Iphone Does Not Find Bluetooth

Iphone Does Not Find Bluetooth

In the article, I will consider the reasons why the iPhone does not find the Bluetooth device: headphones, a speaker, another phone, and more.

It should be borne in mind that the reasons for which there is no pairing or does not see the device may differ from the type of devices that you want to connect. So, if this is original Apple products (AirPods, HomePod, Apple Watch), then here are both software malfunctions and mechanical failures in the iPhone. If you take not original wireless headphones, a speaker, “smart watch” or a fitness tracker, then there is a high probability of incompatibility with Bluetooth standards, and here you need to read the device specification for compatibility with Apple products, as well as the model of your iPhone.

Often the following solution helps:

  1. Rebooting both the iPhone itself and the connected device.
  2. Reset the previous pairing of devices, if the connection worked previously, but now it doesn’t. Those. press “to forget” connection and connect again.
  3. In non-Apple devices, there may be a limit on the number of simultaneously connected devices. Try disabling one or 2 to free “cell” for your iPhone.

Next, consider the process of connecting Bluetooth devices to the iPhone, as well as “to forget” previous pairing and reset them.

Bluetooth setup on iPhone

Before buying any device, make sure that it is generally compatible with your iPhone model: headphones that work with 4S may not connect to 6 Plus. If there is no compatibility problem, proceed to configure the connection:

  1. Activate Bluetooth on the device you want to connect to the iPhone. Look in the instructions for how to do this. by pressing a special button, entering a password, etc.
  2. Open the settings on iPhone and go to the “Bluetooth” section. Slide the switch to the active position.

Scanning of the surrounding space will begin (the range of the technology is about 10 meters, it is better to place the devices nearby). If the device is not found, check that you have correctly turned on Bluetooth on it, and repeat the search.

To make sure that the accessory is connected, look at the status bar of the iPhone. If the Bluetooth icon is blue or white, then the device is connected and works correctly. If the icon is gray, then the accessory could not be found.


If the device is not detected by the iPhone, although you are sure that you turned on Bluetooth correctly, then try the following methods to resolve the problem:

  1. Turn the Bluetooth off and on again. First on the accessory, then on the iPhone.
  2. If the device used to connect correctly, then you can first forget it, and then reconnect. Go to your iPhone’s settings and go to the “Bluetooth” section. Find the accessory in the list of connected devices and click on the “i” button next to its name. Select Forget.
  • Try resetting the network settings on the iPhone (Settings. General. Reset. Reset Network Settings). The content will remain intact, but it’s better to create a backup before resetting.
  • If the problem persists after resetting the network settings, try resetting the system to the factory state. Go to the “Reset” section and select the reset mode of the settings or settings and content. In the second case, all information, including contacts and messages, will be deleted from the phone, so be sure to back up the data.

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