Iphone 7 Sensor Problems

If the owner of the iPhone notices that the image on the phone’s display suddenly began to appear interfering, the sensor stops responding to touch, and tactile commands are sent and executed spontaneously, he usually thinks that the problem will be solved by replacing the display module. However, even after replacing the display, all these problems remain. How to solve them?

Iphone 7 Sensor Problems

On iPhone 6 Plus, the sensor often does not work correctly

Why iPhone screen is buggy

Sensor glitches, interference on the iPhone screen and other similar symptoms are typical for the iPhone touchscreen controller malfunctioning. These symptoms include:

  • The sensor works every other time.
  • Stripes appear on the screen.
  • The phone lives “its own life”, the commands are executed independently

This problem is typical for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Prior to the iPhone 6s, these controllers were located on the motherboard: only then Apple began to place them on the display part.

Such strips on the iPhone screen may be a sign of incorrect operation of the touch screen controller.

Why is he out of order? Most often this happens due to the penetration of moisture into the case or mechanical impact on the phone. a small drop from the sofa is enough. The motherboard has a high density of BGA-chips, so any physical contact can lead to disruption of their work. If the phone falls or gets wet, it can cause soldering problems, break contact tracks, and even damage the chip itself.

However, it happens that the problem occurs after an unfair repair. With careless work, it is very easy to damage (overheat) the components of the iPhone board. In any case, a qualified diagnosis is required to identify the exact cause.

Is there a problem with the controller or display? Only a specialist will understand

How to solve iPhone sensor problem

You can get rid of these inconveniences by replacing the iPhone touchscreen controller. At home, this definitely cannot be done. replacing the microcircuit located on the motherboard is a complex procedure that requires experience and skills. Therefore, we turned to the Apple Pro service center, who showed us the repair of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Touchscreen controller repair process

Since the touch controller in the iPhone 6 Plus is located on the inside of the motherboard, to get access to it, you need to almost completely disassemble the phone. The battery and all loops are disconnected.

The display module is removed, all loops are turned off

For security reasons (and convenience), the motherboard is removed from the iPhone and placed in a special holding device.

The motherboard is removed from the iPhone

The engineer uses a hot air station and heating to remove the old controller. Since on the motherboard all components are located tightly (on the back side, for example, there is a processor), temperature conditions are observed very strictly. Overheating can cause problems with other chips, which will require additional repair.

Dismantling the old chip

Motherboard without touch screen controller

The specialist cleans the pads and prepares the board for the installation of a new chip.

Clearing pads

Often the problem lies in the broken contact tracks on the motherboard. Therefore, after dismantling the old touch-controller chip, the engineer begins to restore the breaks on the board. For recovery, it uses a circuit on a computer and special software.

Board breakage recovery

New touchscreen controller

The chip is in place, you can conduct tests

After repair, a seal is installed on the components. due to physical influences from the side, it is damaged