mind that not every discount card can be entered into the device. details can be clarified by representatives of retail chains.

How to add a discount card to Wallet to iPhone

Modern trends make people use banking and discount cards. And if earlier I had to wear a full plastic wallet, now for this it is enough to have a smartphone that supports the NFC function. The role of the current can be an iPhone, which has a pre.installed Apple Wallet application in its system. For unknown reasons, many users do not want to add cards to this program. Perhaps they simply do not know how to do it. Let’s fix this situation and consider how to add a discount card to Wallet to iPhone.

Like any thing, the Apple Wallet service has its advantages and disadvantages. To begin with, we propose to consider the positive aspects of the program:

  • Simplicity and convenience. Enough to bring the phone to the terminal and the write.off of the funds will be completed.
  • Safety. When using the application, there is no probability of losing a bank or discount card.
  • Multifunctionality. Wallet, in addition to plastic cards, allows you to maintain transport tickets, cinema, theater and other establishments.
  • High level of confidential data protection. When making payment, it is necessary to confirm the write.off through Touch or Face ID. Also, the contact of the smartphone with the terminal is minimal, which significantly reduces the likelihood of interception of data by scammers.
  • The default application is installed on the iPhone.

Now we consider the negative aspects of the service, which are actually a few:

  • If you damage or discharge the phone, you will not be able to use the cards.
  • Not all shops in small cities support the function of contactless payment.

Note that the disadvantages are much less than the advantages, so Apple Wallet deserves the attention of users.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Charger Unboxing and Test

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How to add a discount card to Wallet

The Apple Wallet service supports a large number of discount cards, and both foreign. Thanks to this, the application can be used to obtain a bonus in online stores, where it is enough to enter the card number in a special field. Also, electronic tickets purchased via Wallet will automatically display in the application. Having dealt with the subtleties, you can proceed to add a discount card. There are several methods for this:

  • Through the click on the link to the SMS message from the store.
  • Through the click on the link received from the store to e.mail.
  • Using a barcode scan on a discount card.
  • Through the mobile application of the store.

Let’s consider the addition of a discount card from the official application “Lenta” as an example. First, let’s run the program, then:

Click on the “Add to Apple Wallet” button

Now, when buying, it is enough to show the barcode from the plastic cashier or for a few seconds to bring the iPhone to the terminal.

What cards do the application support

This mobile application can only work with two popular MasterCard and Visa payment systems, and as for banks, the list of partners is quite extensive. It includes state Sberbank, VTB and other large organizations of Alfa-Bank, opening, Raiffeisenbank and many others. To familiarize yourself with the list in detail, go to the official portal of the Apple service in the network space. In addition, the utility collaborates with famous mobile operators. MTS, Beeline and Megafon.

As for discount cards, we will not have enough space to register all partner companies. The use of Wallet is beneficial for both sides. consumer and businessman. When buying tickets on the Aeroflot, S7, Booking, TUTU website, coupons are automatically loaded into the utility for travel and registration. You can tie a discount from a five, a crossroads, laetual, a sportsmaster, Lukoil, a carousel, tape and many others in a virtual wallet.

Adding a card to the system

Let’s move on to the direct addition of credit cards and discount cards to the application. You will need to connect a banking product:

  • Run the program.
  • In the main window, see the button for adding plastic, click on it.
  • After that, the form for filling out. Bank details need to be prescribed to the appropriate fields. the card number, duration of work and data about the holder.
  • If you do not want to manually write characteristics, scan it using a mobile device camera. As a result, all fields will be automatically filled.
  • At the next stage, you need to wait until the bank approves registration.
  • Save the changes. Now you can make contactless payments in any store, subject to compatibility with the Apple Pay service and the availability of the NFC module in the smartphone.

Any discount card can be activated in this way. On most plastics on the back, there is a barcode. Count it using a camera. If there is an error in scanning, you will have to manually register the information. In addition, a discount can be obtained using a successful purchase by Apple Pay, provided that the company is included in the affiliate list. Through the utility, mail or message, on the website of a certain store, as well as using programs that support Wallet. After successfully adding, the corresponding card will appear in an accessible list.

What cards do the application support

The developers really took care of users and decided that it was necessary to add about 8 cards, both of the discount and credit. At the same time, a prerequisite should be met that the attached card should support Apple Pay technology. Apple exchanger collaborates with many organizations and payment giants such as a visa and master card. Many mobile operators also decided to connect to this system. For example, MTS, Beeline and even Megafon.

The most important plus of the program, which is noted by many users, is that the user can add an unlimited number of gift or discount cards. There is no clear number of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be added. You can tie any cards, including from stores, for example, from a crossroads, five or magnet, but also from the Internet services. It is very comfortable.

Based on Visa Apple, the jack collaborates with such banks as:

If we talk about the mastercard, then the choice is expanding:

  • Alfa Bank;
  • Binbank;
  • Opening;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • MTS Bank;
  • Sberbank;
  • Russian standard;
  • And many others.

How to add a payment card

Having dismantled all the subtleties of using Apple Wallet, you should talk about how the user can tie the bank plastic to this system. As mentioned earlier, all iPhone 6 owners can do this.0 and above. In this case, only the bank that supports Apple Play can be tied. The user can scan and add bank details. This is very convenient, which is why the process is quite simple, and it will not take much time:

  • First you need to activate Apple a jack using a special icon on the device screen. This should be a special application that is automatically installed on devices from Apple;
  • After that, click on the “plus” and go to the item “further”;
  • Now it is worth choosing a way to add. You can either scan the desired card, or enter all your data yourself, manually from the card itself. This is a longer process, however, many users do not trust the machines, which is why they introduce everything manually;
  • After that, fills out information about the owner of the card. It is worth noting that it is necessary to do this regardless of the selected method. The user must receive an SMS from the bank, which confirms the verification. A one.time code is entered in a special field on the site.

After these actions, the user can only save everything that he introduced earlier. It is worth noting that with the correct implementation of all of the above actions, the details will automatically highlight in the general list of the application. In order to tie subsequent cards, it is worth using exactly the same way.

When entering data, it is worth being as accurate as possible. When filling out the fields, it is also necessary to check whether the data was entered correctly or the inaccuracies were allowed.

How many bonuses can be added to the balance when purchases at the magnet supermarket

Now every purchase in the Magnit store you will receive points for the created account. Their quantity may vary due to what types of goods you purchase, for what amount and so on. The base rate is 0.5% of the amount spent on goods in the store. For the first month you will receive an additional 0.5% (t.e. one%). If you become a participant in the club of healthy habits. you will receive five times more bonuses.

The Magnit chain of stores prepared a gift to the participants of the loyalty program as points multiplied by 5 on our birthday. You will also receive this bonus 3 days before and after the holiday, buying products. It is possible to choose the categories of goods for which we will also receive a double bonus by adding a card with a magnet of a magnet in your mobile application for a weekly.

These categories can be selected by authorized through the phone. Or in the personal account of the site where we will also need to register if there is no account yet.

What is a club of healthy habits for Magnit card holders

Magnet stores owners have created a special club for participants in the loyalty program. You cannot enter it if you do not have a plastic or virtual card. Its essence is to receive five times more bonuses, buying natural or environmentally friendly goods in a store or through an application. After entering and registering in the club of healthy habits, participants will be able to buy goods from a certain group and receive additional bonuses.

Products with large bonuses can be purchased in all network stores: cosmetics, pharmacy, etc. Participants also need to often monitor the types of goods from this category, as they may change. Together with the news in the application or on the Magnit website, users will receive valuable recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will learn which products are as useful for the human body as possible. All of them are compiled by competent specialists in this field.

To join the club and register, visit this page. Find the button to open the shape at the bottom of the page. Before entering, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the conditions and rules of the club, the link to which is under the button for registration.

How to add a card to Apple drink

To tie the Pushkin card to your Apple account, you must enter the Apple Pay application.

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It can already be installed on the phone. If it is not among the applications, open the App Store and find it by the name Wallet through the search line. Open the program on the phone and find a button with a plus.

She will help add a bank card to your wallet.

  • Choose at the first stage the type of card (debit, credit, transport, etc.);
  • The application will offer scanning the card by QR code. Thus, the data of the Pushkin card will be automatically added. The information of the card is also available manually;

Immediately after this, a notification will appear on the screen of Wallet mobile application that the card is added. You can already use it. Pushkin card immediately after release is ready for a waste of funds that exist on it. In the first year of the cultural program, the government decided to add 3 thousand on its balance sheet. Next year, young people who have issued a card will receive 5 thousand for the balance of the card.

Rules and conditions for using the Pushkin map

This payment product is a bank card with a special status. The state lists a subsidy to it.

This money can only be spent on tickets for cultural events. theaters, performances, ballet, performances, concerts, etc.

The list of what is available for purchase on the card will be able to find on the Culture website.ru. Find at the bottom the poster of the Pushkin program.

This is not the whole list of available purchases. Below is the “View all events” button.

iphone, jack, magnet, card, wallet

Culture site contains a set of links. If you choose the event of interest, you will find yourself on a site that can sell a ticket without intermediaries.

To find out the cost of the session, click on the “Buy Ticket” button and select the date and time. Then the price of tickets will appear. Its size may depend on your place in the hall. As a rule, the closer to the stage of the theater is the place, the more it costs.


To completely close the topic, you should answer the most common questions that come from users and customers of the Apple, Google Play and Samsung system.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

No financial strategist will say about how much this sanction has been introduced. Some write that now banks users will not be able to use foreign systems at all. Someone, on the contrary, calls this measure of temporary. How many people. so many opinions. A modern person needs to be flexible in order to quickly adapt to changing conditions. You also need to keep Stihl and not to panic.

Of course not. Apple drink is just a system that helps to contact many purchases contactlessly. The banks themselves did not block cards. Just a user now cannot dispose of contactless payment as he did earlier. In fact, plastic cards remained.

Make sure the connected card belongs to the “Mir” system. Otherwise, such a card will not pass the Apple system; Try to restart the phone and re.download the Apple Valet application; Contact the bank. They will answer there whether the company has come under sanctions or not.

Unfortunately, the old-like VPN in this situation will not help, since the sanctions do not depend on the territory, but on which banking organizations a person uses.

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iphone Apple Pay Setup & Use EASY

Wallet cards for business

Now Wallet technology also supports loyalty maps for iOS devices. There are companies that provide the client with a set of correct IT solutions for his company using Wallet for this. Such cards provide favorable conditions for people leading business. Electronic cards complement or completely replace you plastic ones on more favorable conditions that suit you.

To learn about changes and innovations in the application, you need:

  • go into the settings of the device;
  • Next, go to the “Notifications” section;
  • Find the Wallet application in the list;
  • allow sending notifications or banners.

Ready, now you will immediately learn about the updates of the application.

Since this application appeared, millions of users have joined it. Apple Wallet is ideal for those who actively use iOS devices. This program allows you to make purchases using a smartphone both in online space and in ordinary stores, which very often accelerates the payment process and saves time.