Iphone Is Very Hot

How to eliminate overheating during operation

As we already know, overheating is not a direct cause of poor cooling, so you can try to fix the problem with software. To begin with, if your smartphone began to overheat for no objective reason, you should make an emergency reboot for this, it is enough to short press first the increase key, then the volume down keys, and then hold down the power button until the smartphone restarts.

Iphone Is Very Hot

After that, go to Settings and disable background content refresh. This option is in the section “Background refresh”. Most likely, the problem with fast battery consumption and overheating of the battery lies precisely in poor multitasking optimization.

Also, to reduce battery consumption, you should deactivate the AirDrop, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions through the control panel, as well as turn off the cellular data transfer in the smartphone settings, if these options are not critical for you.

Finally, the most important rule is not to use your smartphone while charging.

If none of the tips helped, you should contact the service center. If Apple for some reason refuses to repair or the warranty is canceled, we are always ready to help you with solving the problem.

Against service on the knee

For quality! Correctly, professionally and according to technology can only be done in the SC.

What can overheating cause?

In addition to chip failure (which does not happen very often), overheating of a smartphone can lead to rapid wear of the battery. In this case, there is a risk of swelling or even fire of the battery, which also occurs in our practice. You can check the battery status using third-party applications like Battery Life.

If your iPhone X gets warm while charging, don’t worry. First of all, you should check the functionality of the device and the sensor: try moving the application shortcut across the desktop. If the sensor is working properly and the icon “should” behind your finger, but on the screen there is “artifacts”, smartphone is working properly. Otherwise, the battery itself or the controller may need to be replaced.

On the other hand, if the iPhone X gets warm while charging wirelessly, it can be a little trickier to test the device. Nevertheless, if the device is operating normally and the charge consumption occurs evenly, without surges (for example, from 10% to zero), then the battery is most likely working properly.

Consider the main situations when the iPhone gets very hot.

1. Active exploitation of Wi-Fi or 3G networks. The device heats up when the access point is too far away, respectively, the iPhone has to spend more power to connect. This overheating is considered natural, you should not worry and take the gadget to the iPhone repair shop in Kharkov.
2. Charging. Heating is a normal reaction when the smartphone is connected to the mains. But if you notice that the iPhone gets hotter than usual, then there may be battery problems.
3. Firmware update.
4. Failure and errors in the software. The smartphone heats up when freezing. The problem is solved by rebooting the device. If this does not help, then consult with the master and take the gadget to the repair of iPhones in Kharkov.
5. Water ingress into the housing. Liquid trapped in a smartphone is considered a common cause of heating. It causes oxidation of the contacts on the microcircuits, which can provoke a short circuit.
If the device heats up a lot in standby mode, and you are sure that no demanding games and applications are running on it, then this is a serious reason to seek help from an iPhone repair shop in Kharkov. The main thing is not to hesitate and make independent attempts to fix the gadget.

How to solve a problem?

Notice your iPhone is getting very hot? Do the following:
1. Reboot devices.
2. Reset all settings to factory defaults. Remember to back up your data first.
3. Check your internet and geolocation settings. Because of this, Apple appliances often heat up and discharge quickly.
You can also check the number of battery charging cycles. Recall that the optimal value is 500. After that, it is recommended to replace the battery.

Iphone is hot

If you often use Apple technology, then you probably noticed that from time to time the gadget gets very hot. Often, this is due to objective reasons. The device is charging, and several applications or games are running at the same time. But if the smartphone heats up in ordinary situations, then there is a reason to think and ask for help at the Apple service center in Kharkov

The reasons

Don’t forget about preventive measures:

1. Use only original accessories for charging.
2. Do not leave your smartphone in the sun.
3. Disable unnecessary functions in standby mode (Wi-Fi, geolocation, etc.).
4. Rest your phone periodically. Do you like to play for hours, watch or dig in your browser? Take breaks and let the iPhone cool down a bit.

If these tips do not solve the problem, there is only one way out. Take the gadget to the workshop. Experienced specialists will perform diagnostics and iPhone repair in Kharkov. The wizard can easily identify the exact cause of the problem. If the problem was with the battery, then you will be prompted to replace the part.

Why the iPhone XS is overheating?

There can be many reasons why the iPhone XS is heating up. To begin with, it is important to understand that during operation (especially regular), the phone of any brand will heat up, this is normal. Suspicions can only be caused by severe overheating, which are often accompanied by an uncharacteristic noise.

Possible causes of iPhone XS overheating:

  • Poor heat dissipation system installed. Some owners of the new smartphone noticed that a more advanced radiator was installed on previous models of Apple smartphones, which provided natural cooling of the case and protection from overheating. No such protection is seen on the iPhone XS;
  • Using your phone in direct sunlight for a long time. The sun is dangerous for phones of any brand. When outdoors, try to use them only in a protective case. The screen must have a special film or glass that will repel the sun’s rays and prevent the device from overheating;
  • Using resource-intensive applications. Like a computer, iPhone XS starts to warm up when it’s under heavy load. If you need to use a heavy application, close all open tabs so as not to create unnecessary pressure on the battery and software;
  • Using the modem mode. When you share Wi-Fi to a computer or other Apple devices, your iPhone will start to heat up;
  • The phone is charging. The most common reason for the heating device. Since the smartphone is connected to the network, it receives a certain charge of electricity, which leads to its heating;
  • Long conversation on the phone, Internet access. This is especially true for the use of a significant amount of data for downloading movies, listening to music.
  • Cover incorrectly selected. Some materials are used specifically to protect cold-sensitive phones like iPhones. With regular use, such a cover can provoke slight overheating;
  • Iphone XS battery problems;
  • Failed settings;
  • IOS bugs as well as downloading updates. This is due to the reindexing of the data with the new firmware;
  • Administrative problems, for example, the use of a low-quality (or non-original) charger, moisture, mechanical damage that provoke system failure.
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The last of the listed problems can only be solved at a service center. If the iPhone XS gets very hot due to the reasons listed above, it will be easy to fix the situation: just eliminate the cause of the heating. After exiting the application or turning off the modem mode, the phone will cool down for a few minutes and return to its normal mode.

Any phone heats up during operation, this shows that it performs certain operations and functions properly. Regular overheating should not be allowed, otherwise you risk damaging the battery and other important parts. Determine why IPhone XS it gets very hot, You can in our service center after carrying out a high-quality diagnosis.

How to keep your iPhone XS from overheating

If iPhone XS overheating problems are caused by hardware failure or battery issues, only an experienced technician with sufficient qualifications can fix the situation. Do not try to fix the phone manually: the iPhone XS, despite its reliability, is a fragile phone that can be damaged by rude intervention.

What you can do yourself:

  • Use only your own accessories. This is especially true for the power supply unit, since it is during charging that the phone heats up the most;
  • Try to discharge the iPhone completely and immediately remove it from recharging when it reaches 100%;
  • Do not use the device in the sun, especially in direct sunlight;
  • Do not overload the phone and let it rest during use;
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, geolocation while you are not using them.

You can cool the iPhone XS by switching it to airplane mode and putting it in the shade for a while.

Signs of normal heating of the device

If the iPhone XS gets warm during operation, this is normal in most cases. Reasons for normal heating of the device:

  • Using resource-intensive applications;
  • Enabling geolocation;
  • Recharging from the mains;
  • Listening to music, watching a movie;
  • Long-term work on the Internet;
  • Using modem mode;
  • Using photo / processing programs.

The case temperature primarily depends on the processor load. The more tasks it performs at the same time, the more the device’s case begins to heat up. The main thing that you need to remember is a complete refusal to panic. It is very difficult to draw any conclusions about the state of the device before a specialist checks it.

How to determine the cause yourself?

Overheating in the iPhone XS is not such a major issue that it should be replaced. If the matter is not in the applications used or the improper operation of the work, only a professional master can determine the cause and fix it as soon as possible.

Most often, iPhone XS users go to a service center due to battery problems. It is quite simple to damage it: mechanical stress, direct sunlight, liquids, excessive stress. There may have been a glitch in the hardware settings and now some of them are not functioning correctly.

Try to go to the menu and select Settings. Battery. Last 7 days. The section will indicate what exactly has the greatest impact on the battery. Try to reduce the use of resource-intensive applications or replace them with less heavy ones to save the battery and the phone itself from regular overheating.

If you find any problems, we recommend that you contact our Apple-Sapphire Service Center. We offer affordable and high quality services. We will return your phone to working condition as soon as possible by repairing the iPhone XS for you.

The iPhone is warming up what caused it and what to do?

Premium devices, which include the Apple smartphone, are thoroughly tested for extreme loads, including temperature, but almost every user is familiar with the situation when the iPhone heats up so much that you involuntarily begin to worry about its condition.

In fact, nothing terrible will happen to a smartphone (provided there is no mechanical damage to the battery) from overheating, it will not let out its last breath in the form of a bluish plume of smoke, as it could happen, for example, with an old Soviet TV. When a really critical temperature is reached, the operating system will simply turn off the device, but the aluminum case with good heat transfer will still scare the owner of an expensive gadget.

So, let’s look at the most likely causes of iPhone overheating and how to fix them.

Resource-intensive applications (games)

This is the most obvious and common prerequisite for raising the operating temperature of an iPhone. Naturally, the design of the compact device does not provide for a cooling system, and at high loads the processor of the device works in a dense aluminum-glass box, which by itself leads to overheating. Especially if the iPhone is connected to the mains or actively uses the Internet connection.

In this case, you can cool the gadget in the most banal way by eliminating the causes of heating. That is, you should close a resource-intensive application, disconnect the charger or stop transferring data over the Internet.

Outdated applications

If abandoning a gluttonous game or program is not an acceptable way out of this situation, then you should wait for the update from the developers to be released, and also do your bit by leaving a corresponding wish in the App Store.

If developers massively receive complaints related to overheating of user gadgets, then with a high degree of probability in the next update of the application they will do everything possible to reduce the load on the hardware.

Long talk on the phone or downloading content from the Internet, as well as Tethering

Active operation of wireless modules during a long telephone conversation or transferring large amounts of data (downloading a movie, listening to or downloading music via the Internet, working in Modem Mode) can also cause an increased temperature of the device, but immediately after these processes are completed, it will drop to normal.

IOS errors

It is a very rare, almost mythological case when the iPhone overheats due to the fault of Apple developers who made mistakes in the iOS code. Even in beta versions of the Apple operating system, this is extremely rare, however, for loyalty, especially vigilant users can be recommended to perform a hard reboot or, in extreme cases, flashing the iPhone.

IOS update

In some cases, the iPhone can get very hot after the iOS update due to the reindexing of all data with the new firmware. In this case, you should not worry after a while the gadget will return to normal operation.

The main reasons for iPhone overheating

Most often, a smartphone can overheat for three reasons:

  • Heating when charging the battery;
  • Being in direct sunlight;
  • Launching resource-intensive applications.
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By itself, each of the reasons does not cause overheating, but two or three reasons at the same time can lead to serious consequences.

There are other reasons for the excessive heating of the iPhone, among them are: initial setup of the smartphone, restoring from a backup, indexing and analyzing data in system applications, for example, in the Photo program while marking faces or shooting locations.

The latest smartphones (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) can warm up after being in water. This is how smartphones dry themselves and remove residual moisture from technological connectors.

At what temperature can iPhone work

The specifications for the iPhone and iPad indicate the operating temperature range for Apple mobile devices. The equipment will function properly from 0 to 35 C, it is recommended to store smartphones and tablets at temperatures from 20 to 45 C.

Of course, in summer it’s hard to achieve comfortable conditions for a smartphone, but you can still take certain measures.

What happens when overheating

When the temperature of the device is outside the operating range, the following changes may occur:

  • Iphone stops charging
  • The display will dim and become almost black;
  • The GSM module will go into a low power state;
  • Camera, flash, Wi-Fi module and GPS may turn off.

If the critical temperature mark is exceeded, the following warning will appear on the screen:

Even in this state, it will be possible to make a call to emergency services from a smartphone.

How to cool iPhone

It is imperative to disconnect a hot smartphone from the charger, complete all resource-intensive applications and navigation programs.

The device should be located in a well-ventilated place without direct sunlight. It is better to remove the case from the iPhone, if possible, you should turn it off and let it cool.

For the cooling period, it is better to refuse to work with the device and transfer data over the network.

How to avoid overheating

1. Do not leave your smartphone in direct sunlight, especially when running resource-intensive applications or GPS navigation.

2. Try not to run heavy games if the smartphone is on charge.

3. Do not leave the iPhone in a closed car, the air in the cabin warms up quickly even if it is not so hot outside.

4. With frequent use of resource-intensive applications or in the hot season, it is better to give up thick covers and cases.

5. Do not use the smartphone under load for a long time.

6. Monitor the temperature of the case, when it seems hot, let the device cool down without load.

Following these simple recommendations will save your smartphone from overheating, and its owner from costly repairs.

Thanks to re: Store for the helpful advice.

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Iphone overheating and how to deal with it

Our smartphones, like any technology, are prone to heat and even overheating. In most cases, nothing terrible can happen in this case, however, you should not let your gadget heat up to red.

This is fraught with the failure of the device modules, the failure of some elements and even the fire of the battery.

Iphone or iPad owners should know everything about the temperature regime of their gadgets.

How to troubleshoot?

Having the necessary tools, accessories and skills, the user can independently solve the problem, regardless of the reason why the iPhone heats up during operation. It is difficult to accurately diagnose the cause at home, so the user will have to consistently take measures aimed at eliminating all kinds of causes. You need to act like this:

Step 1. First check the flood indicator. On the 4th generation iPhone, it is in the charger slot, on newer models in the SIM card slot.

In case of flooding, you must take the measures listed in our article What to do if your iPhone falls into the water? In particular, remove the battery by removing the back cover with a Pentalobe screwdriver. In the absence of such a tool, it is better to immediately contact the service center.

If the indicator shows that the flooding has not occurred, follow the instructions below.

Step 2. Back up your data via iTunes, iCloud or any other method known to you. Further operations will lead to the deletion of information stored on the iPhone.

Step 3. Perform a hard reset of the device. To do this, go to the iPhone Settings, follow the path Basic Reset, in the last subsection find the item Erase content and settings and click on it.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, reset via iTunes.

Resetting the iPhone is aimed at relieving an unobvious high load. After completing this operation, set up the gadget as new and watch it and check if it continues to warm up. If reset doesn’t get rid of heat, do the following:.

Step 4. Reflash even if the iPhone is already equipped with the latest software. To do this, you need an iTunes media combine. Connect the gadget to the PC using a USB cable, launch iTunes, go to the device control menu and then click on the Restore iPhone button.

Re-flashing will solve problems caused by viruses and unsuccessful software installation. If neither resetting nor flashing helped, we can conclude that the overheating of the device is not due to software errors, but due to a mechanical failure of the gadget. This, of course, is bad news to fix the problem caused by such a cause, you will have to incur additional costs.

Step 5. Check the battery statistics. The iBackupBot program, which can be downloaded here, will help in this matter. Install the utility on your PC and run it. You will see a window like this:

Click on the Information button and statistics will appear in front of you.

The information we are interested in is located in the Battery block. There are 4 points:

  • Cyclecount The number of charge cycles the battery has experienced. Designcapacity is the factory default battery capacity. Fullchargecapacity is the capacity of the battery with wear and tear. Status characteristic given by the program to the battery.

In our example, the iPhone battery lost 16% of its efficiency after 81 charge cycles. This is a slight wear, such a battery does not need to be replaced.

If the wear is 50% or more, it is worth buying a new battery. Batteries are now inexpensive on the Chinese marketplace AliExpress there are tons of options for the price of 300 400 rubles.

The Chinese, as a rule, send iPhone batteries along with a set of Pentalobe screwdrivers required to remove the back cover of a mobile device, so you can install a new battery yourself.

You can also buy a power controller for the iPhone, but installing it is much more painstaking procedure than installing a new battery. If you suspect that the iPhone is overheating precisely because of a faulty PMIC controller (since there are no other reasons), it is still better to contact the service center specialists for help. Replacing the power controller will cost 3,500 4,000 rubles, depending on the version of the iPhone.

Why is the iPhone warming up?

Overheating of the iPhone can be caused by both a factory defect and inattentive actions of the user himself. It is difficult for a non-professional to identify the cause 100% accurately, therefore, to solve the problem on your own, you should resort to various measures.

By purchasing such an expensive gadget as an iPhone, the buyer least of all expects that he will have to go to the services and pay also to fix factory defects. However, Apple products have long been disregarded in terms of quality. and more fans of apple products are complaining about the various breakdowns of iPhones, in particular, that their gadgets overheat and lose percent of the charge literally before our eyes.

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Why iPhones get hot and how to fix it read on.

What affects iPhone temperature?

A slight increase in the temperature of the iPhone does not yet indicate the presence of a defect. It is only natural for a gadget to heat up in the following situations:

  • The Wi-Fi module is activated. The temperature of the device rises especially strongly if it sends out a Wi-Fi signal, and does not receive it. The user launched several resource-intensive applications on a mobile device at once. In this case, it is completely normal even that the device loses several percent of its charge at once. The iPhone was deeply discharged. To pull the device out of this state, an increased current is required, the supply of which leads to the fact that the body becomes boiled. The user uses the gadget in an aggressive mode (for example, playing a hard game) while it is powered.

If the device is discharged literally before our eyes at a time when there are no particularly difficult tasks before it, this is a sign of malfunction. The user also needs to sound the alarm if the temperature rise of the mobile device is accompanied by software malfunctions and errors.

Why the iPhone gets very hot in standby mode?

The reasons leading to iPhone overheating are numerous and can be roughly classified into software problems and mechanical faults. Software problems are:

  • Unsuccessful firmware. Among experienced users of Apple technology, the expression is common: the firmware has not sat down. This means that due to a failure (caused, say, by a break in the Wi-Fi connection), a number of minor conflicts occurred during the installation of the firmware, and the software download was not completed correctly. Unobvious high load. Why not obvious? Because in this case, it is not the use of one resource-intensive application that leads to an accelerated consumption of battery power, but the simultaneous execution of many small and sometimes meaningless tasks. The total load given by these tasks sometimes turns out to be truly enormous. The user should pay attention to how many Safari tabs are open on his smartphone, how many applications are running in the background, how many programs use geolocation. Virus. Ios is considered to be a hacker-proof operating system. However, the iPhone is not 100% safe from malware, otherwise the AppStore would not have such a huge number of antivirus applications.

Common mechanical faults that can lead to the fact that the iPhone heats up while charging and during a conversation include:

  • Battery malfunction. The iPhone battery has a resource if it has survived 500 charging procedures (cycles), it’s time to start looking for a replacement, because its capacity is seriously dropping. However, tight-fisted Russian users, as a rule, do not think about replacing them until their gadgets refuse to work at all. By that time, it runs on 1,500-2,000 cycles. Filling. The ingress of moisture inside the iPhone case can lead to oxidation of the contacts, and then, according to the domino principle, to short circuit and overheating. Failure of the power controller (or PMIC controller). The power controller is a component of the iPhone, which ensures that no current is supplied to the mobile device with a force greater than the maximum allowable. If you feed a gadget with a faulty PMIC controller through a powerful charge, this can lead not only to overheating of the device, but also to spontaneous combustion.


Overheating of the iPhone for no apparent reason is an alarming symptom. However, sprinkling ashes on the head of the owner of the gadget in such a situation is useless, there is a high probability that the situation will be corrected with a minimum investment of money and time. Even if the user comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to change the battery, he does not need to worry about the financial aspect, batteries for the iPhone are now sold for a pittance, and you can do the assembly and disassembly work with your own hands.

Iphone or iPad gets hotter what to do and what to do?

Hello! After a recent firmware update on my iPhone 5s, it started to get very hot and its battery was dying right before our eyes. Although I did not do anything supernatural and reprehensible. I just used the browser, books, a few toys, and watch football as usual. In general, everything that the phone is actually intended for. Looking ahead, I will say that the problem was successfully solved (although I had to spend a certain amount of time), but how I will tell you about this today.

Although in the beginning it is necessary to outline one point. You need to understand that while charging any iPhone or iPad heats up, this is normal, it should be so, it makes no sense to panic about this. Especially the heating will be felt at that moment if you use the device with the charger connected. In this case, if the cover is missing, it will be really hot. But I repeat this is the norm, it remains to accept this fact as it is.

How to find out if the temperature of the gadget is normal or not? Personally, I check it like this:

You need to download some game that is quite demanding on resources, if during the game (10-15 minutes) the phone is only warm, then everything is ok! If not, then read on

However, if you notice that, in addition to heating, the battery is also fiercely running away (quickly discharging), here it is clearly a matter of the phone and you need to do something. And you can do this:

  1. The first option (it’s the simplest one) is to reset all content and device settings (don’t forget about the backup and its subsequent restoration). You can find out where they (copies) are located here. By the way, it was this method that suited me after such manipulations, my iPhone 5s stopped warming up and began to behave quite adequately.
  2. Reset doesn’t help? Reflash even if the software on the device is the newest and there are no updates. Just install the latest software again. After turning on, for the sake of completeness, try not to restore the device from a copy right away, but set it up as new. Observe the behavior on a clean apparatus.
  3. Go through the geolocation settings, the Internet (especially mobile and especially in the area of ​​unstable reception) can also have a strong effect on the heating of a smartphone or tablet.
  4. If your device is iPhone 5, then take a look at this page. In short, Apple has a battery replacement program that covers 5 iPhones sold between September 2012 and January 2013. To find out if your device is suitable, enter its serial number.
  5. And the last option damaged the insides of the gadget. There is no exit directly to the service center. Why is it so categorical? The fact is that the problem may be not only in the battery, but also in the motherboard, charging controller, etc. You can’t tell by eye, it’s better to trust the professionals.

If it so happens that the iPhone gets warm and does not turn on, then here is a useful instruction on how to fix this misunderstanding.

As a result, I want to repeat heating, which is not accompanied by any accompanying problems (loss of charge, for example), this is a payback for the thickness of the phone and the materials from which it is made, and is absolutely normal.