Iphone Does Not Charge From Original Charge

Iphone Does Not Charge From Original Charge

Replacing the battery on the iPhone is not a cheap operation: the “apple” gadgets are designed so that the average user simply can not change the battery themselves, so you will have to spend money not only on the battery itself, but also on the wizard. However, you should not rush to contact the service center: perhaps it is not a matter of battery wear, although the masters, of course, will not report this and will definitely “attribute” the most “expensive” problem.

Why iPhone doesn’t charge: common reasons

Common reasons why the iPhone refuses to charge are:

Clogged Lightning (30 Pin). Most often, lovers of carrying a smartphone to the beaches get stuck with this problem. the charging connector is clogged with sand and the plug cannot be located in the hole as it should. Not only sand is capable of damaging the connector. dust, fibers, and pieces of fabric accumulate in the trouser pockets. To solve the problem of clogging of the charging connector is simple: you need to clean the hole with a toothpick.

The main thing: do not use sharp metal objects, such as a needle, to clean the contacts.

USB port or outlet malfunction. Apple recommends recharging gadgets from sockets, not from USB-ports. the ports have a completely different purpose, namely information exchange. However, if you do not have enough power outlets in your room and you have to periodically recharge the gadget from the computer, you probably noticed that some of the PC ports simply do not charge the iPhone. The problem is the current strength: The USB port has only 0.5A output, while charging the iPhone is 1A. Therefore, the gadget always “refills” longer from the port. If the smartphone refuses to charge, try changing the USB port (usually 3-4 on PCs and laptops) or an outlet.

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Cable malfunction. The cable from the iPhone is quite fragile. if you bend it constantly, the outer braid will be broken very soon. “Bare” conductive cores inadvertently damaged are easy. If broken, buy a new one CERTIFIED cable. Please note that if you buy a Chinese accessory of dubious quality for 150-200 rubles, you risk throwing money away. Apple developers taught Lightning to “recognize” certified cables, so fake lovers can easily see this message on their iPhone 5:

Users of the iPhone 4th modification with a 30 Pin connector will not encounter such a message.

Component failure. With this problem, the direct road to the SC. One of three malfunctions is possible: connector module failure (elimination price. 500-800 rubles), power controller failure (1400 rubles), battery failure due to wear (the most “expensive” malfunction. you need to stock up 2500-3000 rubles). Approximate are given: of course, the cost of work and components will vary depending on the region of the Russian Federation. Tip: make sure that the work done is still in the SC. recharge the smartphone by at least 2%.

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What to do if iPhone stops charging: phased plan

If the gadget does not “feed” from the original charge, proceed as follows:

Step 1. Reboot your smartphone. This solution is so commonplace that, paradoxically, users often neglect it. A simple reboot can solve a lot of problems with the gadget.

Step 2. Check cord, charging unit, USB port, power outlet. Check, for example, the unit is quite simple: disconnect the cable from it and try to “energize” the gadget from USB. If there is a result, it is most likely a block, because the cable is working.

Step 3. Strip the charging connector. How and how to do this has already been mentioned earlier.

Step 4. Use Recovery Mode. Enter iPhone into recovery mode. Mode Recovery mode its efficiency is similar to a simple reboot, however, it copes better with technical problems (including the ability to help with charging problems).

note: after the iPhone disaster recovery, the settings are reset to the factory settings, so take care of the safety of important data beforehand.

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The gadget is entered into mode Recovery mode so: the user first turns off the iPhone, then clamps the “Home”And, finally, connects the smartphone to the PC with a cable. Such a picture on the screen testifies to being in recovery mode:

Exit from Recovery mode possible by long pressing on “Power“.

Step 5. Take the gadget to the SC, if none of the above measures helped. The iPhone needs a high-quality diagnosis and “surgical intervention.” Despite the high cost, waiting for a replacement battery or charging connector will not take more than half an hour of your time.


No matter how reliable and durable the manufacturer presents his product, the user needs to be prepared that one day he will still have to contact the SC. In the case of Apple technology, malfunctions of the charging connector and battery are among the most common. In order to avoid expensive repairs and not become a victim of an unscrupulous (or unskilled) master, it is recommended to take advantage of the offer of an increased warranty from the manufacturer AppleCare With this guarantee, you will be calm for a smartphone for 2-3 years.