Iphone 8 Wifi not working

Iphone 8 Wifi not working

Andrey Romanenko dissatisfied with the work of Wi-Fi on the latest firmware versions:

This problem is not widespread, but our readers sometimes come up with similar questions.

Turn off Wi-Fi help

In the settings for mobile connection (Settings. Cellular) hidden a very insidious switch called Wifi help. This option has ruined more than one iPhone user with expensive mobile Internet.

It works as follows: when the iPhone unexpectedly loses its Wi-Fi network, data begins to be transmitted through a mobile connection.

The system has a certain algorithm that can enable the transition to a mobile connection even with a poor Wi-Fi signal. The speed dipped a little, ping has grown or the router is poorly reaching the far rooms, and the iPhone is already pumping data through LTE.

You should disable this option to save mobile traffic and extend the battery life of the gadget.

Solving problems with Wi-Fi

Sometimes a similar problem occurs when the user often moves between places with familiar Wi-Fi networks. For example, if the office has its own network and a network of colleagues, or at home and its neighbors’ routers.

The smartphone can momentarily lose contact with the main router and then quickly connect to the neighboring one. And in view of the fact that it is further away, the signal may be worse and the chip described above with the Wi-Fi assistant will turn on.

In order not to automatically connect to remote Wi-Fi networks, you should find them in the iOS settings and turn off the switch Auto connect.

If after this the problem persists, you will have to reset the network settings.

To do this, go to Settings. Basic. Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. After that, the iPhone will erase the data on all known Wi-Fi networks that it was connected to earlier, will delete the mobile operator’s Internet settings and the entered APN parameters.

Often this solves the problem with Wi-Fi connections.