Iphone Is Disabled Try Again

Putting any iPhone or iPad into DFU mode (with a mechanical Home button)

Follow these steps in sequence:

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your phone or tablet to your computer.
  2. Turn off the device (at the same time, it must still be connected to the PC).
  3. Press simultaneously two buttons. Home (under the screen) and Power on (located on the upper edge of the device, except for iPhone 6 and older versions. Here it was moved to the right side).
  4. We wait 10 seconds and release the Power button, while holding the Home key.
  5. We continue to hold the button for about 10 seconds.
  6. After a while, iTunes will inform you that the program has detected the device in recovery mode.
  7. Finally release the button 🙂

That’s all, you can safely start restoring the firmware! The only thing, to avoid mistakes, use only original wires. Of course, non-certified ones also know how to charge (if they are used correctly), but they do not cope with software updates very well.

By the way, when transferring to DFU, iOS devices do not show any signs. That is, the screen is completely black, nothing is written on it, there are no identification marks and no characteristic sounds are reproduced.

Only iTunes will inform you about the successful result of all performed manipulations. Here is a sign

Iphone Is Disabled Try Again

DFU mode for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Instructions!

Hoping for something new? In vain. Nothing changed.

Therefore, if you are a happy owner of an iPhone 11 (Pro Max), then I can only envy you to transfer your smartphone to DFU mode, use the instructions in the previous subtitle.

DFU Mode. How to Input or Output iPhone and iPad

Good time! All you need to know about the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is that it allows you to enter your iPhone or iPad into a state where it is possible to completely restore the iOS system. After this operation your gadget will be “like new”. No, scratches and scuffs won’t go anywhere, here you can’t get rid of a simple firmware restoration via DFU. You need something more serious. But inside the device will be clean.

Why is this necessary at all? Various software glitches, correct removal of jailbreak, beta software versions, demo iOS firmware. All this can be cured and fixed only by a complete reinstallation of the system. Which, in turn, cannot be performed without entering this mode.

As you can see, DFU is a useful thing. And now is the time to learn how to use it all. One two Three. Go!

We enter DFU mode without buttons, i.E. Programmatically

Unfortunately, the previous methods may not always work, because they are based on the use of buttons. Home, Power and “volume down”, but what if they do not work? Remain without DFU-mode and, accordingly, without the ability to restore the software? Nothing of the kind. There is still a way out. We need:

  1. Computer and sync wire.
  2. The file downloaded to the PC with the latest firmware for your device.
  3. The redsn0w program. The download links are redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3 and redsn0w_mac_0.9.15b3. The first is the version for Windows, the second for Mac OS.

Download and install redsn0w. In the window that opens, select Extras.

Next Even.

Followed by DFU IPSW and indicate the previously downloaded official firmware.

We wait for a while and a modified software file appears on the desktop.

Now, if you specify this file when restoring iOS, then you do not need to hold down any Home or Power buttons, the DFU mode will automatically enter.

How to put iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X into DFU mode?

A small update to the article related to the release of the iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X. As you know, the Home button in these models has ceased to be mechanical (in the top ten it was removed altogether) and is no longer pressed as before. How now to enter the FEFU?

It’s very simple, here’s a short instruction:

  1. Launch iTunes and connect iPhone to computer.
  2. Turn off the gadget.
  3. On the phone, simultaneously press two buttons. Turn on and volume down (.).
  4. We wait 10 seconds and release the power button, but continue to hold the “volume down”.
  5. After 5-10 seconds iTunes will see the device in recovery mode.
  6. Release the volume down key.

Congratulations, your iPhone has entered DFU mode, you can proceed to restore the firmware.

How to enable DFU mode on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR?

The devices are new, but the entrance to the Device Firmware Update mode is carried out in the same way (just like in the “eights” and iPhone X).

However, as Malakhov says, do not rush to switch.

I hope it will be a little easier this way.

So, we enter the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR into DFU:

  1. Turn on iTunes and connect the phone to the computer.
  2. Hold down the shutdown key and wait.
  3. The Shut Down slider appears. We wait and do nothing. Do not release the shutdown button!
  4. After a while, the phone screen will turn black.
  5. Press and hold “Volume Down” (while continuing to hold the shutdown button!).
  6. After 5 seconds, release the shutdown button (“Volume down” still hold!).
  7. After 5-10 seconds iTunes will see iPhone in DFU mode.
  8. Victory!

Let me remind you that this instruction is suitable for any iPhone starting from iPhone 8. We use!

If iPad or iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes and reset passcode counter

The iPad is disabled. 6 attempts. Blocking minute, 10.Connect to iTunes

Greetings, dear friends. In the life of almost every forgetful iPhone, iPad and iPod touch user, an unpleasant situation can happen with a forgotten password set on the lock screen. Details of protection using a passcode can be found in the instructions. “How to set a passcode on iPhone”. The exact same password is set in the iPad and iPod touch.

If the password set on the lock screen of the iPhone or iPad is forgotten, we begin to remember it, and try to enter various options. As soon as we enter the wrong passcode six times, a message appears on the screen of the device: “Repeat the iPad is disconnected after 1 min”.

When we entered the ninth incorrect password, we saw on the iPhone display:

We conducted all today’s experiments on iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 7.1 firmware. In some firmwares, if the passcode is entered incorrectly, the device increases the shutdown time for the iPhone or iPad, forcing the user to wait even longer for subsequent entries of the forgotten passcode. But there are firmwares in which there is a certain number of attempts, after which a message appears:

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If you are faced with a similar problem, maybe you forgot this password yourself or the children accidentally turned it on, then you should not be upset, because today we will consider two options for the development of possible further events.

Forgot password, iPhone is disabled. Reset

If the information on your iPhone or iPad is very important to you, and as for evil you have not made backups before, then the only option to reset the password is by manual selection. As mentioned above, the number of attempts to enter the password for the locked screen is limited either by a time period or by a complete blocking with a request to connect to iTunes. Therefore, in order to remember and constantly enter a forgotten password, you need to constantly reset the password input counter in the iPhone or iPad.

Itunes helped us to reset the password entry counter. over, in order for this zeroing method to work with our iOS 7.1 firmware, iTunes needs to recognize the connected iPhone or iPad, so if the device appears in iTunes, then zeroing will work. Well, if you connect your iPhone or iPad to a “foreign” computer with iTunes (ie to a computer that has never been connected to a gadget before), you will see the following notification:

If we press the button. Continue, then iTunes says:

Well, now attention, if you had messages popped up above this text and you cannot press the “Trust” button in the iPhone itself due to the encoded screen, then this method of zeroing and selection will not work. In order for it to work, connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer with iTunes with which you have already worked with, it may have synchronized, or at least once pressed the trust button, if there is no such computer, then proceed to the next method described a little below.

Well, if an iPhone or iPad appears in the iTunes program installed on your computer, then you can reset the counter of incorrect code entries and continue entering the password in this way:

I don’t know if this method will work on other firmware versions, but it works on iOS 7.1.

1. I launch iTunes on my computer, for convenience I turn on the sidebar that appears on the left side of iTunes.
2. I connect the iPhone on the screen of which it says. “iPhone is disconnected, repeat after 60 minutes” to the computer using the usb cable that comes with the phone. Sometimes this is enough for resetting, if the same message about blocking for an hour hangs on the screen, then I go to the third point.

3. Right-click on the iPhone in the left pane of iTunes. I choose. Synchronize.

4. As soon as the synchronization has started, immediately stop it by clicking the cross at the top of iTunes (where it says. Step 1 of 4). Sometimes after clicking the cross, an arrow appears instead of it, which you also need to click to stop the synchronization session with the iPhone.

The incorrect screen lock password entry counter has been reset. Now in your iPhone or iPad, which just asked to wait 60 minutes, you can re-enter a forgotten or accidentally set password. This procedure for resetting the passcode counter can be performed as many times as you like, and even if you are prompted to connect to iTunes. As an example of a reset, we tried to sync, but in fact, the password counter is also reset to zero during other operations during which the device is paired with iTunes.

If not brute-force, then reset password on iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone or iPad is disabled or has not yet been disconnected, and asks for a password, then you can simply take and reset this screen lock password, the only drawback of this method is that if you do not have a pre-made backup, then all the information in the iPhone will be lost. This second method may be needed in the following cases:

  • If you’ve tried method number one, i.E. Tried to guess the password by constantly resetting the counter, but your idea was unsuccessful and the iPhone (or iPhone tablet) still asks for the password. But you deliberately made the decision to reset this password, having lost all the accumulated information on it, since you do not have a backup copy either in iTunes or in the iCloud cloud service.
  • If you have a backup (backup) that you did not delete during iTunes cleaning. And they didn’t even try to guess the password, but just decided to reset it along with all the iPhone information. Remember, if your backup is encrypted, you will definitely need an encryption password when restoring information.

Resetting the security password for the lock screen set in the iPhone or iPad is performed by the recovery method, while the device is manually entered into Recovery Mode or DFU mode. The method has already been discussed here. “If you forgot the password in iPad and iPhone.” So, do not hesitate, follow the link and try. We carried out our experiment to reset the passcode counter on devices (iPad tablet and IPhone phone) with iOS 7.1 firmware, while the function to find iPhone (iPad) was not active, there was no password for restrictions either.

In our situation, we exceeded the number of password entries (10 or more attempts) and in the phone with the inscription: iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes, we managed to reset the counter and start entering the forgotten password again. The password could not be found, I had to reset.

Forgot your iPhone password? 3 Ways to Reset iPhone Passcode

Came up with a password for an iPhone, and then forgot it. Be that as it may, it’s best to know how to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password.

It happens to everyone. I came up with and set a password for the iPhone, and then forgot it. Or haven’t used a smartphone for a long time. Be that as it may, it’s best to know what to do and how to unlock your iPhone if you forget your password.

In this tutorial, I will describe three ways to reset a password on an iPhone. These methods will not help if Apple ID is blocked, only contacting Apple Support will help.

If the password is entered incorrectly 6 times, then the iPhone will be locked for one minute, if you enter the wrong password again, then the iPhone will be locked for 2 minutes, then 3, and so on. In general, it is not realistic to guess the password, life is not enough.

If you have activated the “Erase data” function, then guessing the password is dangerous. This function will erase all information from the iPhone if you enter the password incorrectly 10 times. To turn it off, you need to: go to the settings. Password. Opposite the “erase data” field, put the toggle switch into off.

Below are three ways to reset a forgotten iPhone password, here they are.

1. Reset iPhone password by restoring from backup.

If you systematically sync your iPhone with iTunes, you should have backups and can restore one of the copies where the password is still set. This is the best way, all media and information will remain on the iPhone.

  1. Connect the iPhone to the computer that has its backups and open iTunes.
  2. Wait while iTunes syncs iPhone and creates another backup.
  3. When synchronization is complete and a new copy is created, click on the “Restore” button.
  4. When in the course of restoring iPhone, the setup screen should open, where you need to select “Restore from iTunes copy”.
  5. Now look by the date which backup is right for you and select it. You must remember when you set the password on iPhone.
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2. Reset password using Find iPhone

If you have the “Find iPhone” function activated, you can use iCloud to delete the lock password, however, all data will be erased as well. This method works, forgot iPhone lock password, but remember Apple iD password.

  1. Go to icloud.com.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password and press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  3. Click on the “Find iPhone” icon, in the “All devices” drop-down list, select the iPhone on which you want to reset the password.
  4. Click on the “Erase iPhone” icon and all data on it will be erased, and the password will be deleted.

Now you can restore iPhone data from a backup or set it up as new.

3. How to reset iPhone if forgot password

If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, you have no backup, and the Find iPhone feature in iCloud is not activated, only the recovery mode method remains to remove the password. I note that this method always works, but not only the password will be erased on the iPhone, but all media files and information.

Step 1. To start, the iPhone must be entered into Recovery Mode

To enter recovery mode: turn off the iPhone, now hold down the “Home” button and without releasing it, insert the USB cable, the iTunes icon with a cord should appear.

Step 2. If iTunes doesn’t open automatically, open it. You should immediately be prompted to update or restore iPhone.

Questions remain?

Do you still have questions about unlocking your phone if you forgot your iPhone password? Are you having trouble recovering a forgotten ID on your iPhone? Write in the comments and we will try to help you!

If none of the listed methods helped you or you don’t remember your Apple ID! Check out this guide What if I forgot for iCloud, iTunes or the App Store? How to reset a forgotten Apple ID password

How to fix error 3194 when restoring iPhone

Error 3194 can occur due to various reasons, but the main one is the consequences of working with the TinyUmbrella utility or similar.

In order to get rid of the error 3194 while restoring iPhone, you need to do the following:

  • Open the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc folder and find the hosts file in it.
  • Open the file using the standard Notepad program and find the line containing the inscription gs.Apple.com. Delete this line.
  • Save the file and restart your computer.

It is highly likely that error 3194 will not occur the next time you try to restore your iPhone. But for greater confidence, before starting the procedure, turn off the computer firewall for a while. The chances of a successful recovery will significantly increase.

How to restore iPhone

Failed firmware or jailbreak of the device may cause malfunction. In this case, there is no need to despair, you just need to restore the iPhone using iTunes. The procedure is simple and takes a little time, however, you need to know some features, which we will discuss in this manual.

How to restore iPhone

Step 1. Download the latest version of iTunes from the official website or update an already installed program. On a Mac, check for updates in the Mac App Store; on Windows, go to Help → Updates.

Step 2. Download the firmware version you need. You can download using this service.

Step 3. Connect iPhone to computer and enter into recovery mode. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button while continuing to hold the Home button for 6-9 seconds. If you did everything correctly, iTunes will start with a message about the found iPhone in recovery mode.

Note: Putting iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus into recovery mode is slightly different. Instead of the Home button, you must hold down the Volume Down button.

Step 4. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and while holding down click on the “Restore” button. In the window that opens, select the previously downloaded firmware file.

Step 5. Confirm the start of recovery.

Step 6. The recovery process will start and after its completion the device will work normally.

During the recovery process, various errors may occur, consider some of them.

Determine which version of iOS you can recover to

Before proceeding with iPhone recovery, you must determine which version of iOS is suitable for the device. The fact is that by releasing new versions of iOS, Apple stops signing old assemblies. Recovery and rollback on them, respectively, becomes impossible.

The easiest way to determine which version of iOS you can recover is using this service. Follow the link and select the model of your iPhone (or other Apple mobile device). On firmware marked with check marks, recovery is possible. IOS assemblies marked with crosses cannot be restored. On the same site you can download the firmware itself, which is necessary for the recovery.

How to fix error 1013, 1014, or 1015 when restoring iPhone

These errors occur when you try to downgrade the firmware due to the inability to downgrade the modem version. Important. This method will only help with old iPhone models (iPhone 4s and older).

In order to get rid of errors 1013, 1014 or 1015 during iPhone recovery, you need to do the following:

  • Download the latest redsn0w utility.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and run the application as administrator.
  • Connect iPhone to Computer.
  • On the redsn0w start screen, click Extras → Recovery Fix.
  • Click Next and enter the device into DFU mode according to the program instructions. It’s easy to do this: hold down the Power button for three seconds, then without releasing the Power button, start holding the Home button for 10 seconds, then release the Power button, but continue to hold the Home button for about 10 seconds. Redsn0w will display a timer for each step, so the chances of an error while putting the device into DFU mode will be significantly reduced.

A list of known iTunes errors and how to solve them can also be found on our website by clicking on this link.

This guide applies not only to iPhone, but also to iPad and iPod Touch. The main thing is to follow all the points exactly, after making sure that all the warning rules are followed.

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How to reset the remaining minutes counter

If you have a trusted computer at hand that you previously associated with a disconnected iPhone, you can connect them via a wire and synchronize. Thus, resetting the counter of minutes in the message “try again when X minutes have passed”.

After pressing the button, the minutes counter will be reset and you can enter the correct password. In this case, it is not necessary to wait for the end of synchronization, you can interrupt it immediately after the start.

Unfortunately, a locked phone won’t revive it.

Step 2

If you have macOS Catalina or higher installed, then open Finder and find your device in the left menu. For all other operating systems, launch iTunes, find your phone or tablet in the left menu.

In the dialog box that appears, select “Restore” (the update will not help).

The Finder or iTunes will start downloading the iPhone software: download takes up to 15 minutes. After that, the iPhone will be automatically updated to the latest version of iOS, which will erase all data from it, including the passcode.

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In front of you will be actually a new device, ready to configure and restore data from a backup.

Try again in 15 minutes

The first thing to do if the iPhone is blocked when you enter the wrong code less than 10 times is to wait for the time indicated on the screen. The message on the screen “iPhone is turned off repeat after 15 minutes” counts down the time every minute, so you can see how many minutes are left.

Even though iPhone is disabled, it allows you to make calls to emergency numbers. To do this, press the SOS button at the bottom of the screen.

After the time-out period expires, the screen will change to the familiar numeric keypad, and you can try to enter again. Be careful: if you are wrong again, you will go back to the waiting period.

In the future, try to enter the correct code on the first try in order to avoid blocking the device.

Unknown error while connecting to iTunes

Some users are faced with the fact that the iPhone does not connect to iTunes and gives an error 0xe8000015 when the phone is locked. There may be several reasons for its appearance:

  1. The problem is with the cable you connect the iPhone and computer with. Try a different port or cable.
  2. Old version of iTunes. Update the program to the latest version, restart your smartphone.
  3. On Windows, open “Device Manager”. “USB Controllers”, right click on Apple Mobile Devices USB Driver, update it, restart your computer.
  4. Please use a different computer as this error is due to a software conflict.

Usually, updating iTunes or drivers helps to complete iPhone restore via iTunes. If this is not your case, restore your phone via Find iPhone in iCloud.

What to do when the message “iPhone is disconnected connect to iTunes”

This manual describes what to do if the iPhone is disconnected and displays the message “try again when 1 minute has passed” (5-15-60 minutes) or “connect to iTunes”. You will find out how many times you can enter the password incorrectly to avoid blocking the device.

The steps below will make your device work normally again. The instruction is suitable for iPhone and iPod touch.

  1. What does it mean iPhone is disabled
  2. Try again in 15 minutes
  3. How to reset the remaining minutes counter
  4. Unlocking via iTunes
  5. Unknown error while connecting to iTunes
  6. How to unlock an iPhone via iCloud

Unlocking via iTunes

If you enter the wrong code 10 times, the phone is locked, displaying the message “iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes”.

Iphone is locked and asks to connect to iTunes

In this case, there is nothing left but to delete the password. In this case, you will lose all data on the phone, which can then be restored from a backup. You did it?

To do this, you need iTunes, a free, multifunctional program that can work with Apple devices. It is installed by default on Mac computers. If you do not have it or you are working on Windows, download the link from the official Apple website.

If you have macOS Catalina installed, then Aytyuns is not needed. For Windows and earlier versions of the macOS operating system, it will be required.

If you don’t have a computer, you can ask your friends for help or contact the nearest Apple service center, where specialists will help.

You will also need a cable to connect your smartphone to your computer. You won’t be able to erase the iPhone via Wi-Fi, only through the wire. Since the interfaces of different iPhones and laptops are different (USB, USB-C or lighting), an adapter may be required.

Below is a simple instruction on how to unlock iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, X, Xs, Xr, 11 and all their S, Plus, Pro, Max versions.

Why iPhone and iPod turn off?

Any iOS device. Iphone, iPad, iPod touch. Can be disabled, but you can see several different messages.

Sometimes you get either a simple message “This iPhone is disabled”, or in addition to it, it says that you need to retry in 1 or 5 minutes. Sometimes the message says that the iPhone or iPod is disabled and you need to retry after 23 million minutes. Of course, you can’t wait that long. 23 million minutes is almost 44 years. You will most likely need your phone much earlier.

Password is a security setting that you can enable on iOS so that a person must enter a password to use the device. If an incorrect password was entered 6 times in a row, the device will lock itself and you will not be able to enter the password again. If you enter the wrong password more than 6 times, you will receive a message about 23 million waiting minutes.

But you really won’t have to wait that long. This message just forces you to pause between password entries.

Fix a disabled iPhone or iPod

Fixing a disconnected iPhone, iPod or iPad is relatively easy. In fact, you will have to follow the same steps as if you forgot your password.

  1. First, you need to try to restore your device from a backup. To do this, connect your iOS device to the computer it is syncing with. In the iTunes app, click the Restore button. Follow the onscreen instructions and you can use your device again in a few minutes. But keep in mind, by performing a restore you are replacing the data stored on your phone with an older backup copy, and you will lose all data received later than the backup date.
  2. If this method does not work, or you have never synced your device with iTunes, you need to try Recovery Mode. With this, you too can lose all data from the date of the last backup.
  3. One of these two methods usually works, but if not, try DFU mode, a more advanced version of recovery mode.
  4. Another good way is to use iCloud and Find My iPhone to erase all data and settings from your phone. Sign in to iCloud or download the Find My iPhone app (opens in iTunes) on your second iOS device. Then sign in to the app using your iCloud username and password (not the name of the owner of the device you’re using). Use the Find My iPhone function to find your device and then perform the Remote Wipe action. Doing so will erase all data on your device, so use this method only if you have a backup of your data, and all settings will be reset so that you can access your phone again. If you backed up your data to iCloud or iTunes, you can then restore it and use the device in peace.

What to do if iPhone says “iPhone is disabled, try again in 15 minutes”

Reasons for Sudden iPhone or iPod Shutdown.

If a message appears on the screen of your iPhone stating that it is disabled, you may not know what is happening. Worse, the message may also say you won’t be able to use your iPhone for another 23 million minutes. Fortunately, things are not as bad as they seem. If your iPhone (or iPod) is disabled, read this article and find out how to fix it.

What to do after fixing iPhone disconnection?

Once your iPod, iPhone or iPad starts working again, you should think about two things: set a new password that you can remember more easily so you don’t get into this situation again and / or track your device to make sure someone the other is not trying to get your information.