IPhone can be found off and writes. Forced reboot

The iPhone, iPad or iPod stopped turning on? There is a solution!

Hi all! And you had such a situation. the iPhone turned off, and completely unexpectedly, and everything! Press the buttons. no reaction. Black screen. Everything is lost. Horror.

By the way, this often happened to the iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 7, although it pleases with stability, can still easily turn off and not turn on.

What to do and what to do in this situation? To begin with, do not panic and not rush to run “for repairs” (especially if this service center is not official). After all, it is likely to solve the problem on your own. You think this is impossible? You just didn’t try. Let’s start!

Let’s look at all the reasons why the iPhone does not turn on and how to make it loading and continues to delight you with its impeccable work.

iphone, found, forced, reboot

Check the charging of the device

Even if you completely charged it a couple of hours ago.

In some situations, energy goes very quickly. this can contribute to the dependent application, the game.

Often the iPhone turns off for no reason in the winter season (although, for example, the battery was filled more than half). The decision would be to connect to the network for a long time. Well, wait for about 30 minutes for sure, for prevention. If after this time the iPhone is not charged We read here what to do.

To start

Follow our instructions built on the principle of a simple solution to a complex. The manual is universal and is suitable for the iPhone of all models: 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, SE, SE 2, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS Max. XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max.

Connect to the charger

Perhaps the smartphone just lay without charging for a long time, for example, after a long non.use. the battery was completely discharged. Put the iPhone to charge for at least 15-20 minutes. Use original or high.quality accessories. Do not take it with a broken or broken cable. If everything is done correctly, the phone will show the battery indication with a minimum charge level.

You can try to turn on the device in 20-30 minutes. But most often, after complete discharge, the battery does not come to life and you have to change to a new one.

Make a “tough” reboot

Когда iPhone постоянно (циклически) перезагружается, горит или мигает яблоко, крутится кружок загрузки, можно попробовать привести девайс в рабочее состояние через принудительную перезагрузку.

This is a rough start that helps if the device slows down (dulls), dropping part of the errors in the iOS system. For different models, the discharge will be slightly different:

  • Before the 6s model: hold the Power button “Home” for about 7-10 seconds. As soon as the apple logo appears, you can release the keys.
  • For models of the 7th version: hold the “volume down” “Power”. We are waiting for the screen to go out, and an apple logo will appear. Now you can release the key.
  • For models from x (11, 12, 13 of the model) and higher: once press the “upward up” key, then press the “volume down”, then squeeze the “side button”. Wait for the darkening of the screen and the appearance of the Apple logo. We release the side key.

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The same advice works if the iPhone works in DFU mode. It is better to charge the phone in advance to at least 50-60 percent of the charge, and only then make a hard reboot from mechanical buttons.

Restore the phone using specialized

Very often, due to iOS failures, the iPhone turns on, but the screen remains black. At the same time, forced restart with mechanical buttons is useless. For software repairs and and? We recommend using Tenorshare Reiboot to use malfunctions.

  • Download and install Tenorshare Reiboot on a computer.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and start Reiboot. When the program automatically finds the iPhone, the main menu containing three available functions will appear on the screen. Select the option “Restore the operating system”.
  • On the main page, select “Start”.
  • You will get to the firmware loading page. From here, look at the desired path and click “Download”.
  • Wait for the successful completion of the load. This may take some time. After all loading the package with the firmware, press the “Restore now” button.
  • Wait a while until the process of installing a new version of iOS is completed. At this stage, your iPhone will automatically restart and load the working version of iOS.

After frost or severe heat

A temperature sensor is installed in the device, which works at a highly high or low temperature.

For the iPhone, this indicator is in the range from 45 ° C to.5 ° C. When this temperature is reached (for example, after frost), the emergency mode is turned on.

If the smartphone has overheated, the user will see the message: “The temperature is raised, cool the device”. iPhone will refuse to work until the equipment is cooled. With too low temperatures, the phone will simply turn off. Warm the device for 20-30 minutes at room temperature to re-start. If the iPhone does not turn on, it is likely that it died in it. Characteristic symptom. does not turn on after discharge.

Main reasons

Now we will analyze the more significant reasons that relate to the hardware of the device. It is worth immediately making a reservation that such breakdowns are almost unrealistic to fix at home. Only the replacement of the module will help the whole, and in the conditions of the service center.

You can repair complex electronic equipment yourself only if there are repair skills and special equipment.

Lightning connector is broken or clogged

The main power connector can fail for several reasons:

  • SRO, threads, dust and dirt in the nest. This situation can be often observed if the user wears a smartphone in clothing s or in a purse. A pile or small garbage is poured into the connector.
  • Dimper of the contact group. Such a breakdown is difficult to recognize at first sight. Most likely, the plug will be a little back in the nest if it is inserted to the charge.

Do a visual inspection. Check the state of the nest. Try to blow it up or clean it with a toothpick. Be careful. To prevent clogging, use special silicone plugs.

The battery is dead

One of the most common reasons for the sudden shutdown of the smartphone, both during the conversation and in the cold. There are several signs of “dying” battery:

  • The most obvious and dangerous. bloating, exfoliation of the display. I need an urgent battery replacement. Further operation of the gadget is dangerous!
  • The phone is sharply disconnected with the residue of the charge by 10%-30%. Most likely. The battery survives the last days.
  • iPhone rotten does not respond to touch and pressing buttons at a negative temperature below.1 ° C. This happens even on a battery loaded up to 100 percent.

Replacing the battery will cost the user about ₽3000- rubles8000, depending on the model. Such are given by official service centers. Private workshops can take a little less, but you can run into the original.

Another point associated with the battery is the effect of the “sleeping battery”. The most bowl is found if you leave the gadget for a long time without recharging. For example, for a period of more than 2-3 months. In this case, destructive processes at the chemical level begin in the lithium-ion battery. The battery sags up to 1-2 volts, which is critical for functioning. These indicators reads the charge controller. The chip blocks the recharge, saving the battery from damage (bloating, explosion, and other points), as well as protecting the electronic filling from voltage jumps.

To bring such a battery to senses, you will need to disassemble the device case. Pull out the power element, and push (recharge) the element using the universal charger of the “frog”.

This method allows you to revive the battery for a short time. However, this is a temporary measure that does not restore the battery to a normal state. It will still be required to replace the battery.

The power button has broken

The iPhone buttons look good for. The keys are made of aluminum, and practically do not scratch, and do not break. What can not be said about the spring mechanism that the actual press and close the circuit provides. This element can crumble from a blow or too much pressing. Sometimes the iPhone lives its own life, it suddenly turns off, then turns on. Another symptom. after the conversation, the black screen and the system does not respond to pressing.

If the button has stopped giving a tactile response, there is no characteristic click, pressing is sluggish, or there is a feeling that the fuse key is most likely a spring mechanism is broken. Changing the module at home is not recommended. It is better to give the device to the service center.

The temporary replacement of the mechanical inclusion key can be the virtual “Power”. Go to the “Settings”, then to the “main”. Here you need to find “universal access”. Activate “Assistive Touch”. Then place a virtual button in any convenient place on the display.

The charge controller burned out

The charge controller is a special microcircuit that is responsible for the correct recharging battery. The chip may fail for various reasons:

  • Connecting non.original or broken accessories. Do not use Chinese “noname” ZU and cables, as well as broken or broken wires.
  • Mechanical exposure. Strong blow, compression of the body.
  • The jump in the tension. This breakdown often occurs when charging from a car cigarette lighter using poor.quality charging.
  • Moisture. A short circuit occurs on the board due to moisture (for example, after falling into snow, bathroom, toilet) on the contact group.

Replacing this module will cost the user in ₽1500- rubles8000, depending on the model of the smartphone.

Malfunction of the motherboard

The main iron part of the device is the motherboard. On it, the processor, memory blocks and other important chipsets are soldered on it. If this component burns out, then the device simply “oxidizes” (stops turning on) or begins to randomly blink a white or red screen. There are different reasons for the breakdown of the motherboard:

  • Mechanical exposure. Strong blows, falling on the floor, twisting. all this leads to the formation of cracks in the textolite of the board. Motherboard fails.
  • Moisture getting into the body. Some contacts on the board have snapped.
  • Curve Repair. IPhone internal filling is known that it uses a large number of fasteners of different lengths. Some masters do not remember the location of the screws. They screw long bolts directly into the board, breaking it.
  • Burnout of individual components. For example, a memory chip or processor.

Repair of a board is an expensive pleasure. For example, on the morally outdated iPhone 6, the new motherboard will cost ₽3000- rubles5000, talk terribly about the new 11 and 12 models-30,000-50000.

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Fall or drowning

The usual fall or getting into the water can lead to a complete disconnection of the gadget. In some cases, electronics reads information from built.in sensors (moisture) and includes emergency mode. But most often breakdowns arise on internal components of boards or chipsets.

The right way when the smartphone gets into the liquid is urgently copy all the information to the external medium.

Of course, you can dry the “folk” ways. But this method works with an error of 50/50. The precious time will end, the information will remain in the bowels of the iPhone.

The causes of the malfunction


If the malfunction did not appear because of the blow or fall of the phone, then it is likely that it will be easy to get rid of it. First, try the easiest solutions to the problem.

The output of the smartphone from the “deep” discharge

If the phone is discharged, and after that I still lie down for a while without recharging, then the smartphone will not have enough energy to turn on the screen. If there are reasons to assume a deep discharge of the battery, then just attach the phone to the charger and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Then, without disconnecting from the network, turn on the smartphone. If a picture of charging appears, then everything is in order, it remains to wait for the moment when the iPhone will gain enough energy to load iOS and continue to work.

Reboot the device

Another standard step in solving problems with computer and mobile equipment. reloading the device. It will help in two common cases. with freezing and when the smartphone enters the “conservation mode”. The latter case often scares uninterrupted iPhone owners. Когда смартфон заряжен, но продолжительное время не использовался, либо редко перезагружался, то он самостоятельно отключается, не реагируя на кнопку включения.

IPhone reboot with the physical button Home (models from 4 to 6s inclusive) is performed using power buttons and “home”. Press the keys at the same time, holding for 15. 20 seconds. This action will send a smartphone to a forced reboot, restoring the normal operation of the device.

A simple reboot may not help if the phone flash failure. The ITUNES application recovery option will help to fix this problem. To do this, connect the smartphone to the computer with the installed program, and after synchronization, select the load option for the last backup. The application will restore software and restart the iPhone.

Solving the problem with the charger

The last hope to get by with “low blood” is a breakdown of the charger itself. Find one hundred percent work and try to charge the gadget with its help. Keep in mind that the power supply itself and a USB cable can break. With intense (and not neat) use, the conductive cable veins of.

If non.original Chinese charging or a cheap automobile adapter was used, then the elements of the power controller may become unusable. It happens that the smartphone ceases to identify the original charger, although it continues to charge with the Chinese analogue. This is the first sign that the power controller will soon be out of order and require a replacement.

Change of components and modules

If nothing helped, then the problem is most likely in the failure of the elements inside the iPhone. It is likely that the power controller itself, connectors and train controls responsible for charging, or the battery, suffered. You can replace them yourself. on the Internet dozens of sites with detailed instructions, but still advise you to contact engineers from service centers. It is likely to damage something when disassembling the device or not to find the reason, since it is guaranteed to diagnose the malfunction only in the SC on special equipment.

One of the most unpleasant things that can happen to a modern person is when his smartphone ceases to turn on for an incomprehensible reason. You immediately lose touch with the outside world-you can neither call nor write to someone, and no one can contact you either.

In the case of the iPhone, the causes of the problem can be different, and accordingly it can be solved in several ways.

Forced restart the use of reiboot (without loss) Restoration through iTunes (with data loss) Restoration in DFU mode take the iPhone to the repair workshop

Forced restart

Sometimes the iPhone may not be turned on due to an uncritical software failure (for example, overcrowding or errors in RAM). In this case, the problem will be solved by a forced restart of the device. Hold the power button for a few seconds until the iPhone is turned off, and then turn it on again. If the problem does not happen again within a few minutes or hours, there is nothing to worry about. Single and rare freezes do not say that something is wrong with your iPhone.

Using reiboot (without data loss)

Reiboot is one of the best programs for restoring iPhone performance. It is available for Windows and Mac and is able to solve the problems that cause devices without destroying user data in the drive. All your files (photos, videos, etc.), settings and installed applications and games will remain untouched.

The Reiboot program scans systemic data, identifies errors in them and eliminates them. It is compatible with all IOS versions (including the latest iOS 15.x) and most iPhone models (including the iPhone 13 line). Reiboot can also fix the error due to which the black screen is displayed on the iPhone or the iPhone is stuck in recovery mode (Support error.Apple.com/iPhone/restore).

With the help of Reiboot, you can solve many different problems:

  • iPhone “frozen”
  • The iPhone continues to reboot
  • The iPhone does not turn off
  • The screen does not turn on
  • Face ID does not work
  • iPhone does not charge the battery
  • iPhone is stuck in headphones
  • iPhone is not calling
  • iPhone went into an endless reloading cycle
  • iPhone is not restored
  • iPhone is not restarted
  • The computer does not recognize the iPhone
  • The screen does not change orientation
  • iPhone got stuck in portrait mode
  • iPhone does not get out of the aircraft mode
  • iPhone does not leave the “do not disturb” mode
  • iPhone is stuck on the message “no service”
  • iPhone is stuck on the shutdown process

It is very simple to use the Reiboot program, it has an intuitively understandable intensity and no confusing actions. The video instruction clearly shows how to solve the problem in a few minutes, due to which the iPhone does not turn on.

Hanging on the Apple logo on the screen is one of the most common problems that iPhone users face. Especially those who have recently bought this brand’s device, and do not yet know about all its features, they can easily encounter the iPhone depends on the Apple logo after hacking or restoring. Your precious device will completely turn into a “brick” and give you a lot of problems and experiences: you will not be able to call someone, write or shoot a photo.

Typical complaint: “iPhone hung on the Apple logo (does not turn on and the apple burns) after the last iOS update. The phone performed the usual renewal procedure, but at the end hung (as I suppose, due to the failure of a new firmware) on the Apple logo. The update installation indicator was stuck there for several hours “.

There are four methods that will help correct the iPhone hovering on the screen with the Apple logo. They are applicable not only for the iPhone, but also for the iPad, iPod Touch after updating to the latest version of iOS, hacking, water damage and much more.

Forcibly reboot the iPhone elimination of iPhone freezing on the Apple logo without loss of data (using special software) restoration of iPhone factory settings using iTunes DFU mode (restoration of the dependent iPhone)

There are many reasons why the iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo. This can happen during the process of updating, transmitting data or hacking, as well as your iPhone can get stuck on the Apple logo after physical damage. It is very important to identify the reasons why the iPhone is stuck on the logo, so try to understand why this happened. Problems can be divided into two categories: software and hardware.

⦁ Problems with software often lead to iPhone hanging on the Apple logo

Software problems are the most common reasons why the iPhone hangs on the Apple logo. Perhaps something went wrong during the update of iOS, data transfer, hacking or restoration of iPhone. And some users using the older IOS version may also face this problem.

⦁ Problems with equipment also lead to iPhone hanging on Apple logo

Equipment problems are mainly caused by physical damage. For example, you accidentally dropped the phone, and this fall can cause internal damage, which will lead to the iPhone hang on the Apple logo. Dive into water can also cause damage to the equipment, which will lead to the appearance of the Black Logino Apple. Therefore, you need to be careful when you take a shower, swim or even just go to the toilet. it is better not to take iPhone with you.

So, the iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo (the device does not turn on and the apple burns). What to do next?

Forcibly reboot the iPhone

Forced restart will not lead to loss of data, and this can help restore the performance of the iPhone, stuck on the Apple logo. However, be sure to try this method in the first place. This is what you need to do for rebooting:

iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, iPhone 8 or iPhone Se (2nd generation): Click and release two buttons: the volume increase button. Now, holding the side button, let it go until you see the Apple logo. After that, check your iPhone and see if it is launched.

iPhone 7: Press and hold the volume reduction button and button “sleep / awakening”. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation): press and hold the “sleep / awakening” button and “home” button at the same time. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Elimination of iPhone freezing on the Apple logo without data loss (via software)

Когда iPhone не включается и на экране горит яблоко, большинство людей даже не догадываются, что его можно отремонтировать самостоятельно. This is why we strongly recommend Tenorshare Reiboot to you. the best IPhone software repair program. This iOS system restore the IOS system restore the IOS hanging, such as the white screen of the apple, the black screen of death, the recovery mode, the absence of the screen response, the appearance of the message “Support.Apple.com/iPhone/restore “much more. Download this tool for correcting iOS errors to get acquainted with all its capabilities.

⦁ Download and install Tenorshare Reiboot on a computer and connect the IPhone hovering iPhone using a USB cable. Click “Start”.

⦁ reiboot will display the corresponding firmware package that can be downloaded. Download the IPSW file and follow the IOS restoration instructions on your device.

⦁ After the system restoration on your iPhone, the Apple logo will appear on your iPhone, and all data on your phone will be restored.

Restoring the IPhone factory settings using iTunes

This is another simple way to fix the problem with the iPhone hang on the Apple logo. In the process, all data on your device will be deleted (therefore, before recovery, save their backup).

Run the iTunes on the computer, connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable, click on the iPhone icon and select the “review”.

How to turn on the iPhone if it is completely discharged and does not turn on

Despite the high quality and reliability of Apple products, problems with its normal work can still arise. One of them. the iPhone is completely discharged and does not even turn on the charging. What to do in this case? In this article, we will try to solve the problem on our own.

The main reasons why the iPhone does not turn on:

  • The battery is completely discharged;
  • iPhone was at a minus temperature for a long time;
  • The battery is faulty or completely developed its resource;
  • software failure;
  • malfunction of the charge and power controller of the iPhone itself.

In the first case, the problem is solved simply. Put the gadget for charging and charge it for 10-15 minutes. Try to turn on, but at the same time do not turn off the network. If the problem was in the deep discharge of the battery, what happens when the gadget lay for a long time without recharging, then it will be solved. An empty battery and zipper will appear on the screen, indicating that the charging is normal. In some models, instead of lightning, the inscription “Changing” appears.

Some iPhone models require longer initial charging. They will turn on only after 30-40 minutes of recharging. Therefore, if nothing happens after 20 minutes, we do not panic, but we wait another 20-30.

A similar problem is observed if the device was long at minus temperature and completely frozen. We enter the gadget in a warm place, wait 20-30 minutes and try to turn on. If it did not help, then we perform the actions described above.

iphone, found, forced, reboot

The following situation indicates the battery malfunction. The charging seems to go, the battery and lightning are on the screen, but it (battery) is not filled in an hour or overnight. The fact that the battery is working, but has already developed its resource, will indicate the following: before the problem, it sat down very quickly, and the iPhone had to be charged almost after each call. In these cases, you will have to contact the service center and replace the battery.

If you are able to replace yourself, then bite. But there is one “but”. It may turn out that the battery is in order, and the problem is in another, and you just throw money down the wind, buying a new one. In the service center, before replacing the battery, it will be tested for free.

In the case of a software failure, there are several options for “revival”:

How to make a forced reboot

To make a forced reboot, you must simultaneously press and hold 15-20 seconds of the “Home” and “Turning” buttons. The “Home” button for all the iPhone is in one place. under the screen. But the power button, depending on the model, can be located both on the side on the side and on top.

Activation of rebooting iPhone 5 and iPhone 6

In the iPhone 7 and above the “home” button is missing. To reboot them, you must simultaneously press and hold the switch of turning on and the volume reduction button.

On new iPhones from 8 model to the last (at the time of writing the article is iPhone 13), for forced restarting, you need to shorten and release the volume decrease button, then press the volume button for a short time, then squeeze the inclusion button.

We use DFU to recover

DFU (Device Firmware Update) is a mode for full reinstallation of software, or, in simple language, firmware. Restoration of software is an extreme measure, but effective. To do this, we perform the following:

  • We download the iTunes program from the official Apple website and install on our PC.
  • Download the firmware of the OS, which is suitable for our iPhone. Determine the suitable version of the OS and you can download it from here.
  • We charge the iPhone for several hours, connect it to the PC on which we run itunes.
  • Hold the “Home” and “Turning” buttons for 10 seconds, then release the “inclusion” button, continuing to hold the “home” button. The iPhone will go to the recovery mode and the program will tell us that it recognized the device.

On different iPhone models, a different way to turn on DFU. Look for instructions for your model. The example shows a way to turn on this mode for old iPhone with the Home button. You can find detailed instructions on the 4pda website.

At the end of the firmware, the program will notify us that the iPhone can be turned off from PC.

If there is no charge

If the iPhone does not turn on and is not charged, then we try to charge it with another obviously serviceable cable (or with our cable and charger of another iPhone). If charging with someone else’s orpen and cable has gone, you will have to purchase a new cable and/or charger.

We buy only corporate imperious apple. Otherwise, we run the risk of throwing money down the wind or even burn our gadget.

If nothing helped and the smartphone does not turn on

If we have done all of the above, but the iPhone did not come to life, then most likely it is faulty. There is only one option. going to the service center. Do not try to get into the device yourself or trust the repair of non.professional. After such “repairs”, restoration of performance at best will cost very expensive, at worst. even a specialist will not be able to fix it.

That’s all about how to “revive” the iPhone after the complete discharge of its battery. We hope that the information given will be useful to you.

Checking the charge

IPhone owners are happy at the moment when the battery level is enough for a working day. But, alas, this is rare. But by dinner, insidious designations of batteries melt before our eyes. Therefore, if the iPhone 5s turned off and does not turn on, you probably missed the discharge moment and your smartphone just turned off.

This problem should be excluded immediately. Connect the smartphone to the charger or use the wireless docking station. If the gadget is discharged, it will take up to 1 hour so that a logo or charge level appears on the screen.

What other reasons why the iPhone turned off and does not turn on:

  • Mechanical damage, the gadget fell to the floor, water fell into it or made incorrect repairs.
  • The smartphone was in the cold, the battery was discharged.
  • Factory marriage of parts, when the device, in principle, cannot work with similar defects.
  • Work on iOS violated.

When connecting the device to the charger, check the serviceability of the wires and contact entrance.


If the iPhone is turned off and does not respond or when pressing the button vibrates, but the screen does not light up, the reason is the software or hardware equipment. If this is just an OS or incorrect operation of one of the elements of the device, the reloading of the device will help. Distinguish between ordinary and hard rebooting. In the first case, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • In models younger than the iPhone X, click the “Exit from sleep mode” and “home”, in the iPhone X, XS and XR. “Power” and “Volume”;
  • Hold for 10-15 seconds before the logo appears.

This procedure will clean the cache, close open applications. If nothing helped, it is recommended to carry out a hard reboot. Information, passwords and other data users will remain not touched. Recommendations:

  • Connect the device using a USB cable to the computer;
  • Download or open the iTunes program;
  • On the smartphone, press the Power buttons combination and decrease the volume, wait until the screen goes out;
  • Press and hold the “Home” button until the iTunes logo appears and the adapter icon;
  • On the computer, select the desired point “Update” and confirm the command.

OS will drop the settings, while not affecting the internal device. But for confidence, it is recommended to save files in advance in the cloud. Another item “Restoration” is relevant already in hopeless situations or when downloading a new version of the OS.

Reasons and solutions

When the iPhone does not turn on, the apple lights up, but nothing more happens, it is not necessary to immediately contact the service center. Factors, as well as solutions, this problem can be a whole set. Consider the most common of them.

Check dubious applications

You should recall and check which applications have been installed recently on the iPhone. Unfortunately, with the help of iTunes this error will not work, it will be necessary to install a non.official utility called Tenorshare Reiboot for this. It is advised to delete the latest downloaded applications alternately, and then try to restart the iPhone until it works.

In most cases, Tenorshare Reiboot helps to cope with numerous iOS-losits. This software can fix more than 150 problems with iOS, including problems: the iPhone does not turn on, hanging on an apple, messages like “Support are displayed on the display.Apple.COM/iPhone/restore “or simply lights are burning, and the screen is black.

Step.by.step instructions for restoration of iPhone through Reiboot:

  • Tenorshare Reiboot Pro provides a firmware package for iOS. After recovery, the smartphone will be updated to the latest available version of. Click the “Download” button to start downloading the software package on the Internet. If there are problems when loading, click “Copy” and download the firmware through the browser.
  • After successful loading the firmware package, click “Fix now” to restore Apple Watch. After the repair, the iPhone will be rebooted as usual.


As you know, this program opens unlimited free access to many paid or even expensive applications. Nevertheless, if the jailbrek is not correct, it is also able to become a factor that the apple blinks, flashes, but the phone does not turn on. In this case, the only option is to flanch the device, which means complete loss of data on it.

Mechanical problems

The hardware problems are the following:

  • Error in the power chain. This is most often caused by a sharp jump in voltage, so the owners of the iPhone are not advised to leave the apparatus on charging during a thunderstorm or during power outages caused by any other factors.
  • Low air temperature in the room. On the official website of Apple there is even a scale of air temperature, most favorable for the device. Manufacturers argue that if the device has long been in an environment where the air temperature is lower than the given norm, then this can lead to problems in the operation of the device.
  • Failure of the battery. The factor of this breakdown can be the use of non.original charging or charging poor quality. Owners of old devices are not recommended to allow a full category to extend the life of the battery.
  • If the owner of the device decided to replace the battery, he is certainly advised to contact the service, because otherwise the chances of buying an original battery are actually equal to zero.
  • Errors in the work of the motherboard. This failure is easy to recognize in advance if with each turning on the device the apple begins to burn longer. With this problem, it is better to contact the repair as soon as possible, because the failure is inevitable.

System error iOS

If the malfunction is caused by iOS software error, there are not so many solutions.

In some cases, just a “deep reboot” can help. This means that you should simultaneously pinch the “home” key and the lock key and wait for the mobile to restore. It is worth turning off the smartphone from a computer or other device, because they can interfere with the restart process. If this worked, delete the last few programs that could lead to the fact that the iPhone does not turn on, the apple is on fire.

If this method has not worked, it is recommended to refer to the recovery procedure, which is carried out quite simply, despite the “frightening name”.

The mobile must be connected to the computer using the original cable, then run it on the iTunes device, and then click on the “Restore device” button next to the name of your device.

After that, it is better to install a new version of the device firmware.

Reflagging and recovery of data

It happens that the described measures do not bring results, or the device turned on, but it works incorrectly, spontaneously turns off, freezes. You need a flashing or change in. The service is available in the service, but easier to remember and perform all actions on your own.

In contrast to the update, flashing is carried out through iTunes. In the procedure, the initial factory settings are restored, but all files and content are deleted.

  • Open the latest version of iTunes on the computer, connect the device, wait for it to display in a special screen.
  • Download file from software to computer.
  • Go to the page where the information is displayed, select a smartphone, click on the “Restore” button.
  • In the field that appears, select the software file with permission “.IPSW “, open.

The program will automatically remove the old firmware and replace it with a new.

Reiboot program

Most problems with the iPhone X are caused by improper operation. Apple has investigated this issue and created a special Reiboot program. Appendix, a kind, ambulance for a smartphone. Used if it is not possible to restart the device using iTunes.

The program is free, it works with IOS of different generations. You need to download reiboot to a computer, connect the gadget and select at the “Restoration” menu item. Paid functions are available: search and solution of problems when installing software, cleaning, optimization, restoration of backup copies.

Reiboot. does not solve all problems if the cause of the malfunction is associated with the breakdowns of “iron”, water exposure or mechanical damage, you will have to contact the service.