Iphone 7 No Sound When Calling

If the iPhone does not play the sound of an incoming call or messages, then this does not mean that it is time to run to the service center. There is a chance that you stumbled upon a rare, but not a single bug. A banal reboot or turning on / off the silent mode switch may not help, which is why try using our instructions.

Iphone 7 No Sound When Calling

What to do if there is no sound (missing) an incoming call on the iPhone

Despite the fact that the iPhone is a very reliable thing, sometimes users are faced with the sudden disappearance of the melody when you call. An incoming call is being made, but there is no beep, what should I do? Below we will tell you how to solve this problem.

IPhone may be muted

In most cases, the ringtone stops playing due to the fact that the iPhone has been put into silent (silent) mode. Of course, this explanation is very simple, but often it is the one that is most true, especially for very “new” gadget owners.

In order to solve this problem, check the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. If the switch is in silent mode (an orange mark is visible), just move it and the music will play again when there is an incoming call.

Silent mode is on (iPhone speaker sound is off):

Silent mode is off (iPhone speaker sound is on):

iPhone needs restart

If the volume switch is in the right position, but the melody still doesn’t sound, your device may need to reboot. Forcing a reboot will fix software bugs that could cause the ringtone to disappear. We talked about how to restart the iPhone (4 ways) in this article.

No sound on incoming call on iPhone. Do Not Disturb mode activated

If your iPhone stops ringing, check if the mode is turned on “Do not disturb”. Users mistakenly activate this mode without noticing it themselves. If at the top of the screen you see a crescent-shaped icon, then you have the mode turned on “Do not disturb”, disabling all sound notifications.

Solving this problem is easy. Open “Command centre” and turn off the mode “Do not disturb”. The beep should now reappear.

Mode options “Do not disturb” can be changed along the way Settings → “Do not disturb”.

Check your sound settings

It is possible that problems with the ringtone arose due to incorrect sound settings. Open “Settings”, Choose a section “Sounds, tactile signals” and set the appropriate volume for your ringtone and notifications. Here you can enable “Change buttons”, which allows you to adjust the volume of the melody using the volume button on the left side of the iPhone.

No sound when an incoming call on iPhone. headphone mode is mistakenly turned on

If you tried all of the above methods, but none of them helped, then the problem is somewhat more complicated. For example, your iPhone might mistakenly remain in headset mode. This can be easily checked in the Music application or Control Center by clicking on the “Devices ».

Try plugging in and unplugging your headphones several times, gently clean the audio / Lightning connector with a toothpick, and restart your iPhone.

Troubleshoot with AssistiveTouch

1. Open the menu Settings → Accessibility → Touch.

2. Go to the AssistiveTouch section and activate this function through the corresponding toggle switch. A virtual button with additional menus will appear on the screen, which can be located anywhere on the display.

3. Tap on the menu AssistiveTouch and select “Apparatus”.

4. On the right should be the icon “Turn off the sound“With a crossed bell (if not, then translate this function to this position), and on the left tap on the button”Louder»(Increase volume) to increase the ringer volume.

5. Disconnect AssistiveTouch as unnecessary.

The problem is related to iPhone hardware problems, such as a speaker

The disappearance of sound can be caused by a breakdown of some component in the device itself.

For the sake of experiment, try resetting the settings (Settings → The main → Reset → Erase content and settings), and if this procedure did not help, then you can completely eliminate the software error by restoring the iPhone via iTunes with the subsequent setting “Like New”.

If this did not help to return the sound with an incoming call, then a trip to the service center can not be avoided. We recommend that you use the services of official Apple Service Centers only, of course, if available in your city or country.