iPhone 7 is warming up

Software Update

IPhone may become very hot during software update. Apple mentions this in its instructions. There is nothing wrong with this phenomenon, it is not necessary to contact the service. Just wait until the new software is fully installed and do nothing with the phone during installation, no matter how hot it gets.

Moisture ingress

Due to the ingress of moisture inside the iPhone, the contacts of the device may be closed. As a result, the device may overheat. The critical condition of the iPhone in case of moisture ingress obliges you to contact the iLab service center as soon as possible for diagnostics, and after repair / cleaning the device from moisture.

Please, in this case, you simply cannot ignore the iPhone overheating. This is a clear sign of damage. Therefore, contact the service center as soon as possible.


You’ve probably heard that iPhones can turn off in very cold temperatures. Oddly enough, freezing temperatures also have a detrimental effect on the device and can cause it to break.

Therefore, we strongly advise against leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight or overheating caused by the sun. If you’re heading to the beach, keep your iPhone in a bag or shade to avoid overheating. If the device has already become hot, try not to cool it sharply and do not use the device. Wrap it in a cool blanket (not damp) and wait for the iPhone‘s temperature to cool down.

Why is the iPhone very hot

Below we have collected the 10 most common reasons why your iPhone may warm up and how to fix it.

Due to 4K video recording

Few people know, but due to 4K video recording, your iPhone can get very hot. In the newer iPhone 11 models, this is not so noticeable, but for the iPhone XS and below, this is a real problem. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed without losing video quality.

You can only reduce the quality of the recorded video if you go to Settings and then to the settings of the Camera application.

Lack of memory

Don’t be surprised if the temperature suddenly rises on a fully loaded iPhone. If there is insufficient memory, this is a completely normal behavior of the device system. If possible, try to clear the cache of your applications so that the iPhone can continue to function normally.

Clean up sections of your iPhone or uninstall apps you haven’t used for a long time. By going to the “Gallery” you can remove duplicate photos, videos and selfies to free up some space on your smartphone.

10 reasons why your iPhone gets hot and what to do about it

Apple creates high quality devices that rarely fail. Nevertheless, no one is immune from such a nuisance as iPhone overheating. We have compiled 10 common reasons why your iPhone can get very hot and how to solve this issue.

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Iphone 7 is warming up

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Often, the exact cause cannot be determined by yourself. If, nevertheless, you succeeded, then you should not try to fix the malfunction yourself. Hand over the device for repair to experienced craftsmen. our service center Smart Servis Laboratory provides such services and gives a guarantee for its work.

What affects the iPhone temperature the most

The first thing to pay attention to is the function of the Wi-Fi module. If the module is activated and the device is a Wi-Fi signal distributor, the temperature rises dramatically. Consider this point before raising your panic.
2. Many resource-intensive programs are running at the same time. In this situation, the high temperature is absolutely normal. In this operating mode, both the processor and the battery of the device are heated.
3. You used the device in an aggressive mode, for example, used “heavy” programs or run resource-intensive games.

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Why iPhone heats up when in idle mode

Virus. Yes, you might say that the operating system developed by Apple. IOS is closed source and therefore protected from the effects of various attacks or viruses. But not everything is so simple: the system is not immune from all malicious programs, and there is always a risk of infection of the gadget. Alas, we have faced this problem more than once.

Firmware. When trying to reflash the iPhone, the system did not “roll” correctly, as a result of which there was a conflict of programs that overloaded the system, because of which the smartphone began to warm up.

Very heavy load. The load can be caused not only by resource-intensive applications, but also by small tasks that work even when the phone is not in use.

The phone was mechanically damaged. It is possible that an external influence was exerted on the device, after which the gadget began to overheat. Falls rarely lead to this result, but water ingress into the device is a very real reason.

How to troubleshoot

The only solution is to take your iPhone to a service center. Specialists must carry out the necessary diagnostics, establish the exact cause and only after that solve the problem.

Trying to solve the problem yourself is not worth it, the maximum you can try to restart the device. You can also use the “reset settings” function, but not the fact that this will solve the existing problem. If this does not help, the road is only to a specialist. And, of course, you shouldn’t go into the gadget’s insides, as you can damage the hardware and either significantly increase the cost of repairs, or “kill” the smartphone.

Why is the iPhone warming up?

Overheating of the iPhone can be directly associated with a factory defect, as well as with careless user operation. It is usually difficult for an ordinary user to find the cause of overheating, so we recommend that you contact our service center and entrust the work to professionals.

iOS 14 Heating problem Fix. no one knows other than me

Force reboot

The first option and the easiest one is forced reboot, this is a really effective method, you just need to press and hold the Home button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If you have an iPhone 7 and 7 plus, then you need to hold down the power button and the volume down button. Make sure you hold both buttons at the same time.

Reset device

Restarting doesn’t help? Then you can try to reset all content and device settings, do not forget about the backup and its subsequent restoration. Find out where they (copies) are located here.

iPhone battery gets very hot and discharged after iOS 13 / iOS 12 / iOS 11 update, what to do?

When upgrading to iOS 13 / iOS 12 / iOS 11, the iPhone became very hot, and then the battery drains quickly. sometimes when used, this is often the case. In this article, we’ll explain the causes of iPhone overheating and battery draining too quickly, as well as some troubleshooting tips.

Go to setting

Fix iPhone Heating Up With Tenorshare iCareFone

If the phone starts to overheat and the battery runs out quickly when working or charging, then maybe the new iOS firmware is not installed correctly on your device. The system needs to be reinstalled. Tenorshare iCareFone, this operating system recovery software is a professional utility.

Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer, connect your iPhone to your PC and click Tools. Repair iOS system on the main window.

You need to download the appropriate firmware package before restoring. Click “download” and start downloading.

After downloading, click “Fix it now” and restore your operating system. When operations are in progress, your device will restart and overheating resolved.

What other problems cause iPhone heating

In certain situations, the smartphone heats up when it breaks. This mainly happens in the following cases:

iPhone Getting Hot? Here’s The Real Fix!

Software malfunction.

IPhone robot uses some applications at the same time.

When charging a mobile phone, the battery heats up if a universal charger is used.

The iPhone heats up and in cases where the battery is broken. The battery loses its capacity, which leads to an increase in energy consumption.

In standby mode, this phenomenon is difficult to explain either by high load or by any other processes. In this case, it is often sufficient to replace the battery.

Service center

And the last option. the “insides” of the gadget are damaged. No way out. straight to the service center.

This is an overview of what to do if the battery gets very hot on an iPhone after updating to iOS 12. Hope these methods can help you. If you have any other problems, please contact us.

How to cool an iPhone

It is imperative to disconnect a hot smartphone from the charger, complete all resource-intensive applications and navigation programs.

The device should be located in a well-ventilated place without direct sunlight. It is better to remove the case from the iPhone, if possible, it is worth turning it off and letting it cool.

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For the cooling period, it is better to refuse to work with the device and transfer data over the network.

At what temperature can iPhone work

The specifications for the iPhone and iPad indicate the operating temperature range for Apple mobile devices. The equipment will function properly from 0 to 35 ° C, it is recommended to store smartphones and tablets at temperatures from.20 to 45 ° C.

Of course, in summer it is difficult to achieve comfortable conditions for a smartphone, but you can still take certain measures.

The main reasons for iPhone overheating

Most often, a smartphone can overheat for three reasons:

  • heating when charging the battery;
  • being in direct sunlight;
  • launching resource-intensive applications.

By itself, each of the reasons does not cause overheating, but two or three reasons at the same time can lead to serious consequences.

There are other reasons for the excessive heating of the iPhone, among them are: initial setting up of the smartphone, restoring from a backup, indexing and analyzing data in system applications, for example, in the Photo program while marking faces or locations.

The latest smartphones (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus) can warm up after being in water. This is how smartphones “dry” themselves and remove residual moisture from technological connectors.

IPhone overheating and how to deal with it

Our smartphones, like any other technology, are susceptible to heat and even overheating. In most cases, nothing terrible can happen in this case, however, you should not let your gadget “heat up to red”.

This is fraught with the failure of the device modules, the failure of some elements and even the fire of the battery.

IPhone or iPad owners should know everything about the temperature regime of their gadgets.

What happens when overheating

When the temperature of the device is outside the operating range, the following changes may occur:

  • iPhone stops charging
  • the display will dim and become almost black;
  • The GSM module will go into a low power state;
  • camera, flash, Wi-Fi module and GPS may turn off.

If the critical temperature mark is exceeded, the following warning will appear on the screen:

Even in this state, it will be possible to make a call to emergency services from a smartphone.

How to avoid overheating

Do not leave your smartphone in direct sunlight, especially when running resource-intensive applications or GPS navigation.

Try not to run “heavy” games if the smartphone is on charge.

Do not leave iPhone in a closed car, the air in the cabin warms up quickly even if it is not so hot outside.

With frequent use of resource-intensive applications or during the hot season, it is better to give up heavy covers and cases.

Do not use the smartphone under load for a long time.

Watch the case temperature when it feels hot. let the device cool down without load.

Following these simple recommendations will save your smartphone from overheating, and its owner from expensive repairs.

IPhone or iPad gets hotter. what to do and what to do?

Hello everyone! After a recent firmware update on my iPhone 5s, it started to get very hot and its battery was diminishing right before our eyes. Although I did not do anything supernatural and reprehensible. I just used it as usual. a browser, books, some toys, watch football. In general, everything that the phone is actually intended for. Looking ahead, I will say that the problem was successfully solved (although I had to spend a certain amount of time), but here’s how. I’ll tell you about this today.

Although. at the beginning it is necessary to outline one point. It should be understood that while charging any iPhone or iPad heats up, this is normal, it should be so, it makes no sense to panic about this. Especially the heating will be felt at that moment if you use the device with the charger connected. In this case, if the cover is missing, it will be really hot. But I repeat. this is the norm, it remains to accept this fact “as it is”.

How to find out if the temperature of the gadget is normal or not? Personally, I check it like this:

You need to download some game that is quite resource-demanding. if during the game (10-15 minutes) the phone is only warm, then everything is “OK”! If not, read on.

However, if you notice that in addition to heating, the battery also fiercely “runs away” (quickly discharges), here it is clearly a matter of the phone and.

What exactly? There are several proven options.

  • The first option (it’s the simplest one) is to reset all content and device settings (don’t forget about the backup and its subsequent restoration). Find out where they (copies) are located here. By the way, it was this method that suited me. after such manipulations, my iPhone 5s stopped warming up and began to behave quite adequately.
  • Reset doesn’t help? Reflash, even if the software on the device is the newest and there are no updates. Just install the latest software again. After switching on, for the sake of completeness, try not to restore the device from a copy right away, but set it up as new. Observe the behavior on a “clean” apparatus.
  • Run through the settings. geolocation, the Internet (especially mobile and especially in the area of ​​unstable reception) can also have a strong effect on the heating of a smartphone or tablet.
  • If your device is iPhone 5, then take a look at this page. In short, Apple has a battery replacement program that covers 5 iPhones sold between September 2012 and January 2013. In order to find out if your device is suitable, we enter its serial number.
  • And the last option. the “insides” of the gadget are damaged. There is no way out. straight to the service center. Why is it so categorical? The fact is that the problem may be not only in the battery, but also in the motherboard, charging controller, etc. You can’t tell “by eye”, it’s better to trust the professionals.
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If it happens that the iPhone gets hot and does not turn on, then here is a useful guide on how to fix this misunderstanding.

As a result, I want to repeat. heating, which is not accompanied by any serious accompanying problems (for example, a quick and inexplicable loss of charge), is a payback for the thickness of the phone and the materials from which it is made, and is absolutely normal.

Why is the iPhone X, 8, 7 warming up?

There are many factors that can cause your iPhone to overheat. This can be external damage, such as: a fall, a short-term exposure of the smartphone to some kind of liquid, long-term external effects on the smartphone (long-term exposure of the smartphone in cold or heat). So also internal, for example: faulty software, simultaneously running applications, etc.

In case the above methods do not help!

If none of the above methods helped and your iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, etc. are still warming up, the problem may lie in the crooked version of iOS, but before we move on to reinstalling the system, we will try to disable a couple more unnecessary ones. functions.

What to do if the iPhone X, 8, 7 gets warm and discharges quickly?

The official release of the iPhone X in the world took place on November 3, 2017! But already in the first hours after the sale of smartphones, users began to notice the high temperature of their devices. It was rather strange, because exactly the same smartphone, in the hands of another person, worked properly. In this article, we have published the most popular reasons why the iPhone X (iPhone 8, 8 Plus) is warming up and, of course, solutions to these problems.

Reset all settings.

If the problem persists and your iPhone X, 8, 7 is still warming up after you tried the above methods, then the next thing you need to do is roll back to factory settings. To reset, do the following.

Go to “Settings” and scroll down click “iCloud”.
2. Then click “Find my iPhone”.
3. Switch the slider to OFF by entering your pin code.
4. Go back with two clicks and click “General”.
5. Scroll down and click “Reset”
6. Click “Reset All Settings” and enter the pin code. After that, confirm your actions and wait. The phone will automatically reboot.

IPhone Recovery.

This is the very last method that will result in data loss. If you are sure that there is no external damage and the problem lies in the software, then you need to reset your device.

The problem may go much deeper (it could be a malicious application) and we will have to do a hard reset to fix it. Before starting the reset process, be sure to back up your iPhone to iCloud beforehand. After you have created a backup, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud backup afterwards. To properly restore yours, follow this instruction.

Remove all unnecessary applications.

If closing applications didn’t help you a bit and you can still reheat food on your iPhone, try to remember how long ago your smartphone started to warm up like this? If the problem started after you installed a certain application, then try to uninstall it, because it is it that may be the hero of the day. In order to uninstall the REQUIRED application, follow these steps:

1.From the settings menu, click “General”.
2.Scroll down the page, click on “Storage and iCloud”.
3.Click “Manage”
4. Remove dangerous and unnecessary apps.

Prolonged smartphone use. battery wear.

I don’t think that now owners of iPhone X will face this problem. Nevertheless, this problem is very common among other versions of iPhone. Long-term use of the iPhone, cheap Chinese chargers, or constant temperature fluctuations may cause the iPhone battery to become unusable. It will stop holding a charge and will get very hot. The only solution to this problem would be to replace the battery or smartphone. If you have the proper skills, you can replace the battery of your device yourself, having previously disassembled it. It will come out much cheaper (the battery costs around 17. 1000 rubles).