Iphone Disconnected Connect To Itunes Without Computer

Iphone Disconnected Connect To iTunes Without Computer

IPhone is one of the most beloved smartphones at present. it is convenient, multi-functional, everything in it is optimized for the most convenient use.

However, sometimes it is able to bring its owner several unpleasant surprises, for example, such as more or less sudden blocking, accompanied by certain notifications.

One of them contains text. how to unlock the device when such a message appears is described in the article.


What kind of message is this, why does it appear, and what kind of semantic load does it actually carry?

Firstly, it should be mentioned that such a message is directly related to the protection of the device, which is very well organized on the iPhone.

The fact is that it is possible to set a password on the phone that protects your data from accidental or intentional encroachment by outsiders.

Such a system works very efficiently, but may be inconvenient, including for the user.

The principle of its operation is as follows. after several attempts to enter a password (and errors in it, respectively), the device is blocked and erases all data.

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Restoring this data is now possible only with the help of a backup copy, which is stored in Aityuns. for this reason, a notification that occurs during a lock recommends connecting to this system.

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How is it manifested?

In what cases does this warning occur?

It is associated with attempts to enter a password. if the user entered the password incorrectly when unlocking the device, the system will be blocked to ensure data security.

At the same time, this does not always happen.

If after the first minute is over, the user again dials the wrong password at least once, then the device will lock itself, this time permanently.

At the same time, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen, which is discussed in this article.

It is worth noting that such a problem became quite a little relevant and common, when the main button of the device began to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

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Now the device owner doesn’t need to remember and enter the password each time it is unlocked. the scanner on the button simply recognizes the user’s fingerprint and unlocks the smartphone automatically.

Since most of the locks were caused by the owners themselves, who forgot the password, with the advent of the fingerprint scanner, this problem almost disappeared.

However, it can still occur, for example, when trying to unlock a smartphone with gloves suitable for working with the sensor, when children use the phone uncontrolled, etc.

In any case, if the device is in the hands of its owner, then unlocking it will not take much time and will not be too complicated.


Despite the recommendations that the device gives, the reality is that you can unlock it not only with the help of Aityuns. there is at least one more way, besides this.

However, system recovery using the recommended method is the most convenient and simple.

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But the user can choose the optimal method for returning the device functionality to the device, from the two described below.

Using iTunes

It is important to understand that in fact this event is not an unlocking of a particular device, with access to the data stored on it.

This procedure, in essence, consists of two, related steps:

  • Full data reset and factory reset, with the removal of all information stored on the device;
  • Recovering data and device settings again, from a backup stored in iTunes.

At the same time, it is possible that not all settings will be restored in exactly the same form as they were before the lock, and it is likely that the device will have to be manually configured again.

Therefore, it is better to carefully enter the password. Although all the data stored on the device is usually restored in full.

Unlock algorithm

In order to unlock the device and restore data on it in this way, follow the algorithm below: