iPhone freezes and doesn’t turn on what to do

Iphone shuts down in freezing temperatures: why does this happen?

With the onset of freezing weather the number of users’ complaints about the improper operation of iPhones smartphones has increased. According to users, at subzero temperatures the mobile devices are discharged much faster than usual, or suddenly shut down. Why does it happen??

Why iPhones don’t work in the cold?

First you need to figure out what causes the gadget to malfunction or shut down at low temperatures. All the problems lie in the lithium-ion batteries of smartphones. When the temperature drops below zero (and sometimes at 5 degrees), the ions in the battery lose their basic properties. It affects their internal resistance, which increases, causing the capacity to lose quickly.

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It is the temporary loss of capacity at low temperatures that causes the iPhone to shut down, even if you have charged it to full power before. Iphone cannot physically continue to function because the lithium-ion battery does not deliver enough current to do so.

Causes of malfunction

Connect iPhone to iTunes in recovery mode

If the iPhone does not respond to charging or a “hard” reset, it is necessary to put it into the recovery mode. Here we should note right away that the iPhone recovery itself may not be necessary. First things first.

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The first thing you should do is try to restore iPhone back to working condition without any kind of repair. This method has saved thousands of iPhones without deleting data, which implies restoration. So it is strongly recommended to use it initially.

iphone, freezes, turn

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and start iTunes (Finder window in macOS Catalina).

Put iPhone into recovery mode. To do this:

Note: iPhone must be connected to computer via USB cable.

  • On iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and earlier models. Press the home and power buttons (the power button, located on the side or the top of the case) at the same time for about 20 seconds until the iTunes logo appears (the laptop logo in iOS 13).
  • On iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Press the volume down button and the Power button (side) at the same time and hold them down for about 20 seconds until the iTunes logo (laptop logo in iOS 13) appears.
  • On iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X and newer models. Press and immediately release the volume up button. Press and immediately release the volume down button. Then hold down the side button for about 20 seconds until the iTunes logo appears (the laptop logo in iOS 13).

In the iTunes window, click “Eject iPhone.”.

Perform a reboot of the iPhone. To do this, simply hold down the Power button (side button). You can also perform a forced reboot using the method described above.

This will allow your iPhone to turn on and work normally, without the need for recovery.

But what should you do if your iPhone is frozen??

The first thing to do is to ask someone who already has an iPhone and has encountered this problem. We’ve gathered input from users who have been able to struggle with this problem and here’s what we’ve got as a result. The most common way turned out to be the following:

1.It is necessary to remove the battery from the device, and then as with normal batteries, rub it, breathe on it, in a word raise the temperature of the battery above 0 degrees, because the optimum temperature for operation is between 0 and 35 degrees.

2.From the usual foam rubber or absorbent cotton make a thin layer so that was enough to wrap the battery, and then it could be in place. We put 1 more layer on top of the battery, but with the condition that it is possible to cover the back panel of the phone. Thus we make a simple insulation of the battery, which allows you to use it in harsher frosts.

3.Buy a phone case that is quite thick. This will allow you to create a small vacuum in which the temperature will be about 5-10 degrees.

4.Carry your phone in a jacket ! As a rule, the temperature in the s is about 5-10 degrees, which allows you to use the phone at any time of year.

5.Try to insert the sim of your friend or girlfriend, it is often problems with old sims. It is very likely that the old SIM is not as good as the new one.

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Here are all the tips that will solve the problem once and for all: “Frozen iPhone, what to do?”! Finally I would like to say that we live in a large and beautiful country, where the climate is probably not suitable for the use of modern iPhones, unless you count indoor operation. But, as practice has shown, nowhere except indoors you can use it in the winter. The only thing I can add, this is not the first device that behaves like a cranky child. So, next time it is best to refuse to buy expensive things that use a lithium-ion battery.

Causes of failure

The performance of a complex device depends on many factors. Even a minor problem in hardware or software affects the performance of a smartphone. It is important to correctly identify the reason why the iPhone 6 does not turn on, and the article will help in this. Let’s start with the most common.

Iphone does not turn on after a fall

The absence of external signs of damage (chips, cracks on the screen or body) does not mean that the fall passed without consequences. Internal damage to the backlight layer of the screen, connector contacts or fasteners is not less common. So in the case if iPhone 6 does not charge and does not turn on immediately after a fall or a hard blow, it is better to go immediately to the service center for a complete diagnosis of the device.

Problems with the battery

When the age of the battery reaches two to three years, the destruction of internal battery cells accelerates and the battery begins to rapidly lose charge, and then finally fails. Similar symptoms occur due to failure of the power controller, but in such cases the process is much faster, while the battery loses functionality for a long time. Also, a battery failure is indicated by the strong heating of the back of the phone in the area of the battery.

Hardware problems with iPhone 6

The “hardware” of the smartphone can break without any significant reason in the form of impact or fall. Just from the age of. Contacts are gradually thinning and breaking, wires are being cut. The humid air gradually “burns out” the conductive tracks on the motherboard. It is possible to enumerate the internal elements and possible causes of their failure for a long time. The verdict is that only a service center can properly diagnose and determine why the iPhone 6 does not turn on.

Software bugs iPhone 6/6S

Software failures are the easiest to fix. If an application or the operating system hangs, in most cases a hard reset helps. Press the power and Home buttons for 15. 20 seconds. Do not release the keys after turning off the smartphone, and continue to hold them until the Apple logo appears and iOS starts loading. If rebooting did not help and your phone does not turn on or hangs on the boot stage, then restore from your backup copy. A detailed description of the procedure is given at the end of the article.

Frostbite of the device

Apple smartphones are known to be sensitive to cold, refusing to work sometimes even in minimal freezing temperatures. Temperatures near freezing increase the internal resistance of the lithium-ion battery and temporarily lose capacity. The iPhone‘s thin shell is made of aluminum, which has a higher thermal conductivity than plastic. That’s why other companies’ plastic smartphones with the same type of battery are much better able to withstand the cold.

If the smartphone is “frozen”, in most cases warming up the device will help. Put the phone in a warm, dry place and connect the charger to it. Depending on the degree of “frostbite” it will take up to 15. 20 minutes for the phone to stay in such conditions. If the device does not come to life after the specified time, then try turning it on by powering it on or performing a “hard reset.

Freezing loading screen

Another frequent problem is a failure at the stage of loading the operating system. It freezes when you turn on your phone. The screen remains black or the Apple logo lights up, but then either nothing happens or the device shuts down after a while. This often happens especially after updating the firmware of the smartphone, or if the process was interrupted by an error. If this happens it will help to rollback to the latest working version via iTunes.

Problems with jailbreaking

To gain full control of the operating system, many owners jailbreak (or hack) a device. A special program bypasses iOS protection and removes restrictions, allowing you to manage system settings, install third-party firmware and uncertified programs from alternative stores. In this case you are much more likely to get problems with loading or unstable operation of your smartphone. Often the only solution is a complete reset to factory settings with the return to the original firmware.

Temperature change

Exposure to low or high temperatures is extremely detrimental to the operation of the iPhone.

    If the phone was exposed to direct sunlight, for example, or was charging under a pillow with no access to cooling, it could react by suddenly shutting down and displaying a message that the gadget needs cooling.

Damage to the charging module

The charging module is the intermediary between the battery and the main board, it also distributes power to all the parts of the device that require it. You can replace the power controller yourself by purchasing the necessary spare part for your Apple model, but it is better to take your gadget to the service in order not to make the situation worse, in case of incorrect repair. After all, a specialist will quickly identify all the problems associated with the repair.

Repair iTunes (data loss)

If the solution suggested in the previous part of the article proves to be ineffective, it means that there are more serious problems with iOS. You can fix them using the “Deep Repair” feature of Tenorshare ReiBoot, but it’s important to keep in mind that this will result in the loss of all personal data stored in the iPhone memory.

iphone, freezes, turn

    Repeat steps.2 of the previous instructions, but this time check the second tile and click the “Deep Repair” button.

All data and settings will be deleted, so the phone will need to be set up as a new one by logging into your Apple ID.