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Iphone Iphone Standard Recording

IPhone Screen Recorder

In iOS 11, for the first time, the standard ability to record from the iPhone screen appeared, browsers have been waiting for the implementation of this feature for a long time. Now you do not need to install additional applications from the AppStore or tweaks from Cydia.

Having updated the phone’s firmware to iOS 11 and flipped through the iPhone screens, I couldn’t find the application for recording the screen, there is simply no application. It turned out that the program needs to be enabled in the settings, only after that it can be used using the Control Center.

Previously (in previous versions of iOS), standard means of the iOS operating system could only take screenshots of the iPhone screen.

Where is iPhone screen recording and how to enable it

In iOS 11, the screen recording function is enabled in the settings:

  1. Launch Settings
  2. We go to the Control Center
  3. Select the section. Customize Controls
  4. We look in the list for the red icon with a white circle. Screen Recording, and turn it on by pressing the green button with the image of the “” sign

After Screen Recording is enabled in Settings, you can record screencasts in the environment of the iOS operating system.

We record from the screen of the iPhone 7

In the first part of the manual, we turned on the Screen Recorder program in the menu of the iPhone‘s Control Center, and now we are starting to record the contents of the iPhone screen on.

  • From the bottom of the iPhone screen, with your index finger, we take out the Control Center.
  • We press the appeared button for recording from the phone screen

Three, two, one, motor, let’s go! The recording process has begun, everything that happens on the screen of the iPhone is written to the file. You can review your favorite game.

Once you’re done and decide to stop recording, you can use two methods:

  • Touch the red line at the top of the screen and in the window that appears, click. Stop
  • Or again take out the Control Center and press the same button to stop. Screen Recording

After stopping the recording, all recorded screencasts are automatically saved in the standard Photo application, where they can be viewed and modestly edited (the Edit button), cutting out the necessary moments or simply cutting off the extra beginning and end of the recording.

The resulting is downloaded when connected to a computer in the same way as the photo instruction. But many, without using a computer, upload directly to YouTube from the iPhone, since the Photo application allows you to do this, or send them by mail.

How to record and voice together with

If, in a place with recording of the contents of the iPhone screen, you want to record voice (comment on what is happening on the), then for the Screen Recording utility you need to turn on the microphone. On 3D Touch enabled phones, this is done as follows:

  1. With a swipe, we pull out the Control Point from the bottom of the screen
  2. We click on the program icon Screen Recording (3D Touch must be enabled)
  3. In the menu that appears, turn on the audio microphone, in the on position the microphone icon lights up in red.

After you turned on the microphone, at the time of recording the screen, you can describe events using speech, for better voice acting you can use standard EarPods headphones with a built-in microphone.

Friends, who write, who updated the iPhone without 3D Touch to iOS 11, is there any support for voice recording when creating screencasts?