Iphone 7 Sound Like Out Of A Barrel

Hello everyone! We continue and today we are already finishing (for the next year. it’s almost certain) the topic of factory marriage in iPhones. Next in line is our new iPhone 7 and its larger brother, the iPhone 7 Plus. Did Apple engineers manage to make a great gadget, without any defects? Now let’s see and find out.

Important Note. Since the devices are new and only recently appeared on sale, the article will be supplemented as information becomes available on newly discovered defects in the seventh iPhone. And you can also participate in this. Why not? If you have something to add or you yourself have encountered some common marriage in the iPhone 7 (Plus), then do not be lazy and be sure to write in the comments.

All with the introduction finished. We pass to the most important thing. defects. Getting started!

IPhone 7 processor hiss

So, the trouble came, from where they certainly did not wait. The brand new A10 Fusion processor, installed in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, turns out to hiss and makes different sounds under heavy load. What is meant by heavy load? Games, watchings online, testing in various programs, etc. over, as it turns out, the very processor (to be more precise, the transistors or whatever happens on it) makes sounds on almost any iPhone 7. Somewhere it’s quieter, somewhere louder, but in general the “seven” hisses fact.

But what is more interesting is if not normal, then close to this. Almost any iPhone makes noise like this, just before they did not pay attention to it. And then straight hysteria began 🙂

Of course, when we say that any iPhone is noisy in this way, we mean a quiet sound. If the sounds are strong, then it is better to turn off the device and pass it under warranty, this is a definite marriage. Appe knows about this and such iPhone 7 can be replaced with new ones without any problems.

The problem with the speaker. the interlocutor is hard to hear in the iPhone 7

In the comments to this article (thank you!), And on various other resources, many users note the fact that the sound of the speaker in the iPhone 7 is a bit unusual. “like a barrel.” Considering the fact that some people are already handing over their “sevens” with a similar problem to the service (and they are changing there!), We conclude that the iPhone 7 has a new marriage. a poorly working spoken speaker. If possible, be sure to check with the purchase.

There really are two nuances here that you need to remember before running into the service. If your interlocutor is hard to hear on iPhone 7, then:

  1. First, be sure to change the SIM card, especially if you have it for a long time and was cut off by yourself under Nano Sim. Well, or just check with another, “normal” SIM card.
  2. In iPhone 7, moisture protection appeared and a similar dull sound during a conversation may be due to the presence of special protective membranes. Which, on the one hand, prevent moisture from getting inside the case, and on the other, they slightly distort the sound during a conversation.

And that’s all for now. At the moment, there is no longer any known factory marriage in the iPhone 7. an ideal smartphone 🙂 Of course, over time, defects will appear, where would it be without it. But for now. like that.