iPhone dropped in the snow and no sound

iphone, dropped, snow, sound

What to do when iPhone fell in the snow

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iPhone dropped in the snow, the speaker does not work. A typical situation for owners of Apple equipment, who like to talk on the street. Unlike Sony, Apple makes high-tech but water-resistant gadgets. After the penetration of liquid there are damages: phones turn on and off by themselves, the sound doesn’t work in speakers, there are lines on the screens, etc.

If the phone falls and moisture gets inside the speakers, you can’t operate it like before. If you dropped your iPhone in a puddle or snow, spilled tea, coffee or juice on it, you should definitely turn off the device and take emergency measures, wait for it to dry out completely and prevent corrosion of internal parts:

Do not underestimate the situation if, at first glance, the iPhone fell into a snow drift without negative consequences. Most users have lost sound, spots on the screen and communication problems only after a few months since the fall of the phone.

First Aid: What you can do yourself

Once the iPhone has fallen and water has entered it. Immediately use the following recommendations.

  • Get the device out of the water or snow quickly, try to prevent problems.
  • Wipe the device with a dry, soft cloth on all sides: make sure that there is no excess moisture on the housing.
  • Turn off your iPhone to avoid additional problems: it must not be powered while the chips and pins are flooded.
  • Take out the SIM card: it may be severely damaged by the water, the only way out is to replace it.
  • If possible, gently remove moisture from the outside of the speaker. This also applies to the cable and headphone jack (in older models).
  • If you see drops of liquid in the shallow connectors. Gently tilt the iPhone in the direction of the leakage. You can’t shake it too vigorously. К. Fluid can spread throughout the device.

Iphone 6s no sound DONE

If your iPhone is dropped in water and the speaker does not work for a long time. Urgently contact a service center to a good technician.

There are situations when the smartphone suffers from moisture after a brief stay in a shallow depth (e.G., dropped in a puddle). And the speaker starts working after a couple of hours. There are fewer reasons to worry. If there is still no sound, don’t put off a visit to a repair shop.

The smartphone fell in the snow and does not work sound. What to do

Once the iPhone has fallen into water or wet snow, you must immediately turn off the device (if it did not automatically shut down when it fell). When you drop your iPhone, you can’t check it:

Do not turn on a wet gadget. Then there is a chance that damage to speakers and other components will be minimal. If the speakers do not work on iPhones, the repair will not cost much. And to change the display module or the motherboard, damaged by the snow, you will have to pay a large sum of money.

The surest way to save the internal parts if you dropped your iPhone, is to promptly take it to an authorized service center or a qualified specialist in repairing Apple. If you are carrying an iPhone that was found in the snow, make sure you don’t accidentally turn it on. In this case, refrain from using a towel: the humidity inside the iPhone will increase and the situation will only get worse.

What to do if your iPhone fell in the snow and the service center does not work, or you decide to go there the next day:

  • Most importantly, turn it off and do not turn it on (unfortunately, in iPhones you can not remove the battery. A high probability that the device will not work properly, for example, the sound disappears)
  • Remove covers, bumpers and other accessories, remove film and glass from the screen if it gets wet
  • Wipe the surface from snow and water drops, dry the connectors with a cotton swab (dirt in the sockets is the main reason why the speakers on iPhones do not work and the sound disappears)
  • Put the device in a container with raw (by no means cooked) rice. Groats are highly hygroscopic and work as a silica gel filler
  • Close the container and leave it for 24 hours
  • Remove the iPhone, remove the jammed grits from the connectors

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Do not be under any illusions that the rice has removed all the moisture and restored the iPhone. As a rule, the gadget begins to malfunction (sound is lost, there are problems with the screen) only a few weeks after the iPhone fell in the snow. Even if you think that the cause of the failure is fixed, you need to take your iPhone to a service center or call an experienced technician for diagnosis.

What to do if the phone thinks that I am in headphones?

The optimal solution in this case is to simply restart the phone. If the problem was a system glitch, after rebooting the indicator light will turn off by itself. If there is a serious system failure and rebooting does not help, then you will need to reset your smartphone to the factory settings.

No sound during an iPhone call? The failure is related to the hearing speaker or antenna, which failed as a result of impact or moisture penetration. Come to PlanetIPhone service center for free diagnostics or call a master at home.

What not to do if your iPhone has been dropped into water?

Whatever advice “pseudo-experts” give on thematic forums, when iPhone is flooded you should by no means do the following things:

iphone, dropped, snow, sound
  • Using a hair dryer to dry your iPhone. Yes, a stream of warm air will accelerate the evaporation of moisture, but at the same time will contribute to the destruction of internal components.
  • Wrap the iPhone in towels. “Wrapping” the gadget will only cause the humidity inside the case to increase. Hence pushing the iPhone to death.

Leaving your smartphone in a container of rice for 24 hours is also not a good way. Rice is an excellent absorber of moisture. There is no doubt that grits will rid the iPhone of residual liquid. However, rice will not be able to remove crystals of salts and minerals, which have already been deposited on the elements of the device. Hence, the oxidation reaction will not be prevented.

Over, if you take your iPhone out of the rice you will find that all the holes are clogged with grits. If you still decide to take your gadget to a repair shop after using this “folk method”, be sure that you will be remembered with foul language more than once.

Why the iPhone thinks I’m wearing headphones?

The most common causes are moisture, oxides and dust clogging Wear the phone in your dust clogged. Iphone thinks the dirt is the headphones. Fortunately, the defect is easy to fix: Take a piece of paper, a match, a toothpick, a cotton swab, etc.

iphone, dropped, snow, sound

The volume mode is displayed in the form of a floating window with a bell (or speaker), when you connect or disconnect the headphones from the iPhone The causes of failure in the volume modes can be several. Dirt, dust, water, excessive moisture getting into the connectors, and finally, mechanical damage.

What to do if I drowned the phone and it does not turn on?

Get it out and dry If your smartphone has fallen into water, you must take it out, put it on a dry surface and remove the cover, this will allow the moisture to evaporate quickly. If the phone has been turned on, it should be turned off. Be sure to remove the removable battery and leave it to dry for at least 48 hours.

What to do if you dropped your phone in water with a non-removable battery?

What to do if your iPhone fell in the snow and the service center does not work, or you decide to go there the next day: The most important thing. Turn off and do not turn on (unfortunately, iPhones can not remove the battery. A high probability that the device will not work properly, for example, the sound disappears)

Can you use your smartphone in freezing temperatures??

Regular phones function better than smartphones in freezing temperatures. Most recent cell phones should be able to function in temperatures between 40 and.10°. Apple’s iPhone temperature range is from 0 to 35°C, and the Nokia N9 stops working at 0°C.5°.

Most modern water-resistant smartphones meet IP68 degree of protection, which means that the device must easily withstand a half-hour dive to a depth of 1 meter.