Iphone 7 Self Changes Volume

When the date of the promised delivery of my AirPods moved to February 9th, I promised to calmly survive the six weeks of waiting for the news. Well, think about it, headphones, we saw in our lifetime. such thoughts hovered in my head until the moment I touched them, just to test, return to the owner and have patience for the time being. Shchaz! Emotion surged like a river breaking through a dam.

Iphone 7 Self Changes Volume

Looking neutral with respect to Airpods editors, I did not understand why only my goose bumps run? Nikita Goryainov smirked and offered to listen to his Beats PowerBeats 3 for comparison, Mikk Sid meditated in front of the opened box of Jabra Elite Sport. No one sparked in their eyes after meeting with a new accessory. “Well, yes, cool,” and that’s it.

Is that all? 1 !! I don’t remember how I got home, and they seem to live beyond the bustle of the world beyond the Arctic Circle.

On the first track, I felt the bald head of Jonathan Ive peek over her shoulder and asked: “Well, what, did it turn out cool with us? Enjoy. ” Indeed, AirPods get the maximum product satisfaction score from me! They lie so comfortably in the ear, so versatile under any sink that they weigh 4 grams and are not felt at all! They seem to grow together with the body and do not want to touch them. Such devices were written by the writer Ulyam Gibson, who, according to the novel, removed the Matrix, called implants.

Hats off to Apple, which released the perfect consumer audio implant. Forget the word headphone.


The lack of volume buttons and rewind tracks on the AirPods case is surprising for many, but it seems justified to me. Apple took the perfect design of EarPods as a basis, removed the wires and introduced AirPods. I am 100% sure that the engineers considered a dozen prototypes, including remote control panels, neck cables and more. As a result, we settled on the most “simple” option. In the history of Apple, there have been precedents for Occam’s razor. Let’s go back 11 years:

If the controls create a dilemma, they need to be removed, which Apple did once again. Management was given to Siri’s voice assistant, from whom, frankly speaking, shakes me. Siri searches for music and playlists, rewinds tracks back and forth, changes the volume (“make volume 40%”). I think that more than half of the conservative potential buyers of AirPods have dropped out at this stage. On the other hand, think about how often you use the rewind buttons. Oh, excuse me, is this your favorite pastime? Then buy yourself wireless Beats, Jabra or any other for less money. and the question closes by itself.

Obviously, over time, people will get used to it. I used to get used to it when Apple removed the drives from the mac, then optical drives and other “unnecessary” peripherals, provided software from the “cloud” instead of disks, transferred the macbooks to a single USB Type-C standard, and deprived the smartphone of a mini-jack for headphones. Buttons are a vestige, Apple decided, because as long as you find them, you’ll lose touch with the music. I share this position.


Silver ring at the bottom. charging contacts.

Magic begins at the moment of synchronization of headphones and iPhone. It is enough to lift the charging cover, as the phone itself will offer to create a pair. This is the most elegant solution for connecting two devices in the last 20 years! AirPods settings are remembered in iCloud so that any device with your account can then automatically connect to the headphones.

Want to stop the music, take out any earphone. Returned to the place. the music will play again when the infrared sensor detects “contact” with the ear. Another option is to assign the PLAY / STOP function to the dual tap on the headphone in the settings. Or hammer on tap and turn off all sensors to just enjoy the music.

We believe in a wireless future where each device intuitively connects to another.

Many put the sound of EarPods and AirPods on a par. It seems to me that this is indeed so, with the only exception that the scene of the new item is a little wider. Apple has maintained the optimal balance of frequencies for all genres: harsh bass, like a stone torn from a mountain, and a bright middle surrounded by high-frequency flares. AirPods are pulling out all the possibilities that are possible from their form factor. And from me. the soul.

I believe that AirPods are the most technologically advanced headphones in the world. They are made for geeks by geeks. The analysis of the internals of iFixit is proof of this.

During the call, the wife noted slight interference at the beginning of the conversation on my side, which then disappeared, and was able to recognize the quiet, quiet speech. Noise-canceling microphones have successfully coped with the external background of the crowd.

Working hours

Each AirPods foot has a built-in 20 mAh battery that lasts for 5 hours playing music. A charging case with a 400 mAh battery will last up to 24 hours.

If the headphones have sat down, then the first 15 minutes in the case cover them with 3 hours of work.

For whom

AirPods are primarily designed for geeks and those who share the words of Apple:

We are on the verge of a wireless future where technology provides a seamless and automatic connection between you and your devices.

Think about it, you are connecting to your devices. A neuromancer would be delighted.

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