Iphone Does Not Show Video – Solution

Iphone Does Not Show. Solution

IPhone Doesn’t Show. Solution

Problems playings on the iPhone result from operating system errors or incorrect browser settings. If there is no problem with the Internet connection and the iPhone doesn’t show the, follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

does not play in iOS

Often, users are faced with the inability to watch a after installing a third-party media player. The reason for unsuccessful playback is the lack of the necessary codecs.

A codec is a program that converts a format to one that the player supports. Without a software codec, mp4, mkv, avi file formats will not be read by the system. The codec is installed, like a regular program. It is downloaded from the App Store or from the manufacturer’s website. As a rule, in the player settings there is a button for loading additional components.

To play a previously downloaded to your phone without problems, use one of the following players:

  • AVPlayer. even supports formats that iTunes does not support. There is the ability to manage personalized gestures;
  • VLC. a free player with standard functionality, support for more than 20 formats and the possibility of password protection;
  • Infuse 3. supports the resumption of the moment of the last viewing, has a convenient interface and a large number of compatible audio and formats;
  • Playable is a player for mid-range mobile devices. Supported by all gadgets from Apple;
  • nPlayer. supports multi-touch gestures and plays 1080ps.

Please note that if you converted it using third-party programs or services before downloading the movie to your phone, the “Movie is damaged” error may appear on the iPhone. It is recommended that you convert using the iPod Converter utility.

Online not playing

Why doesn’t it show the on the iPhone online? If you are faced with the problem of playing in a browser, with a high probability the gadget used simply does not support Flash technology. Flash is a form of displaying graphic content on a web resource. Today, about 25% of sites work with it.

Apple’s smartphones and tablets do not work with Flash. To plays online, use a browser that supports HTML5. Movies from the Internet also need to be played using players that convert graphics to HTML5.

Remember! The Safari browser does not have an autoplay feature so that the user’s account is not charged for using the mobile network. To play the, you should press the “Play” button yourself.

Often a temporary error simply occurs in the system, so just restart the device to solve the problem:

  • Press the “Power” key and hold it for 5-7 seconds;
  • A reboot window will appear on the screen;
  • Move the slider to the right to activate the action.

If the does not play in the YouTube built-in application, try downloading the latest program updates, or simply uninstall and reinstall it. Perhaps the problem is on the hosting server, so you should check if the from YouTube works in the Safari browser.