Iphone 8 Plus Screen Screenshot

Iphone 8 Plus Screen Screenshot

A quick and easy way to save any information from the phone screen to the device itself is to take a screenshot. As a rule, for this you need to know the key combination that will take a screenshot and automatically save it. How to take a screenshot on iphone x, 7, 8 plus and ipad and are the functions of the devices different during the screenshot from the other gadgets, most of which accept an average version of the combination of sound and screen lock keys?

Owners of smart devices with an apple often do not use their gadgets to the maximum or with the greatest comfort just because they do not know about all the possible options, which, however, are very numerous.

How to take a screenshot on iphone x

Previously, iPhone users screened using the Home and Power keys. The first is the home button, and the second is the shutdown and lock button. However, the latest iPhone model has so far become the only variation of the series in which there is no Home button to return home. In this regard, a reasonable question arises. how to take a screenshot on the new model?

So, iphone x will take a picture of the screen if you click:

  • Power screen lock button and sound increase button (). Both are located on the side of the phone;
  • if everything worked out, then you should hear a characteristic click, as when photographing. A mini version of the screenshot taken will appear in the lower left corner;
  • subsequently, with the image you can do anything you like. edit using graphic editors, applications and stickers.

The screenshot taken along with the photos is stored. If you go to the “Albums” tab, you can find there a separate section “screenshots”, in which all the screenshots taken are stored. Unlike other brothers, iphone x saves a picture without black elements on the front of the screen.

Screenshot on iphone 7, 8 plus

On earlier models. iphone 7, 8, a screen shot can be taken using the top sound button or with the lock button, combining it with the home button. After taking the picture, the camera sound will also appear and a thumbnail will appear on the screen, informing that the screenshot was successfully taken and saved in the corresponding section.

The snapshot can be edited right there, for this you need to click on the thumbnail of the image so that it opens in full-scale mode. Using the “Layout” function, you can insert text, add a picture of your choice. If you hold the image by pressing, an option will appear that allows you to immediately send it to another recipient via instant messengers or the Internet. If the picture is not needed yet, and you do not want to continue working with it, then the thumbnail is simply taken to the left, in which case the picture will be saved in the corresponding album.

However, not everyone can immediately get used to and press two keys at the same time, sometimes the phone may block, or another application may open. In this case, you can use the application that can take screenshots. Assistive Touch. This application creates screenshots with just one click, which is much more convenient. However, first you need to run the application itself through the settings and “universal access”. After that, a menu opens in which there is an option “screenshot”. If you select this section of the menu, a small gray dot will appear on the screen, pressing which will take a screenshot of the device.

The Home buttons on these models are slightly different in capacitance, however, the sensitivity to pressing is the same as on previous models of iPhones.

IPad screenshot with keyboard shortcut

On the ipad, the principle of holding down the shutdown and return keys simultaneously also works. However, due to the fact that the buttons are located quite far from each other, some users complain that when trying to make a screen, the device is blocked, or the application that they wanted to screen is closed. In this case, you can use the application to create screenshots of the Assistive Touch, it works on the same principle as in phones.

IPhone series devices usually save screen shots in image format, and the screen resolution is equal to the screen resolution.

If you can’t make a screen using two buttons, then try again using the Assistive Touch app. If in the second case the procedure was successful, then there are problems with the Home and Power buttons, or they were not pressed correctly. You need to do this quickly, almost instantly.

On iPhones there is also a function for recording from the screen, for this you need to use the “screen recording” option. To do this, select “settings”. “control point”. “configure controls”. “” near the “screen recording” option. To start recording, you need to click the gray dot, to stop it. red.