iPhone 7 forgot Apple ID

What to do if you forgot your Apple ID security questions?

If you forgot your Apple ID security questions

  • Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.
  • Select the option you want to reset security questions, then select “Continue”.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and click Continue.

How to remove a device from your Apple ID account?

Remove a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Choose your Apple ID.
  • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
  • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

How to find your ID number?

How to find out your ID for making a request?

  • To find out your ID for filing a Support ticket, follow these steps:
  • Go to the game
  • Go to Settings (bottom right corner)
  • In the lower left corner you will see your PM ID in the format: “pm123456”
  • If you are banned, change your ID, which you can find after downloading the game.

How to reset iCloud account without password?

Go to the Apple () System Preferences and click iCloud. Select “Account”. If you need to enter your Apple ID password, click Forgot Apple ID or Password? and follow the instructions on the screen. … Select “Security” “Reset Password” or “Change Password”.

How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off?

But there is one “but”. all this can be done exclusively at the moment when the iPhone or iPad is turned on. It is enough to turn off the smartphone, pull out the SIM-card and the device will no longer be found.

How to restore iCloud if the phone is lost?

Recovering device data from an iCloud backup

  • Turn on the device.
  • Follow the setup instructions until the Apps & Data screen appears, then click Recover from iCloud Copy.
  • Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
  • Choose a backup.

How to unblock Apple ID if you can’t access your phone number?

If you have security questions assigned to your Apple ID, or if you don’t have access to a trusted device or phone number, go to iforgot.Apple.com. Then you can unlock your account with your existing password or reset your password.

How to restore iCloud if you can’t access your phone number?

How to sign in to Icloud if you can’t access your phone number?

  • You can use the password recovery form on the icloud.com website, where you will be asked to answer various questions. (.
  • You can read the detailed instructions on the Apple website.
  • You can contact the technical support service, they will help you.

How to Reset iPhone 7 without Apple ID/Activation Lock 2020

Using iTunes on a previous sync

The most effective solution to help unlock iPhone 7 if it is locked. Remember if the gadget was synchronized with the program before it was locked. If the answer is yes, then immediately connect the smartphone to the computer, and then follow the instructions

The created copies of all files (music, contacts, videos and notes) will allow you not to lose important information and transfer it to the restored device. How to unlock iPhone 7 if you do not know the password and iCloud of the gadget? Using the recovery procedure.

  • Put your smartphone into firmware update mode. Hold the side lock and home button combination for ten seconds. Does the “Apple” light up on the display? Let go of the lock, but don’t let go of Home. Then there will be a signal to connect your smartphone to iTunes.
  • Connect the smartphone to a personal computer using a cable. Wait for recognition, then use the “Restore” function. After pressing and finishing the process, you will have an unlocked device with all the saved information in your hands, and a forgotten password will no longer cause problems. The easiest way to unlock iPhone 7 is through iTunes, as it will take a little over an hour, but the information will be successfully transferred to your device.
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By installing a new firmware

By flashing, you can restore a locked gadget, but the phone will be completely cleared. Also on 7th version models it is not possible to downgrade the iOS version.

Use your PC to open iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID. Find My iPhone must be turned on and then open the All Devices tab. After selecting your device and pressing the “Restore” button, the forgotten combination of numbers will be reset shortly.

How to unlock iPhone 7, 7 Plus if it is locked

How to unlock iPhone 7 if you forgot your screen lock password? A combination of forgotten numbers will help to reset the counter reset procedure or data recovery. Everything in order.

Using recovery mode

In the event that you did not connect your phone to a PC, did not sync your smartphone with iTunes and did not set up the Find iPhone application, there is another way that will help you unlock your iPhone 7 if it is locked. Please note that after resetting the passcode, all information, photos and videos are deleted.

First, connect the device to the computer using a cable. Sign in to iTunes.

Secondly, hold down the buttons: “Volume Down” and “Sleep”. Even after restarting your device, hold down the keyboard shortcut.

Thirdly, wait for the pop-up window to appear and click on “Restore”. Choose the second one and wait for your smartphone to recover.

Removing Activation Lock

The old owner of the gadget has not left iCloud and your iPhone 7 is locked? The problem becomes fixable with VoiceOver.

  • During the initial setup of the device, enter the emergency call mode and enter the combination 112. Use the Power key to reset the call.
  • Create a new contact and then press the Home button three times to bring up VoiceOver.
  • Move the created contact to the blacklist twice.

An acquaintance found an iPhone 7 plus, was interested in how to unlock, but the answer did not satisfy him: in this case, it is impossible to bypass Activation Lock, since Apple’s protection will not allow a stranger to enter the device.

Unlock via R SIM

R-SIM is a chip that literally “cheats” the gadget. With its help, it is possible to inexpensively restore the operation of the unit. The only issue is the expiration date of the chip. No one will definitely answer the question when the gadget will fail again. If you want to try this method, use the following instructions:

  • Insert the R-SIM into the SIM card slot of the device.
  • Select the appropriate settings for your model on the screen, and then find your mobile operator in the list. If not, enter the operator’s IMSI code. After waiting, the device will start working as before.

How to Unlock iPhone 7 without Apple ID/Activation Lock

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

How to unlock iPhone 7 when Find My iPhone is set up? The Apple ID will be the key to solving the problem. Please note that the device will be completely formatted after a successful recovery. Unlocking iPhone 7 from Apple ID is possible, you just need to use the instructions below.

  • Open the iCloud official website in your browser. Login is possible both from a personal computer and from a mobile device;
  • Sign in to your Apple ID;
  • Turn on “Find iPhone” and open the “All devices” tab;
  • Click on the model of your smartphone and expect the forgotten combination of numbers will be reset soon.
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Why iPhone Can Be Locked

Let’s reiterate that the iPhone can be considered locked for various reasons. The word “locked” itself can mean different states of the iPhone.

But I’m just sure that many users, finding themselves face to face with a problem device, are trying to find a solution on the Internet for the query “how to unlock an iPhone”.

It is a pity that at the very top of the results of Google and Yandex at the moment there are sites that do not fully disclose this topic. I hope this article will fix everything.

So, I have identified three cases in which you may need to unlock your iPhone:

  • Forgot numeric password to unlock iPhone
  • Lock iPhone by mobile operator
  • ICloud Activation Lock activated (requires Apple ID)

Decide which of the problems is closer to yours and move on to solving your problem.

Forgotten numeric passcode for iPhone

A numeric password (4 or 6 digits) is set on the iPhone to protect your own data. If the password was forgotten or initially unknown, then access to information on the iPhone cannot be obtained.

Remember the recent FBI / Apple litigation during the San Bernardino massacre investigation? Then Apple refused to provide the FBI with the funds to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone. Well, if the FBI cannot get to the data hidden behind the password, then you are not destined.

It follows from this that data from a password-protected iPhone can no longer be fished out. Unless you made a backup beforehand.

Despite this, you can still unlock your iPhone. To do this, you will have to erase all data from the device (including the numeric password). Again, there are several options. How to do it in the instructions below.

There are at least three paths that will lead to a complete iPhone cleanup:

  • The first is using iTunes (provided that this iPhone was previously synced to your computer).
  • The second is through the Find iPhone service on the icloud.com website (provided that you have access to the account that is registered in this iPhone).
  • The third is through the recovery mode (there are no conditions). This is the last way we will delete all information on the iPhone.

STEP 1. Connect iPhone with a cable to your computer and launch iTunes.

STEP 2. Hard restart your iPhone while holding down the HOME POWER buttons at the same time. Do not release the buttons until the iTunes logo with a cable image is displayed on the iPhone screen.

This will signal that recovery mode has been successfully activated on the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone X or older, read here how to put your phone into recovery mode.

STEP 3. A prompt to restore / update the device will appear on the computer screen. Select “Restore”.

STEP 4. iTunes will start downloading the latest iOS version for your iPhone. On average, an iOS distribution is about 1.5 GB.

If your internet connection is slow, the download process may take a long time. If the waiting time exceeds 15 minutes, iPhone will exit recovery mode and you will have to repeat steps 2 and 3.

After the restore process is complete, your iPhone will return to its “like out of the box” state and you will need to set it up again. If you still have a backup, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.

It should also be remembered that after restoring the phone, you will be asked for the username and password from the Apple ID account to which this iPhone was linked. Read more about this in the third part below.

Lock iPhone by mobile operator

Now let’s consider the situation when the iPhone is locked under a certain mobile operator. Usually, such phones come to our market according to gray schemes from America or European countries.

It can be free or for a nominal fee a tube. over, such phones are provided locked for a specific operator.

Thus, conditionally cheap / free iPhones locked under ATT or Verizon appear in the hands of people, which then end up on our market.

The problem is that such iPhones can only be unlocked by calling the support service of the mobile operator. No letters to the operator’s e-mail address will pass, so you don’t have to try. If you nevertheless decide to call the operator and request unlocking the iPhone, you will definitely be asked for the personal account of the completed contract and whether you are the owner of this account.

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If your answer to both questions is no, they will not be able to help you. The thing is that it is allowed to remove the lock from the iPhone only after the expiration of the contract (usually 2 years).

How to unlock iPhone in such a situation? On the Internet, you can find sites that provide an iPhone unlock service from various American cellular network operators.

I myself have never used such services, so I will not advise you anything. I just know that somehow they succeed. albeit not with all devices.

iphone, forgot, Apple

There is another (more popular) solution that will help bypass the operator lock and allow you to use the iPhone with any SIM card. This solution is called TurboSIM, and it is an adapter (a thin board the size of a nano SIM), which you have to shove into the SIM tray of the phone along with the SIM card itself.

TurboSIM is currently available from three major manufacturers: Jevey, R-SIM, and Heicard. You will find detailed information on configuring TurboSIM on this site.

How to Unlock iPhone. Complete Guide

Most likely, you came to this page hoping to find an answer to the question of how to unlock your iPhone. And it’s good. that you came to us. After all, the Internet is full of articles that not only mislead people, but at the same time try to impose someone’s dubious services.

What exactly do you mean by unlocking? After all, the word “unlock” can be applied to the iPhone in different contexts.

This can be a forgotten numeric password or a lock for a specific communication provider, or a lock via iCloud (Find iPhone service, aka Locator).

iphone, forgot, Apple

The listed types of blocking have nothing to do with each other, therefore, in each case, the actions must be correspondingly different. Today I will tell you how to unlock your iPhone in all of the above situations.

How to Unlock iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock Activated

Another common type of lock that could happen to your iPhone is iCloud Activation Lock. The most common reason that leads to this type of blocking is entering someone else’s Apple ID data in Settings. iCloud of your iPhone.

If you knew how many comments people leave under my articles with complaints that some unauthorized people (scammers) have tricked their phones by activating Lost Mode.

Well, what can you do, as my father says. “Everyone is a blacksmith of his own happiness.” You don’t have to trust every person you meet on the Internet.

On the other hand, iPhone could get locked after iOS firmware update / restore. This usually happens when the iPhone was not properly unlinked from the previous owner’s Apple ID.

There can be more than several types of manifestation of iCloud Activation Lock, so they cannot all fit in one article. There are not many ways to unlock your iPhone anyway.

Basically, all methods boil down to communicating with Apple support, but there are other steps that you yourself can do to unlock your iPhone.

Depending on your situation, read the articles at the link below:

In this article, I have tried to accommodate three different reasons that can lead to iPhone lock. They are in no way connected with each other and actions in each case should be correspondingly different.

If you did not find the answer to your question, write in the comments what exactly brought you to this page. In one of the following articles, I will tell you in more detail how to unlock an iPhone for use with any GSM operator and what nuances may arise when using Turbo SIM.