iPhone fell in water sensor doesn’t work

Who had a wet iPhone phone, go to.

Today in the bag spilled half a bottle of water, I can not figure out how. There was a phone in the outside The water seeped in there as well! I took it out, wiped it with a handkerchief and put it in my At first my sensor was glitchy, then I noticed drops under the camera and the phone doesn‘t see the SIM card. It’s an Apple phone, so I can’t make out the phone. The only thing I did and it got better was to take the SIM card out and not put it in yet, let it dry there. Has anyone experienced this?

I got wet, or rather plunged into the toilet, fished it out, dried it, at first it seemed normal.It worked, but after a couple of weeks, it malfunctioned and died completely. I had to buy a new one.

I had water on the screen and on the home button, a couple of hours it did not respond to anything, then the phone dried out and everything is ok.

Do not touch the phone for a week, do not try to turn it on, let it dry well. I know, that’s how phones come back to life, but again, don’t try to turn it on!

And put it in the rice for all that time. It absorbs moisture well.

I support guests 3 and 4. Dropped the phone in the toilet, took it out, wiped it down. Tried to call on it right away. You shouldn’t have. Then I turned it off, put it in a bag with rice for 5 hours and did not touch it for a week. It’s been three months, all is well.

It got wet, or rather plunged into the toilet, I fished it out, dried it, at first it seemed normal.It worked, but after a couple of weeks it malfunctioned and died completely I had to buy a new one.

Yeah, I had one that fell down the toilet and died too.

I dropped my phone in water, immediately took it out and dismantled as much as possible, took everything off and put it out to dry. It took a couple of days, it seemed to dry out, reassembled, it seemed to work. But it started to malfunction periodically, for example, does not see the SIM card.I took everything apart, wiped it down with alcohol, dried it, put it back together. It worked for a while but then the bugs got worse, like it freezes on incoming calls.I had to throw out (((

My friend’s phone fell into a dog bowl of water the other day, from her words tbt works, does not glitch. Mine only accidentally fell a couple of times on the floor, and on the tiles in the toilet, whether his hand was slippery from the cream, a little edge bent, but otherwise all ok. The author will be glitchy and stupid. Buy a new one, and this for parts.

God, women are such rice. What are you talking about?!? Electrocorrosion. High school physics class.The way modern phones are designed. That a drop of water kills the phone. Iphone battery has 4 volts. And then I put water in it. It’ll rot in one hour.Lady, dear, hurry up and take your drowned child to the service center, but rather replace the display module you are guaranteed

The waterproof “iPhone” gets water. How is that possible??

Yes, it does happen. For example, when dropped into a puddle on the asphalt, into the toilet, sink, bathtub, etc. Iphone fell into the water and due to its gravity further hit the hard surface, the body was damaged (the slightest displacement of gaps between the cover and the screen is enough) and thereby the sealing was broken.

The sealing seams between the case and the lid are damaged, there are gaps and looseness in the trays. The seals come off, the moisture goes in.

After faulty repairs (e.G. Replacement of the battery, screen or internal components) or even if the sealant is poorly applied or the gaskets are not completely closed. Service centers often make mistakes or even do not apply sealant at all (they put old jammed sealant). There are a lot of such reports, even on the official Apple forum.

The problems after getting water on iPhone are most often not serious. Sometimes go away on their own with time. But it’s best to keep the situation under proper control and show care.

How to determine if there is water inside your iPhone:

  • Blurry photos (either the camera lens itself got wet, or moisture got under the glass in the lid/front panel if you’re talking about the front)
  • Sound is gone (no sound at all, or has obvious distortions, maybe it just got quieter);
  • Cloudy screen (haze/fog has formed, or you can even see drops);
  • Touch screen is glitchy (doesn‘t work or works too fast, sometimes it just doesn‘t respond);
  • Stopped charging (most often just a message about a wet port, sometimes without the message the charging port seems to be out of order, or just not working fast charging).

If you observe similar symptoms, turn off your iPhone as soon as possible! Better hurry before it gets more wet and runs out of power. Wait about two days until it finally dries out.

Don’t put a wet iPhone in rice. It’s useless! Myth dispelled more than five years ago [source].

In some cases, the water can’t turn your iPhone on or work (it might not even have fallen into the water, but was just exposed to high humidity). Even if it was waterproof, such as the iPhone 12 IP68 (6. Dustproof up to six hours and 8. Moisture protection to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes).

A summary table of the degree of protection against liquid in the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X. Shooting underwater and what the device is afraid of?

You can read more about what IP67 is on Wikipedia. In case you do not have time to read the whole article, we will try to tell you briefly. The presence of the standard IP67 on the Apple iPhone suggests that it can be immersed (briefly) to a depth of 1 meter.

And so, in case you accidentally drop your iPhone 7 series and above into water, to a depth of one meter, there will be nothing wrong with it. Based on the summary table and the official information on cleaning the device from the site Apple, it is enough to wipe the gadget with a soft, lint-free cloth. In case you are not the lucky owner of the iPhone series mentioned above, try to read our instructions to the end.

Dry and wipe the device externally

First things first. After the iPhone has fallen into water and you have pulled it out of the water, it must never be plugged in.

If your beloved device fell into the water while it was being charged, carefully disconnect it. Do not turn your iPhone on, as it may cause a short circuit.

If you have your iPhone in a wet case, take it off right away. Remove the SIM card. It also doesn‘t hurt to remove the battery (but only suitable for users who are willing to void the warranty). The steps described will help you reduce the number of areas where moisture can remain. This will reduce the risk of damaging key components.

Thoroughly wipe all the elements you can reach. Turn your iPhone upside down and then shake it slightly. This is to clean the ports.

Turning off the gadget

It is important for you to make sure that any operations involving electricity are interrupted. And all because after the iPhone has fallen into water, any contact of electricity with the liquid will lead to short circuits (the cause of faults that can manifest after some time).

If the iPhone is turned off, leave it in this state. Never turn it on to see if it is working. All this is because otherwise the device may only start functioning for a short time. Then it will fail just because you tried to turn it on.

Anyway, the vast majority of water contact happens when iPhones are on or in sleep mode.

You have two evils to choose from: to turn off your device (but in this case it will come out of hibernation mode for a moment) or to leave your iPhone in sleep mode, hoping that you will not receive any notifications.

The decision is up to you. In our opinion, it is best to wake up the iPhone for a while to turn it off completely afterwards.

If your gadget was in air mode at the time of contact with water, and you are convinced that nothing will cause your iPhone to turn on in the next 48 hours, leave everything in place.

HOW to Fix WATER DAMAGE- iPhone 5,5s,6,6s,7,8 PLUS

If your iPhone has a lot of water in it after dropping it into liquid. Silica gel will help

Bags of silica gel often come with various electronic components. This is especially true for products that come from countries with humid climates.

It is important that the entire surface of your iPhone or iPad is covered with silica gel. It can be purchased at service centers and departments where handbags are sold. It is quite possible that you will be allowed to take a few pouches out of the inside s of your bags.

The risk of clogging in the described case will be less than in the case of rice. Drying will also be more effective. Iphone should be kept in silica gel for the same 48 hours.

Drying iPhone with Rice at Home

If you do not have bags with silica gel on hand, you can use this tip. We need to get as much moisture out as possible. Don’t be tempted to use a hair dryer or something similar when wondering how to dry your iPhone. The thing is that the pressure of warm air can damage the internal components of your gadget.

By the way, some iPhone owners argue that in such cases you can use devices that give a head of cold air. For example, the use of a compressor to inflate the tire in the car. In general, they can come in handy in solving the problem of drying your iPhone at home. Although, in our opinion, the techniques described below are much more effective. Such as this compressor, which is shown in the photo.

So, you will need a desiccant. Many people have boundless faith in the power of raw rice. According to their opinion iPhone or iPad should spend in a container of rice for about 48 hours.

Yes, rice does absorb moisture effectively. Over, this product can be found in one quantity or another in every home.

However, this method has its disadvantages. The thing is that during drying in the ports of your device can clog. Be Careful. Attention! Do not use a hair dryer.

Disassembling iPhone or iPad

If you are confident that you are able to fix your favorite device yourself, get down to business (you will need a special screwdriver, which can be purchased from the manufacturers of such accessories). In fact, to disassemble the device does not require special skills and knowledge. You will only have to read the video below.

Note that such an operation will most likely void any warranty. It is also important to remember that the repair with your own hands can cause additional damage to your iPhone.

iphone, fell, water, sensor, doesn

Either way: the most effective way to dry your iPhone is to completely disassemble it.

When drying the internal surfaces use a soft dry cloth. Do not make any sudden movements. Careful handling is important at this point.

The presented approach cannot be considered ideal. However, in some situations it is the only way to save the situation. If the warranty on your gadget has expired, and if other methods do not work, then you simply have nothing to lose.

What to do if you spilled your iPhone

If you sink your iPhone or iPad, the first thing to do is to turn it off. With the right skills you can try to disassemble it and very carefully disconnect the battery to avoid damaging it. Well then in any case you need to go straight to the service center, where they will conduct diagnostics, clean up, replace the damaged elements, and you can safely use your iPhone like before.

And yes. Under no circumstances put the device on the battery, do not dry it with a hair dryer and do not put it on a charger. This can severely damage it.

Is there a warranty on refurbished devices?

There is no warranty for your device after a liquid spill. Only for replaced parts. The thing is that the board is quite large, and when restoring it it is physically impossible to lift up and look under every element and chip. At the time the initial repair was done, only the components that were replaced were not working on the board. But there is no guarantee that some neighboring element will not fail over time.

Step-by-step instructions for what to do if your iPhone falls into water

As soon as your smartphone was flooded or dropped into water, start to act:

  • Get it out of the water as quickly as possible.
  • Turn off the device with the power button.
  • Remove the cover or tread, if these accessories have been used. Often you even need to remove the protective film, as under it may remain a drop of moisture. If you have installed a special hard screen on the display, then leave it to the craftsmen at the service center to remove it.
  • Use a soft towel or paper towels to wipe your smartphone.
  • Use a cocktail straw to remove water from all openings. It should be simply pulled out of them.
  • Open the compartment under the SIM card and pull it out. There are moisture indicators in this compartment (iPhone 5 and 6), you can use them to tell how badly the phone has been damaged. If you have a 3GS, 4, or 4S, the indicators are in the headphone jack and dock connector. If the indicators are red, you have water inside. You should also pay attention to these indicators if you are buying a device out of hand.

In most instructions recommend as soon as possible to contact the service center, it is reasonable, because the battery is inside the device and a small part of the power still goes to the chip. Do not do without a visit to the repairmen when you have completely drowned your smartphone.

If you accidentally knocked over a glass of water on the device, you can not immediately go to the service center, but try to do otherwise:

iphone, fell, water, sensor, doesn

If the indicators of moisture have not changed color, then after a day and after all the steps you can try to turn on the device. This can be done in order to copy the information to the cloud storage. If in the process of testing the device you discovered the incorrect operation of its individual modules, it is worth to disconnect the power and immediately contact the service center.

Remove the moisture

The good news is that once you’ve flooded and disconnected your phone, it’s best to run to the nearest service center for cleaning and drying. While looking for the nearest center you can wipe off excess water. As a rule it accumulates in the headphone jacks, charging jacks and the speaker.

Dry the smartphone

Unfortunately, the iPhone is not an apricot. After drying in the sun kurahaga will not work. Wipe the connectors and take the phone to the service center for professional drying.

The step-by-step instructions on what to do if the phone fell into the water and doesn’t turn on

If the phone has fallen into water, it must be dried as soon as possible. Only then can it be saved. You will not be confused thanks to the following instructions:

  • Take your phone out of the water and disconnect it immediately. If you don’t disconnect the power, it could short out. If the device was on charge and at this point fell into the water, you must de-energize the apartment before removing it.
  • Wipe the phone with paper towels or a soft cloth.
  • If the back panel is removable, remove the battery, headphones, memory card, and SIM card. If the battery is not removable, then there will be fewer chances to repair the phone, as the microchips fail in the presence of a power source.
  • Modern phones have an indicator light under the battery that turns pink if the device is damaged by moisture. You can make a preliminary assessment of the damage by. All accessories removed from the phone should also be wiped and placed on paper towels to dry.
  • Remove the screen protector, as it prevents moisture from escaping through the gaps in the display, and a thin layer of liquid may remain underneath.
  • Gently wipe the outside of the phone. Immediately after taking the device out of the water do not recommend shaking it, because this procedure can get moisture on the microchips. If you have on hand alcohol wipes, you can use them. Then moisture will evaporate from the surface of the phone faster.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner handy, you can use it to clean all the gaps thoroughly. Blowing should be carried out for 20 minutes. It is important during this procedure not to bring the hose close to the phone, as well as preliminarily remove all moisture from its surface.
  • After the preliminary moisture removal you need to place the phone for the final drying. It is better to put it in a container filled with raw rice or silica gel. Leave the phone in a container with this substance for several hours, preferably overnight or overnight.
  • While drying the device in the container, it is recommended that it be turned over regularly. It’s better to check the condition of the device every hour, if there is moisture on its surface remove it with a soft napkin and then bury the phone in the rice again.

If your phone has fallen into water, how to save it when you don’t have rice or silica gel on hand? Roll up a soft cloth several times and place the phone on it. In this case it is better to dry it on the window sill.

Repairing iPhone after a flood

After examining the gadget, the engineer opened the device. The red LED indicates the ingress of liquid, in the normal state it is white.

If the LED color has changed from white to red, it means there was contact with water

My iPhone Got Wet! How To Fix iPhone Water Damage.

Then the specialist dismantled the motherboard and connected it to a laboratory power supply (LBP). The problem with power consumption was detected.

After the flooding, there was a problem with power consumption in the primary circuit, i.E., there was a cyclic reset during startup

One of the features of the iPhone X and newer Apple smartphones, the motherboard of this device is a single structure consisting of two separate parts, soldered together as a sandwich. The upper part has the main elements. The processor, memory, power controller, and so on, while the lower part has the radio part, where the modem and all the components responsible for making the iPhone connect to the network are located. The engineer split the board in two to fix the power problem.

You can see the traces of corrosion on the board

The upper half of the board does not consume anything

Checking the underside of the board for primary circuit power consumption

Then with the help of freezing the engineer searches for increased heat to determine the failed element.

In this case the sound amplifier in iPhone X is broken. To fix the problem, the specialist dismantles the damaged element and installs a new one.

You need to replace the defective part

As the “sandwich” of board is soldered by low-temperature solder, it is soldered on heating without using a heat gun. That way local overheating can be avoided by evenly heating the board.

After soldering, the board is checked again with the LBP without peripherals. To check the power consumption.

The board starts with normal power consumption

After putting the board back in the case, reconnect the phone from the power supply.

In addition, the specialist has replaced the vibration motor, which is also out of order.

The engineer reassembles it in the reverse order and puts on the security seal

Also replaced the moisture sensor, the screen is miraculously intact

Then a specialist carries out the assembly of the device. Now it can be used again. This iPhone was repaired here. But of course it’s better to keep your iPhone out of the water. If your iPhone is really important to you, just do not take it with you in the bath or swimming pool. Those few sweet minutes are hardly worth going through all the aforementioned unpleasant procedures. However, if this could not be avoided, specialists from Apple Pro will make free diagnostics of the gadget, iPhone service and replace the part as quickly as possible at an affordable cost. Have you ever had an iPhone that got soaked in water before? Take the survey below. Find out how much this problem.

Many have heard that it is better to use only original Apple chargers. This is an exaggeration and you can buy third-party accessories. But some are best avoided.

Android was not such a bad platform. And with the new restrictions imposed on users of iOS, Google’s mobile operating system has turned into an island of freedom and stability. After all, only here there are banking applications, contactless payment and many of the things that the iPhone is no longer

The screen of a modern phone is protected from everything Except aggressive media. For example, alcohol and other solvents. We’ll tell you why you can’t wipe the screen with it and what will happen if you don’t listen to this advice.

After water damage, the iPhone usually turns into a new iPhone (preferably a fresh model) ,