IPhone download a backup from iCloud as. How to make a backup on a computer

How to restore iPhone from a backup on icloud

The phone from Apple iOS is not only a repository of different photos and correspondence, but also a tank for storing personal information and data. So that the user can save information, he needs to create backup copies regularly. Reserve copies are a kind of such tank that, with backup, can re.restore all data on the phone. The user can restore a backup on the iPhone both in the built.in tools of the company and proven third.party applications.

In order for the user to extract a backup after the restoration of factory data, a special software resolution was invented. iTunes. This is a server that must be downloaded through official sources and Apple stores. You can download it for free on any computer, both Windows and Mac.

If the user has created the application and its copy, then all the reserve data is stored not only on PC, iPad, but also in the ICLUD cloud.

Before starting the procedure, the user must necessarily charge the device so that the battery level is at least 25%. If you do not carry out such a manipulation, then soon the process of the millet will not be enough charge. Used to not fully restore information. You can do this in this way:

  • First you need to turn off in the smartphone settings such a item and a function as “find iPhone”. If the user performed deactivation, then he needs to look at the slider. It should be gray. With a working option, the phone will not appear on the PC screen;
  • After that, the user must connect the phone using the cable to the PC. There is a USB cable for this. You can not throw the data and make a backup without the use of wires;
  • Now it is worth starting the ITUNES application itself. A request appears in which it is necessary to confirm that the PC can be trusted;
  • Click on the menu that is responsible for managing the device. As a rule, in order to act, select an image of the phone. The button is located in the top panel to the left of everything;
  • Next, go to the data recovery section or in another way the developers called the “backup”. The page contains information on when this or that reserve copy was made. If archival files and data are not found, then the lines are not prescribed;
  • Click on the data recovery button. This key is located after the mode of creating a copy;
  • Now we choose an archive that will fall out of the information window. Indicate the date and name of the device;
  • Click on “restore”.

note! During the procedures, the phone itself will be rebooted, after which all settings will open. Enter data from the messenger and clouds, security and location. Now the device will appear that information that was restored.

As a rule, this application, together with the backup, also automatically restores all the data about the firmware. The speed of data recovery depends on their volume, as well as on how powerful the device.

How to restore the missing data from the backup of iTunes

If the user discovered that after the restoration, not all lost information was activated, then he can repeat the recovery. This means that in time the device was just a failure. The user must again attach the device to the computer. The order is exactly the same:

  • We connect the computer to the iPhone;
  • Now in the program we slip out onto the smartphone icon;
  • We find in the Backap section those data that I would like to restore;
  • Repeat the procedure.

note! Information should be contained, both in the program itself and in the cloud. The user should see if there are any lost data in storage facilities. If the user activated the copy in Mediacbine, then the archive is also loaded into the ICLOUD cloud.

Also, the absent data can be restored in a different way. As a rule, incorrect conservation and transmission are associated with the fact that the user has incorrectly created a backup or turned off automatic saving. In order not to recover information in the future, it is worth checking the iPhone settings:

  • Click on the cloud settings;
  • After that, under the inscription “Storage” we find a list of applications that are saved in the archive. If the user saw that the toggle switch is painted in green, then it means that all data under protection. If not, then you need to transfer them into an activated state;
  • We scroll through the programs. If there are those that are marked gray, then this means that the user misses the information from the application on time of the backup.

As clear from the explanation, it is simply necessary to translate some data into an active state so that there is no loss of data on time.

How to restore iPhone via isloud

ICLOUD is another storage, or rather a cloud, in which not only backup copies are stored, but also different photos. The cloud also contains files that were purchased in the official App Store store using Wi-Fi Internet. In order to restore data on the phone through the cloud, there is no need to install the program because the cloud was prescribed on the IPhone OS.

First you need to charge the gadget. There should be at least 25%on charging, otherwise the device will simply bend down during the procedure. The sequence of actions, as a rule, is as follows:

  • First you need to turn on the phone. It is necessary to adhere to what the assistant settings say;
  • Now it is worth approaching the step of the “Appendix”. It selects the item “ICLOD recovery”;
  • The next step: enter the username and password from our account;
  • After that, indicate the files and archives that are subject to restoration;
  • After the process is completed, the smartphone should be reloaded.

You can also restore the phone using a computer. The sequence is also simple:

  • Connecting the phone to PC, after something recognizes it as a removable carrier;
  • Now we open the official icloud page.com. Find the window from the Apple ID, enter the password and mail, enter the account;
  • We find all the folders that are on the account, using the command to “download” the data unloading into the phone system.

Also, all the information can simply be transferred from the iCloud window in the browser to the phone. We go to the settings section, we see the list of “additional”, after clicking “Restore files”, open the menu, select suitable archives. On will immediately transfer all the data.

How to restore the new iPhone and iPad from the icloud backup?

Make sure you have made a backup on the old iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to the settings menu. icloud. Storage and copies and click Create a copy. The process of creating a backup can take a certain time. be sure to wait for its end.

During the setting of the new iPhone or iPad, click on the “Restore ICloud” button. After that, you will need to enter the iCloud account to start recovery

Select the necessary (most often the last) backup and wait for the end of the recovery process from the backup

After the restoration is finished, you will immediately see the result. on the new iPhone or iPad all the data you are used to.

How to restore iPhone and iPad from the icloud backup?

Make sure you have made a fresh backup on the iPhone or iPad

Go to the settings menu. Basic. Reset and select “Wipe Content and Settings”. Confirm the reset of all data.

Attention! The reset implies by the removal of all applications, photos, videos, contacts and other data from the device. Make sure once again that you have made a backup correctly by transferring all the necessary data to the cloud storage for subsequent restoration.

After the device is rebooted, all the data will be erased from it, and you will be offered one of the IPhone or iPad recovery routes. Select the item Restore from a copy of iCloud and specify the last backup created

Confirm the recovery process and wait for the end of the process

In such a simple way, you can save your mobile device from many problems and stay with all the necessary data.

How to restore iPhone via iCloud

If the device has turned on the backup function through the cloud storage, then to restore data, follow the following actions:

  • Turn on the iPhone that needs to be restored and go to the “Settings” menu. Additionally, turn on the mobile data transfer or connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • In the “Basic” section, find and select “Update Po”. Verification of the availability of a new software version will begin. If necessary, load it.
  • Through the official icloud website, make sure there is a backup copy. After that, turn on the iPhone and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Find a line named account and go to the ICLOD tab. Here, select the “Storage”. “Repository Management” item. The list and parameters of the latest backups will be displayed.
  • Before starting data recovery, make a reset to factory settings. You can do this through the “Basic Settings” menu. Click on the “Wipe Content and Settings” button to completely delete user data.
  • Wait for the completion of the operation and complete the initial setting. In the “Appendix and Data” block, click on the “Restore” button.
  • From the list of proposed methods, select the “Reserve Copy in ICLOUD”. To do this, you need to enter the account.
  • From the list available, select the backup copy that you want to write down on a new device.

The download of user data on the iPhone will begin. If the system deleted an iPhone backup from iCloud, then you can try to restore files using the methods described below.

It is better to restore a backup from iTunes on a computer or “air” from ICLOD?

Let’s imagine the perfect situation. there is a backup copy of both iCloud and iTunes. A detailed instructions on creating backups of iPhone or iPad in iTunes and iCloud are posted on this page. Here we only briefly recall how this is done:

Reserve copies in iCloud can be included in the Settings section → → ICLOD → Reserve Copy in ICLOUD. Data will begin to save in a cloud via Wi-Fi with a device connected to the adapter in the waiting mode (at the moment when the user does not use the device). And since the backup will be stored on the Internet, it will have to be restored using the network.

Reserve copies of iTunes are created automatically or manually, after connecting the iPhone or iPad to the Windows or Mac computer with the installed iTunes program (you can download here). Click on the connected device icon, select the “Review” tab and click on the “Create a copy of now” button in it. ITUNES backups will be stored locally on a computer.

In most cases, the fresh the backup is, the better. For example, if you change your old iPhone to a new one, connect an old device to a computer with installed iTunes, make backup, and then restore data on a new device using the reserve copy that has just created.

Important! A backup copy stored in iTunes can be installed on a working (used) device (t.e. with available data, including photos, music, applications, etc.D.), while restoring a backup from iCloud is possible only on pure iPhone or iPad (new or reset to factory settings). Only in this case will access to the recovery option through the cloud appear.

How to restore iPhone through itunes

If before that you used iTunes to make a backup of data, you can transfer the received copy to the smartphone. Procedure:

  • Using the original USB cable (comes complete with the phone), connect the iPhone to PC or Mac. Launch the iTunes program. If necessary, load the distribution from the official Apple website.
  • Translate the mobile device in the emergency mode DFU (how to do this, read the instructions above). After that, a notification about the phone found will appear on the computer screen.
  • In the ITUNES program, go to the review tab. There will be information about the connected device, serial number. Holding “Shift” on the keyboard, click on the “Restore iPhone” button.
  • A warning will appear on the screen. Confirm the action and again agree to the operation.

How to get your iphone backup in your pc ||How to Backup iPhone, iPad, iPod with iTunes (PC & Mac)

After that, all the user data stored in the backup will be transferred to the smartphone. Sometimes errors may appear in the process. Therefore, we consider below the most popular problems that may arise.

Failed to restore the iPhone error 3194

Error 3194 When restoring the iPhone can appear for various reasons, most often due to the downed network parameters. Then the computer cannot connect to the Apple server and download the latest firmware version. How to fix:

  • On a computer with the Windows operating system, go to the System32 system folder and find the Drivers catalog here here.
  • Using the “Notepad” system utility, edit the Hosts file. To do this, click on it with the right mouse button and in the context menu, select “Open with”.
  • Find and delete the line in the file in which there is “GS.Apple.com “. IP address will be nearby, it must also be erased.

Save the changes made and reboot the computer. After that, try again to carry out the data recovery procedure.

How to restore icloud data

If you want to restore more data from iCloud, your iCloud account sties a good amount outside the background of icloud.

Select and view your account iCloud. If your iCloud account is added to the iPhone Backup Extractor, it will display your iCloud records in the left side of the application in the section “ICLOUD accounts”. Click on your iCloud account, and the application will be updated to show the summary information about your account.

iPhone Backup Extractor shows iCloud account details

Select iCloud data you want to restore. As soon as your iCloud account has been selected, the iPhone Backup Extractor will introduce you a viewing mode that allows you to download ICLUD photos from your library, Photo Stream or Contacts. These are datsources that are additional for data in the icloud backup.

You can choose any of these types of data in the view mode to automatically download it to your computer.

In addition, you can choose a “pre.viewing mode” in order to be able to view the contacts that are currently stored in iCloud and selectively view, extract and restore them.

Other approaches to access to icloud data

If you enter icloud.com, you will notice that you do not have access to all your files stored in iCloud. For example, even if you have chosen backing up your images, they are not visible there. The reason is that most of the files stored in the icloud backup can only be obtained by restoring your backup on the iOS device or by extracting them using the iPhone Backup Extractor.

icloud.COM can easily view or restore only a few types of data: files, contacts, calendar, reminder and bookmark iCloud. However, this is a convenient system, and although it does not give you much control, it is free.

Thus, Apple approaches to restoration or access to your data ICLOD Twoye:

Restore your backup iCloud wholesale your phone, overwriting everything on it. And look if there is a data you need. We do not recommend doing this, as it is impossible for many users who are lost or stolen by the device. It will also lead to the removal of all the data that are currently stored on the device, you can lose messages received to the last backup copy. Ouch!

Use ICLOD recovery function.COM to restore your contacts, calendar and reminder, bookmarks or ICLOD DRIVE files. This is the option “All or nothing” that will rewrite the data that is already in your account. Their options look like this:

ICLOUD DRIVE file recovery on icloud.com

ICLOUD Calendar Restoration, Apple Way

Restoration of bookmarks via icloud.com

Return to an earlier contact library

You can also try to restore the photo by moving to the “Photography” application on icloud.com. However, if you have a large ICLOUD photo library, bewilderment may appear on the site:

⚠️ The network is not available or slow. The photo is uploaded longer than expected.

In any case, there are better ways to restore photos. Check out our IOS photo restoration guide.

What makes the iPhone Backup Extractor approach special?

The iPhone Backup Extractor uses Reincubate iCloud data for its functionality iCloud. The API provides the iPhone Backup Extractor deep and safe access to icloud data.

The API has a wonderful reputation of the first system of its kind and is regularly the only system that can work with the latest version of iCloud. Reincubate and ICLOUD API were twice marked by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for outstanding innovations.

How to make an iPhone backup through iTunes

If you turned on backup through iTunes, then a copy of your device will automatically be saved every time you connect it to the computer. In addition, you can save copies in iTunes manually.

  • Connect your device to a computer using Lightning cable.
  • Launch the iTunes program.
  • Select the icon of your device in the upper left corner of the window.
  • In the lateral menu, select the review tab.
  • Select Create a copy now in the “backup and restoration manual recovery” section.
  • Click ready to finish.

Now you know how to create an iPhone backup in iCloud, as well as how to make a backup through iTunes. However, this is not all, because copies can be saved with the help of third.party programs.

How to create a backup iPhone and iPad using alternative applications

You could get used to the Android manual approach during synchronization and backup of data. Similar applications exist for iPhone with iPad.

Using a program like Imazing or Anytrans, you can export and import data such as music and photos at any time. You can also export separate chats from Imessage and save them using a third.party application. iTunes does not allow such things to do.

If you do not want to use iTunes and cannot save a backup in iCloud due to problems with the Internet connection, just buy one of these applications for about 30. Periodic stable backups of this are worth. In addition, these sophisticated applications offer what iTunes cannot. for example, export and import of individual chats in Imessage and WhatsApp, media export and much more.

How to download a backup copy from icloud

Reinstalling the system or buying a new computer for many owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is wrapped in the loss of backups of devices made by iTunes. Not everyone knows that in this case all the necessary information can be restored from a cloud copy, and it, like the backup, can be disassembled to separate files needed in a specific situation. In this instructions, we will consider the possibility of preserving and subsequent processing a backup of a mobile device running iOS from iCloud.

Data stored in the backup iCloud can be useful in a variety of situations. They will be especially useful if you do not have access to your computer on which reserve copies of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in iTunes are saved, or these copies were completely removed along with the installation of fresh Windows.

In addition, sometimes there is a need to pull out some specific data from a backup, for example, a pack of notes with saved recipes or a specific photo. In any of these cases, the procedure is the same.

Note: To download the backup icloud, Phone Password Breaker Professional was an ideal solution earlier. Unfortunately, recently, the free version of the program does not work.

How to download a backup copy from icloud

Launch the program and go to the Recover from ICloud Backup File menu

Wait for the list of list with reserve copies available for viewing and loading

Select the necessary backup and click download

Indicate the backup data that you want to view and download. The program allows you to stretch the most diverse data from photos, ending with notes and attached to WhatsApp files. After that, click Next

Wait until the backup files you specified will be processed (the process may take a lot of time)

After the processing is over, you will see a window with all the data loaded from iCloud. Select the necessary information or files and click Recover

In the window that opens, select the Recover to Computer item and specify the folder into which the files will be saved

In this simple way, you can disassemble the backup iCloud of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into pieces, choosing only the most necessary from it.

How to restore data from a backup on iPhone

We figured out the creation of backups, now we will analyze the no less important process of restoration of the iPhone and the iPad from them. The restoration of iOS devices from iCloud and iTunes is possible with their initial setting, or after completely discharge. At the same time, the user only needs to follow the steps of the starting management of the system. The choice of the type of recovery (or settings, if the device is new) must be done on the screen “IPhone Settings”.

It is quite obvious that if you previously created a backup in ICLOUD, then you should choose the item “Restore from a copy of iCloud”. All the same with a copy of iTunes, to restore it from which you will have to “restore from a copy of iTunes”, then connect the gadget to the computer and start iTunes.

Reserve copies can take up a lot of space, both in iCloud and on the computer. Backups that have become unnecessary, of course, need to be removed, freeing up a precious place. Fortunately, it is done very simply that in iCloud, in iTunes.

How to delete a backup iCloud

Go to the “Settings” menu → icloud.

Select “Storage” → “Management”.

What is stored in backups?

We have repeatedly advised to regularly create backups of data from our device in order to restore it at any time, and to once again show how important it is and efficiently. We list the main types of information that is stored in backups.

You must understand that there is information that is present in the device by default, that is, cloud services are not included here, but they will be automatically connected after recovery.

How To Restore iPhone From An iCloud Backup. Full Tutorial

And so, this is what the system will save in backups:

  • All messages, including from IMessage.
  • Complete information from each application and games.
  • User settings of a smartphone.
  • Video and photo materials.
  • The full order of all the tiles on the smartphone screen.
  • Information about all your purchases on iTunes and Apple Store.

About recovery methods

Now you can talk a little about how to restore the iPhone from the icloud backup. The methods proposed later are used by all users if necessary. They have no direct contraindications. This means that the effectiveness of data recovery is the same. With correct actions, the probability of success reaches 100%.

To date, the iPhone has restored data:

In both cases, the icloud service is involved. Of course, you can try to return remote information by using third.party programs. But this is far from the best choice.