Iphone Is Buggy

Discard beautiful visual effects, reduce transparency

Another way to speed up iOS 10 is to move away from resource-intensive visuals. You can reduce the responsiveness of interactions with the Control Center, Lock Screen, and Notifications by lowering the transparency of the interface elements:

  • Open up “Settings”
  • Move to submenu “The main”, then in “Increase the contrast” and then enable the option “Decrease transparency”
Iphone Is Buggy

Why is your iPhone freezes and glitches

We have been repairing iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S for many years and we have plenty of experience. Various breakdowns happen, but the most common breakdown is considered a breakdown in which the iPhone hangs. People do not always rush to the service center with such a malfunction. Some are trying to solve the problem on their own, others think maybe it will pass. Some people who know a little about technology even manage to eliminate, for example, such a nuisance as the iPhone 4, 4s hangs. But this is a very small percentage of users. Sooner or later, you still have to turn to specialists for help. But the sooner this is done, the better, since over time it will be more difficult to fix the breakdown.

If your iPhone is glitching, there may be several factors, both software and mechanisms. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Reboot your device

If you have followed all our instructions, but your iOS device is still lagging, then try restarting it and leaving it for a while.

Nothing helped? Restore or, as a last resort, reset the parameters to factory defaults

Have you done everything we recommended above? Then you may want to restore your iPhone or iPad using iTunes, which will clear up unnecessary junk and cache.

Another method involves a full factory reset, after which you get a completely clean gadget that will look like a brand new one. It is worth noting that all your personal data will be deleted, so we advise you to save everything that you need before starting.

As a reminder, iOS 10 is supported by the following smartphones:

  • Iphone 7 (Plus)
  • Iphone 6S (Plus)
  • Iphone 6 (Plus)
  • Iphone SE
  • Iphone 5, 5S, 5C

Is the iPhone 5s buggy?

As you know, any modern telephone, endowed with the functions of a communicator, has such an unpleasant property as freezing during operation. And the iPhone, unfortunately, is no exception, so a huge number of happy owners of this gadget travel to forums in the hope of finding an answer to the question of how, what to do if the iPhone has turned off. Of course, coping with this problem is much more difficult than, for example, figuring out how to find out the iPhone ID or find information about other similar things. Let’s try to figure it out.

What to do if the iPhone glitches due to the work of some application

If the iPhone freezes due to the operation of some application, then you need to press the lock button, which is usually located in the upper part of the case, and hold it until two inscriptions appear on the phone screen: turn off and cancel. After their appearance, release the lock button and press the Home button located at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on this button should close the frozen application. If this method does not help, then you need to try restarting your phone.

How to restart a frozen iPhone

As it turned out, making a forced reboot on an iPhone is not as easy as it seems at first glance, because few people will guess that for this you need to hold down and hold two buttons (Home and Power) at the same time. The buttons must be held until the screen of the gadget goes out (or the world-famous bull’s-eye appears on it, which will indicate that the gadget has started rebooting). After that, the gadget should start working normally.

What to do to prevent the iPhone from glitching

Of course, the iPhone can glitch for various reasons, but most often it does it due to some kind of software glitch. And you can solve this problem by flashing (restoring) the device. To do this, you will need to do the following:

Connect your phone to iTunes;
open the main page of device management;
and click the restore button on the top plate.

Finding out where the serial number of the iPhone is is not necessary for this. After that, the iPhone may ask whether to restore the device as new or take data from its backup. The user will have to select one of the proposed options and the restoration (flashing) will be completed. After such a procedure, the phone should stop glitching, otherwise, it is recommended to hand it over for repair.

How to speed up iOS 10 if the system is still slow

I assume that you have listened to my recommendations, but after 8-12 hours your device still slows down after the update? Then follow my directions below to speed up iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad:

Disable effects and animations
Disabling unnecessary animations and effects will reduce the load on the processor and graphics on any device with iOS 10 on board:

  • Open up “Settings”
  • Go to section “The main”, and then in “Universal access”. Flip the switch to the on state opposite “Disable animation”

Please note that after this you will also not be able to use the new effects in the application “Posts”.

Iphone or iPad screen glitches why it is pressed by itself?

Greetings to everyone and everything! I didn’t want to write the title of the article that way, but it’s very hard to find a word other than buggy. Very succinctly (the mighty Russian language is rich and beautiful!) It describes all possible problems with the screen, which lives on its own, keyboard buttons are pressed, desktops are scrolled, applications are launched, and all this without your knowledge. And the display itself does not respond to pressing!

It would seem that the situation is fantastic and somewhere even mystical, but in fact, there is nothing strange in this, everything has a logical explanation. Which one? We’ll find out now! But first, let’s decide after what actions the screen of your iPhone or iPad can begin to live its own life, create chaos, run wild and frighten its owner.

There are not so many of these actions:

  1. Updating the firmware.
  2. Physical damage (fall, impact, moisture).
  3. Display replacement or repair (nuances are possible).

That’s all. Although no, there is another option, none of the above happened, and the screen suddenly began to glitch.

Let’s start with the general preparation of the device, which will help eliminate some of the standard moments due to which the touchscreen behaves in such an incomprehensible way:

  • If film or glass is adhered to the device, remove them.
  • Wipe the screen thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use special cleaning fluids, sometimes they can just ruin the oleophobic coating.
  • To rule out a programming problem and bugs in iOS, do a hard restart of the device.

Yes, everything listed above is quite commonplace, but it can help. However, these are far from all the actions that can be performed in order to adjust the operation of the display.

And the first thing you should pay attention to are non-original power supplies and Lighting wires. Although rather, it will still be about wires (the adapter itself, as a rule, does not greatly affect the operation of the device). Here they are, they can ruin your nerves.

Once I myself ran into this and saw how a person’s phone was charged and at the same time periodically lit up, the screen was unlocked, pressed by itself, characters were typed on the keyboard. To be honest, I was really surprised how the iPhone hadn’t called somewhere on its own yet.!?

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After a short conversation, it turned out that, although this annoys a person, he simply does not want to buy an original wire (I rarely use it, and it will do!). The fact that spontaneous pressing of the display is not the worst thing that can happen, and the battery will definitely have to be changed soon, he was not interested.

If everything is ok with the charger, then it is worth moving on to the next reason, these are low-quality display modules. There are just a huge number of them, but there is an explanation for this:

  1. Many models are just wildly popular, for example, the iPhone 5S.
  2. Original displays are not officially brought to Russia.
  3. China will help everyone.

Here is a large number of screens of varying degrees of quality. over, they can be installed both during the repair and on new (in fact, restored, it is not clear where) iPhone. And if you are unlucky, and the screen is set completely left, then accidental presses and other joys of life are provided.

By the way, a characteristic feature of this defect is that after locking / unlocking the device, everything returns to normal, but for a while, and then starts to fail again. This can manifest itself both immediately after repair / replacement, and after updating iOS. How to proceed in this case? There are two options:

  1. Set normal display.
  2. Try to glue film or glass.

The most interesting thing is that some workshops, knowing the quality of the display they install, when replacing the module, stick a sticker on the screen as a gift. Often this is done just so that the iPhone or iPad display behaves correctly and does not live its own life. Brilliant move! The difference between a good and a bad screen is big, and the price of film is small. And everyone is happy: the client thinks that the service is good, he even glued the film, and the workshop itself won in money.

There is another reason the touchscreen can behave strangely. But here it would be more correct to say that it will not process pressing at all, and not just work in the wrong place.

Perhaps we are talking about the display sensor controller and this is very sad. It can be damaged in the event of a fall, shock, moisture ingress into the gadget and the lack of timely action to remove this very liquid. Only a few service centers have the skill of re-soldering it (the procedure is done in order not to change the entire motherboard as a whole). Well, this also costs money, respectively, of course, cheaper than a complete replacement of the board, but still

Here is such an unpleasant conclusion at the end of the article.

However, I really hope that all the glitches of your iPhone screen will be cured by an elementary replacement of the charger, wire, or, in extreme cases, with a sticker of film or glass. And it won’t come to complex repairs in the service center. Let it be so!

How to restart a device without using the power button

There are situations when you need to turn off or restart without using the shutdown buttons (especially important if they do not work at all). To do this, you need to pull the Assistive Touch function to the desktop. You can do it like this:

  • Go to the menu item Settings
  • Select Accessibility
  • Activate Assistive Touch by moving the slider to On

This function on iPhone makes it possible to lock the screen, turn off and adjust the sound, return to the home page, avoiding pressing the Home button, and most importantly, it allows you to turn off the device if the shutdown button does not work.

What to do if your smartphone’s touchscreen display becomes glitchy

If the phone starts to glitch or freeze for the first time, first try to wait for the response of the corresponding application. The processor will close unresponsive applications by itself and return to normal operation. If there is no response, try restarting your device. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button and the Power button at the same time
  • Hold them for at least 5 seconds

After that, the screen will turn off, and then the phone will turn on automatically. If this does not happen, then click on the lock button and the iPhone will work.

Another way to lock / unlock the screen on an iPhone, or simply turn on the device, if the shutdown button does not respond to commands, put the smartphone on charge. It is possible that the phone will start to respond to the power button after reaching 100 percent battery charge, as it stuck due to a large number of running applications that require a lot of power.

If the sensor lags, but the screen still works slowly and gives at least some reaction, then you can do without an emergency reboot method. To do this, just try to turn off your iPhone in normal mode:

  • Press the Power button
  • Wait until Slide To Power Off appears on the phone screen
  • Slide the slider to the desired position

Then turn on the device by pressing the lock button. If Athos freezes and slows down due to a large number of open programs, then the methods of rebooting and shutting down will help him restore performance.

If the phone freezes or slows down after updating, then reset the settings, but first save all the data on the device. There are two ways to fix your smartphone if it starts to glitch:

  • Reset all settings. A gentle method, since it saves all user data, in order to reset all settings, you need to go to Settings, then click the Basic button and then. Reset button
  • Erase content and settings. A radical method that erases all data from the device, you can also activate this function in the Settings (General. Reset) section by pressing the Erase iPhone button

If the iPhone crashes were related to the update, then after resetting the settings, you can again normally dial the number, answer incoming calls and messages.

If the smartphone regularly slows down and freezes, or the screen turns off by itself, then most likely a firmware update is required. Only professionals will help to solve this problem.

Why iPhone won’t respond to commands

If the iPhone is frozen, then the first reason you should pay attention to. A large number of applications used. Especially if some of them are constantly running in the background. When running programs that require a lot of space on iOS at the same time (for example, geolocation, Facebook and various games), the following may happen:

  • The touchscreen will respond slowly when pressed, preventing you from answering an incoming call, dialing a number, sending a message or unlocking the screen altogether
  • The iPhone will simply turn off due to high battery consumption

Iphone may start to glitch even after updating programs over the Internet. Especially if the Auto Update function is active.

Iphone is frozen

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Apple products are one of the most reliable and high-quality in the world, but sometimes its owners may face the fact that an iPhone or iPad freezes. If the sensor lags, it could be caused by a low battery level or a software glitch. Bringing the touchscreen back to life is most often done with the usual reset method. To avoid similar problems with the iPhone in the future, you need to understand the reasons for the freezing of the smartphone.

Professional help

If after all the manipulations performed the phone continues to slow down, periodically freezes, does not respond to locking and unlocking, seek professional help. Experts will diagnose the device, determine the reason why the smartphone does not ring and does not respond to the shutdown button. After determining the malfunction, the following work will be performed:

  • Firmware update
  • Replacement of loops on the lock key

How to reset iPhone or iPad to factory settings

If the device is buggy, does not turn on, or you are going to sell it, you should restore the factory settings.

2. Perform a reset

1. Open the Settings section → The main → Reset and click Erase Content and Settings.

2. Confirm erasing data and wait for the process to complete. If the system asks you to turn off Find My iPhone, do it in the Settings section → Username → iCloud.

When the device restarts, it will already have factory settings.

1. Back up important data

If you want to keep your personal information, back up your iPhone or iPad locally to your computer using iTunes and / or a cloud copy to iCloud. By doing this, you can recover erased data on the current or new device.

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How to create a backup via iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and launch iTunes. If required, enter the password for authorization.

2. Click on the device icon above the iTunes sidebar and select the Browse item on the panel itself.

3. Click Back Up Now. If along with other information you want to save the data of the Health and Activity programs, first select the Encrypt backup copy box, enter the password and remember it.

4. Follow the program prompts and then wait for the backup to complete.

How to reset iPhone or iPad through the settings menu

This method is suitable when the device is working and you can unlock its screen. A reset through the settings menu is performed to erase all personal data from the iPhone or iPad before the sale. Or to restore normal operation of the device when it continues to slow down even after a restart.

How to create an iCloud backup

1. Connect your mobile device to the Internet.

2. Click Settings → Username → iCloud. If your device has iOS 10.2 or older, tap Settings, scroll down the settings page and select iCloud.

Make sure the toggles next to Contacts, Calendars and other programs in the iCloud menu are active.

3. Scroll down the page and click iCloud Backup. On the next screen, make sure the iCloud Backup switch is turned on.

4. Click Back up and wait until the time of the last created backup on this screen is updated.

Iphone sensor malfunctions

Despite the fact that Apple products are of very high quality, iPhone owners often face such a problem as a non-working sensor, or, as it is also called, a touchscreen. The sensor may not work partially, or completely fail.

Various factors can cause the screen to not work. These reasons, first of all, include all kinds of mechanical defects as a result of physical impact on the iPhone. A vivid example is shown above, due to a strong impact when the iPhone 5 is dropped, the touchscreen will not work in 98% of cases.

Manifestations of an incorrectly working sensor on an iPhone

  • The iPhone touchscreen ignores and does not respond to touches in certain areas / areas.
  • The touchscreen responds with a delay to pressing.
  • The iPhone’s sensor ignores all touches, and does not work at all.
  • The phone screen (including the sensor) lives its own life: text is randomly typed, applications close and open on their own (without user intervention), pages of documents are flipped incorrectly.

What should I do if the sensor stops working? Try the following:

  1. In case of a periodic display of malfunctioning of the touchscreen on the iPhone (the sensor on the phone works, but it works with a lot of failures and errors), you should perform a full reboot of our device. You can do it this way:
    • Simultaneously hold down the power button and the Home button;
    • We keep the buttons in this state for at least 15-20 seconds;
    • After that, the iPhone will restart;
    • If as a result the standard Apple logo appears on the screen You did everything correctly.
    • If your iPhone has a screen protector or a new cool bumper partially covers the screen, remove everything and check the sensor’s functionality again. Perhaps the screen will work again, and similar accessories contributed to the malfunction.

    It may happen that you do all of the above, but you never get the result, the faulty touchscreen will not come to life? Then, most likely, you should think about a visit to an Apple service center. The service center staff will help assess the condition of the phone, find out the cause of the problem, and, in which case, replace the screen.

    There are times when the screen refuses to work due to deformation or damage to the board, but such breakdowns are quite rare. With such a malfunction, you will have to leave your favorite gadget at the service center for a longer period of time. After all, diagnostics and solving serious problems take longer than a standard sensor replacement.

    In order not to ask stupid questions at the service center, remember: all generations of iPhones, from the fourth to the sixth (at the time of this writing, the iPhone 6 Plus is the latest model), are equipped with a touch glass, which is located in the display module and is an integral part of it. The display module itself consists of 3 such elements: the upper glass (protective), the sensor (touchscreen) and the display itself.

    Display module assembly

    That is why, if the touchscreen on the iPhone refused, the entire module will have to be changed. And if you break the display, the whole module changes. And if only the upper protective glass is broken. You already guessed what needs to be changed?

    Trust iPhone repair only to professionals

    Yes Yes Yes! I also saw hundreds of materials on YouTube and searched Google for step-by-step master classes on repairing or replacing a sensor on an iPhone. I will even say more, I myself have repeatedly broken the screen of my iPhone and, following various replacements, tried to fix everything. In 50% of cases, my attempts ended in success), this despite the fact that I am a radio amateur and not by hearsay familiar with electronics.

    That is why I recommend to entrust iPhone repair only to people who professionally service Apple equipment, in other words, those who work in official service centers.

    By contacting an under-serviced center or buying a cheap fake quality part for self-installation, you endanger the device as a whole.

    • The part may turn out to be so low-quality that after a short period of time, you will have to turn to a professional to eliminate even greater damage.
    • As for the unscrupulous service centers, everything is not smooth there either. Firstly, you are not given any official guarantees, and secondly, the same cheap parts can be presented as high-quality.

    By contacting the official service center of the manufacturing company, you get a guarantee that the work will be done with high quality, your money will not be wasted, and the device will serve you properly for a long time. over, smartphones like those from Apple have their own subtleties, specifics, individual design features and internal structure, a simple mistake when repairing this technique can lead to unpleasant consequences!

    Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

    What to do if your iPhone falls and won’t turn on?

    Mechanical damage is a separate topic:

    1. Malfunctions resulting from a fall or other physical impact are always more difficult to fix.
    2. Any problem is related to the destruction or serious damage of part of the iPhone.
    3. You cannot do without seeking help from specialists, most likely.
    4. The problem may be due to damage not to the part itself, but to the loop that connects it to all other components.

    If you have opened your iPhone before, this experience can be repeated again:

    • Inspect the contents carefully.
    • Try to find cracks, impact marks or crushing marks.
    • Inspect all loops, correct them if necessary.
    • Check for moisture inside.

    Sometimes this is enough for the phone to work again. If you do not understand anything in electronics, have never seen microcircuits and do not know which side to hold on to the soldering iron, it is better to take the iPhone to a branded service center immediately after falling.

    Should the specialists be told about the cause of the malfunction? If the iPhone is under warranty, you can keep silent about this or confidently prove that the phone has never fallen anywhere. Warranty cases for mechanical damage do not apply, and so it may be lucky. Conscience issues are a separate topic. Is the warranty expired? Then feel free to speak, this will simplify the diagnosis of the device.

    The iPhone turned off and does not turn on: what to do?

    If iPhone refuses to turn on:

    • Simultaneously hold down the two Home and Power buttons. Sometimes this action already helps to achieve the desired effect.
    • Press the buttons and hold them in this state a little longer. Even after half a minute, do not despair, the phone may still begin to show signs of life.
    • Put the device on charging, you may not have noticed how the battery completely sat down.
    • Let it charge for 15 minutes, even if the battery was almost full recently. If you only knew how lithium batteries suffer in the cold.
    • Click the sound switch a couple of times. From the point of view of theory, this should not affect the performance of the smartphone in any way. But in practice, such a manipulation sometimes really helps to launch an already hopelessly extinct device.
    • Launch iTunes on your PC and connect the cable from your iPhone. On the phone, while connecting, hold down Home. This is an option to quickly restore your smartphone, just click the Restore button on the screen.
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    All these methods of checking the health of the phone will not take more than a minute. What’s even more interesting, they will not harm the device itself. Just think, nobody opens the case, it doesn’t fit inside the iPhone. If you cannot start the phone on your own, you can safely contact the service center.

    Answers to any questions

    • Why does iPhone break?
    • Repair of equipment on your own
    • The iPhone turned off and does not turn on: what to do?
    • What to do if your iPhone falls and won’t turn on?
    • How to fix an iPhone 5s yourself?
    • : what to do if iPhone 5s won’t turn on

    The genius of some people is simply impossible to deny. What is only Jobs, who set a new standard for the whole world in terms of mobile devices. For a whole decade, no manufacturer has been able to depart from the established canons. But all reflections on greatness and genius disappear when the iPhone 5s does not turn on, what to do in such a situation is not clear and commercial geniuses are in no hurry to explain.

    Repair of equipment on your own

    Official dealers always advise to carry products to service centers and do not try to fix the damage yourself:

    1. This is beneficial to the manufacturer from a commercial point of view. For fixing any, even the most insignificant malfunction, you can issue a good bill.
    2. It is convenient for diagnostics. It is much easier to try to restore a device when you know for sure that no one has delved into it before you and did not perform any manipulations.
    3. This is sometimes simply not acceptable to the user. The device is necessary for the user after a couple of hours in working form, and in the service center it is advised to come in 3-4 days.
    4. This can hit a decent budget. Even small, but regular breakdowns outside the warranty period will cost a pretty penny.

    Next, we advise you to look, in which Roman Lobanov will tell you how to repair an iPhone 5s that does not turn on by yourself:

    How to fix an iPhone 5s yourself?

    If your favorite phone suddenly stops turning on, you must:

    1. Do not panic, pull yourself together as soon as possible.
    2. Check the charging port is working, it could be deformed or clogged with dirt.
    3. Make sure the phone charges normally when turned off. The reason may lie in a malfunction of the iPhone battery or problems with the charger itself.
    4. Press two buttons Home and Power, hold them in this position for up to a minute.
    5. Play with the sound switch, then hold down the two cherished buttons again.
    6. Connect your phone to your computer, after launching iTunes on your stationary device. Automatic repair may start.
    7. Put the iPhone on charge, overnight and check its performance in the morning using all the methods described above.

    Every year the number of users with apple products is increasing, but many newbies do not know at all, if the iPhone 5s does not turn on, what to do and where to run.

    Why does iPhone break?

    No device can work without failures. precisely, not a single high-tech device can never fail over the entire period of operation:

    • Iphone is smartphone, assembled from dozens of different components.
    • Each part of the iPhone is, in itself, a small miracle and the result of scientific and technological progress.
    • All these components are interconnected due to rather fragile loops that have the ability to fail at the most inopportune moment.
    • It is impossible to exclude the human factor, not every user can boast of careful handling of fashionable gadgets.

    In such conditions, sooner or later the phone will stop showing signs of life, there will be problems with the sensor or some services. This is inevitable, you should prepare yourself for such a turn in advance. To understand and look for the culprits in this case is not the most reasonable decision, it is better to try to fix the situation yourself.

    Why iPhone turns off by itself and how to fix it?

    Greetings! Iphone, like any other technically complex device, is prone to breakage. Yes, yes, there are no perfect gadgets (this is news!) And a smartphone from Apple is no exception to this rule. One of the most common ailments is that the iPhone turns off on its own for no reason. That is, there seems to be charging, in general everything is working fine, and sometimes he will take it and turn off. over, these tricks occur periodically and often enough!

    We will now find out about the reasons for such a breakdown, as well as whether it is inherently a defect (and in some cases everything is logical and more or less normal). And of course, we’ll find out what you can do with the iPhone that is constantly turning off at home, without visiting a service center (we always have time to go there!). Let’s start!

    Why there is a situation when the iPhone turns off by itself:

    • Spontaneous reboots may be due to software issues. For example, if you have a beta version of the iOS operating system or its jailbreak, you should not be surprised at periodic shutdowns. Although such options happen not only in these cases.
    • If this happens on the street in the cold season, then this is just the case when turning off the iPhone (even if there is still charging) is quite a logical phenomenon. Read more about how to help the battery in cold weather.
    • Iron problems. In 95% percent of cases, this is either a battery or a power controller. For a start, it would be nice to find out more information about the battery, find out how many recharge cycles have already been, the actual capacity, etc. We check the battery of our iPhone and if it is completely bad, then a replacement is inevitable.

    In fact, this is all because of what the iPhone can upset you with a periodic interruption of work. And now let’s take a look at the actions that need to be performed in order to fix this ailment and the iPhone stopped, for no reason, turning off by itself:

    1. The best way to deal with various software errors leading to reboots is with iTunes recovery. As a result, we get a clean device with the latest current firmware. If you have important data on your smartphone, do not forget to create a copy of it in iTunes or save it to iCloud.
    2. It is possible that the iPhone simply cannot turn on, the screen lights up and the device itself turns off immediately. Be aware that simply plugging into an outlet won’t save him. Read here what to do in such cases.
    3. A hard reboot might help! At the same time, we hold down two buttons Home (round under the screen) and Power (power on) and hold them for 10-15 seconds before the screen lights up. Updated! This combination does not work for all models, here is an article with up-to-date information on how to force restart any iPhone. There is no need to worry about your data, with this manipulation they will not be lost.
    4. As I already said, if the problem is iron, then in most cases either the battery or the loop is to blame and they need to be changed. If you do not have sufficient skills and experience in repair, we contact the service.
    5. By the way, if a few more blue screen problems, various stripes on the display are added to the shutdown, then the problem may be somewhat more difficult than a simple battery replacement. Microcracks on the board and other terrible things are possible. Here you definitely need to be diagnosed. Although read about the iPhone blue screen of death, there are some smart ideas for dealing with this and other ailments.

    Summing up or instead of an afterword

    As we found out, there are only two reasons why the iPhone turns itself off by itself (we will not count the special case with use in the cold season), these are either software failures or problems inside the gadget.

    And if you can and should fight the first ones on your own, then in case of any breakdowns it is better to turn to professionals. Especially if you know for sure that warranty service is available for your device and its period has not expired.