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TOP-5 correct ways to distinguish the iPhone from a Chinese fake

Hello! Buying an expensive device like iPhone, I always want to save money. Logical? Naturally. However, all official sellers often have approximately the same (recommended by Apple), which means that in order to buy cheaper, you have to contact little.Known stores or private ads.

And then an unpleasant surprise can expect us with you!

How To Check ANY iPhone Activation Date!!

After all, the joy of buying can be replaced by disappointment that the device will be the most natural Chinese fake. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and know the signs by which you can easily distinguish a real iPhone from the fake. What kind? Now we will find out. Go!

Important remark. Since the “Chinese” iPhone is a huge number, then there are also many signs by which they can also be recognized. It does not make sense to indicate all of them, I will give only those that are absolutely accurate (and most importantly. Quickly!) will help you determine fake iPhone.

Checking iPhone 11 before buying

Before buying or ordering IPhone 11 delivery, try to get more initial data from the seller. Even according to the information indicated on the box, you can learn a lot. In which country the smartphone was released, whether the device was activated, etc. D.

To check the iPhone by the model, just enter the number indicated on the box in a special field on one of the specialized sites (for example, iPhonefrom.Com). In addition to information about the country of manufacture, you will see whether the code corresponds to the name and color of the test apparatus. If these data do not coincide with reality (color, modification, etc. Differs. D.), that means you have a high.Quality fake iPhone 11 in your hands. In addition, you can check the country of production yourself, according to the letter combinations indicated after the numbers. Thus, you will not only find out where the iPhone was released, but you can also determine if it was “flooded” under a particular operator.

Blocked device

Each iPhone used is attached (or was attached) to a specific Apple id. When buying, make sure that the account is untied from the smartphone. Otherwise, there is always a chance that the phone will be blocked, and you cannot use it.

You can check the binding at the menu items:

It was used to check the device on the icloud website.COM, indicating the serial number or IMEI in the item “Checking the state of lock and activation”. Now this option has been removed.

In any case, if the Apple ID is tied to the device, ask the seller to untie the account and complete the full reset of the device. After that, it will be possible to configure the iPhone “like new” with binding already to your Apple id.


Knowing the IMEI devices, when checking the phone for originality, you should definitely use the IMEI online service.Info, which can provide a lot of interesting information about your gadget.


A third-party online service will break through the iPhone by serial number in exactly the same way as it is implemented on the Apple website. Over, somewhat more information about the device is provided here.

Sweeter or not?

Buying drowned smartphones is extremely dangerous. You do not know how he was dried after falling into the water. Perhaps the iPhone has been in the hands of adequate servicemen, or maybe he was simply put in rice. At the same time, the oxidation of the components is still ongoing, and the smartphone “moves horses” at any moment.

iphone, check, authenticity, serial

It’s a pity that this pops up only after opening the device. However, one marker is visible on the outside.

  • For the iPhone 5 and newer: Open the SIM card tray and look inside.
  • For others iPhone: Look at the 30-pin connector and at the head of the headphones.

Here you can see how the work marker in a particular iPhone model will look like. If there are no red dots in the designated places, then everything is in order, on this side the iPhone did not fill. Precisely, only the service center can clarify the situation.

How to check the iPhone 12 when buying from hand

Of course, when buying an iPhone check on the Apple website, there will be insufficient. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that there are no software locks and serviceability of all its functions.

“Broken” iPhone or “Neverlock”?

Since there are many devices tied to a particular communication operator on the market, there is a risk of “run into” the contract apparatus. It’s good if it is the “gray” iPhone 12, bought abroad and “broken” before sale. In this case, you buy the same new smartphone, only with an activation previously produced. Checking the IPhone serial number on the official website will show how many days you have left, so you can immediately decide whether to buy this device or not.

If the contract device was not subjected to a software “scrap”, then they could use it using a special adapter for SIM cards. Since such a method is not very convenient and does not guarantee stable work, such iPhone 12 are sold cheaper than Neverlock. In order to make sure that there is a binding to a specific cellular network, you need to install your “SIM card” in the slot and see in order to “set up” in the menu. “Basic”. “The Operator’s Operator (Operator” line) was indicated about this device).

iphone, check, authenticity, serial

To prevent a leakage of personal data when the smartphone is stolen or lost, all the latest generation iPhones are tied to Apple ID. Having connected to the iCloud service, the owner can remotely block the phone’s work, delete all the information or find out geolocation data. To use the device without restrictions, you must have access to the account of the previous owner. Otherwise, the iPhone 12 can be blocked at any time and after that it will be made only on spare parts.

So, if you see on the display the inscription “activation blocking”, and the seller cannot correctly fill the lines “Apple ID” and “password”, then consider that you spent time in vain. If the device turned on, without requiring identification and checking the iPhone by number was successful, then go to the “Settings” menu. “Apple ID”. “ICLOUD”. It should be checked here whether the “Find iPhone” feature is worth. If this mode is activated, ask the seller to turn it off. To turn off the search function, it will have to enter the password for Apple ID. Be sure to check for the search to be deactivated. There have been cases that after some time after the purchase, the seller blocked the device and demanded money in exchange for a password to the account.

It is best not to take risks and immediately drop the software to factory settings, and then perform a new activation with identification of the personal Apple ID and password. To do this, ask the seller to enter the password in the menu that appears when opening “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset” and click the “Wipe the Settings and Data” button.

Of course, when buying iPhone 12 in the secondary market, it is necessary to check the performance of all functions and the serviceability of the “iron”. About how to do this, read in other articles on our website.

How to check the iPhone components for originality

Download and install the 3utools application in the Windows operating system. The work will require the current version of iTunes and related drivers for the iPhone.

Run 3utools and connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable.

In the section more about the device, you can find a lot of useful information. There is data on the presence of a jailbreak, the number of battery charge cycles, the factory color of the model, the regional sales of the gadget, IMEI, serial number and other information.

The section is much more interesting to show the device on the device.

How to check apple iphone, ipad is genuine or fake and warranty status in free !!!!!!!

Here are collected data on the components of the device. You can compare factory data with actual and see which details were replaced.

The application displays: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GSM modules, main and front chambers, motherboard, battery, display, Touch ID or Face ID blocks. For most components, besides the serial number, the date of production will be available.

So you can immediately find out about the replacement of the main iPhone modules and assume approximate deadlines for repairing the device.

So in a minute you will receive a detailed report on the gland of the gadget and you can draw the appropriate conclusions.

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