Iphone Ios 11 Screen Video Recording With Sound

Iphone Ios 11 Screen Recording With Sound

In earlier versions iOS from Apple record from iPhone screen it was impossible when you wanted to share what happened on the screen of your iPhone, you had one option. click screenshot. IOS 11-12 and above have expanded the capabilities of the phone, providing you with an additional function not only to take a screenshot, but also record from the screen.

The value of the on-screen recording should be obvious if you’ve ever had to fix problems on someone’s iPhone. Instead of carefully describing each step, you can now enable the on-screen recording feature and share the resulting.

Screen recording is also useful for exchanging game exploits or for passing other interesting steps that screenshots simply can not transmit in full. If you don’t like the standard screen recording function, read this topic “iPhone Screen Recording with DU Recorder”.

To capture recording from the screen, you must first configure the Control Center in order to get quick access to this function.

one. Run the settings.

2. Click on Control Center.

3. Select Customize Controls.

four. Scroll down to the ” Elem.” Controls ”and find the“ Screen Record ”option. (It has a red button icon with white circles in the center as a record icon.)

5. Click icon “green plus “, to add it to your control center. You can use the three vertical bars on the right to adjust where the button will be located on the screen. “Screen Recording” in your customized Control Center.

Now you are ready to record everything that happens on your screen.

1. Swipe from bottom to top of the screen, to access the Control Center.

2. Click the Record On Screen Icon. You will see the countdown 3-2-1, and then the icon will turn red. Everything that happens from now on will be recorded.

If you want to hear the sound on your recording, you need to take an extra step. Press and hold the record icon on the screen until a pop-up menu appears. Then you can click the microphone icon to turn on the sound.

Please note that this action will not only record the sound of what is happening on your phone, but also everything that you say. You can click the “Start Recording” button in the pop-up menu to start the 3-2-1 countdown.

3. Do whatever you want to record, be it a hands-on session or a game session. A red bar will appear at the top of the screen of your iPhone to remind you that your recording has begun and is ongoing.

4. To stop recording, swipe the screen from bottom to top, to access the Control Center and click the icon “Screen Recording”. It will turn from red to white.

5. A notification appears that your is now stored in the Photos application. This is ready to share, although it will look a little rude. For example, it will contain a segment of turning recording on and off in the Control Center. This is probably not a big deal for most people, but if you want to cut back on extra staff, it’s easy enough.

one. Launch photos.

2. Select “Video”, To move to change captured screen, which you just shot.

3. Select the desired and on the next screen click “Edit” in the upper right corner.

four. Drag the arrows at the bottom of the screen to the center, left or right, to set new start and stop points for the. Click Finish, when you’re sure that you’ve chosen exactly the part of the that you need.

The clip will be saved as a new, which can then be shared with friends, but without extra frames.