iPhone 7 Can’t See Wired Headphones

What to do if the iPhone 7 does not see the AirPods

Apple’s wireless AirPods also occasionally cause problems for users. In our case, AirPods do not want to connect to the iPhone. Let’s analyze this situation in order. This headphone model connects to mobile devices quite simply. You need to turn on Bluetooth on the iPhone 7 and open the case cover on the wireless headphones.

A window appears on the smartphone screen with the inscription AirPods and the connect button.

After clicking, the headphones should automatically connect and they will be visible in the list.

You can find them in the section with connected devices.

If this does not happen. restart your phone and try to connect the headphones again.

Disconnect other Bluetooth devices, they may interfere with the current connection. Move other Bluetooth devices away from your smartphone and headphones. If you tried to connect them to the iPhone 7, but they don’t play after connecting. remove pairing and reconnect.

You can disconnect AirPods in the Bluetooth connected devices window. Select the one you need from the list and go to the options to select the item to delete.

What to do if there is no sound from the iPhone X headphones

Included for each version of the iPhone are headphones. EarPods. These are not wireless AirPods yet, they have a wire. But they sound good enough. Often, when connected, the smartphone does not respond to them.

None of the settings help connect headphones. If the device has been serving you for more than a month, it is quite possible that the contacts in the smartphone are clogged, clogged with dust and dirt.

This happens while we put the phone in our. where other items may be.

Handbags can also be source of small litter. Due to a certain layer of dirt, the connector may not fully connect. And don’t snug enough to the port pins on the iPhone. To clean it, preference should be given to a wooden device: a pointed match, toothpicks, etc.

Do not use metal tools. They can harm the fragile contacts of the port.

Use a flashlight to get a better look at the dirty port areas that prevent the iPhone from seeing wired headphones. At the end of a toothpick or match, you need to wind a little cotton wool to better collect dirt.

The tip can also be dipped in rubbing alcohol. But not abundantly, so that it does not spread inside the port. Alcohol will help break down dirt better. Use your wand until you have cleaned out the entire port. Clean the connector on the headphones. It may need cleaning too.

Why iPhone 6 doesn’t see wired headphones

If you connected headphones to your smartphone, but it does not see them, try to solve this problem with simple methods. If the gadget did not find the wired earbuds, disconnect the wire from the port on the smartphone. Try restarting your iPhone 6. The problem may be with the headphones themselves.

To check this, try connecting others. Accordingly, if you succeed in connecting others. the reason has been found, devices need to be replaced or repaired.

For wired headphones, most of the problems are due to port pollution. Therefore, always check for the presence of impurities in it. Check the wire itself. Perhaps in some place it was bitten by pets or damaged under other circumstances.

Other headphones with the same port can also detect this. The reasons may be in the very port to which the earbuds are connected on your iPhone 6. It may be out of order. this will help to determine the service personnel. If other methods do not help determine the true cause of the breakdown.

One of the headphones is quieter on iPhone 5. what to do?

Over time, any device crashes, temporarily fails or breaks down completely. Our task is to determine the type of breakdown and decide what to do. to repair or buy a new one. often than not, almost any breakdown can be repaired. But the question is: is it worth the time and money? One of your headphones on the iPhone 5 may play weaker than the other. This means that we can probably solve such a breakdown at home.

First, make sure that the headphone mesh is clean, the port sees connections, and the wire is intact:

    Open the settings of your fifth iPhone;

This window contains a knob that allows you to adjust the balance between the left and right channels on iPhone 5. Adjust them so that both headphones sound roughly the same. By default, the slider is centered. Suppose, in your case, there is a problem with the left insert. try to move the balance slightly to the right. In this case, the overall volume will be slightly underestimated. But on the other hand, you will be able to receive sound of equal volume from each earphone.

When the sound balance is adjusted, try increasing the overall volume using the buttons on the cabinet or programmatically. There will be no noticeable loss of sound. If your headphones cannot see the iPhone X / 8/7/6/5 device, or the sound of one of them is quieter than the other, use all the above methods to solve the problem.

iPhone X / 8/7/6/5 can’t see headphones

Despite the fact that Apple creates the best quality devices, incidents often happen to them. In the article, we will consider what to do if the iPhone versions X / 8/7/6/5 does not see the connected headphones. And also we will analyze the cases when the device sees the earbuds, but they do not reproduce sound.

Performing a factory reset on AirPods

No matter how accurate you are, headphones start to malfunction over time. Malfunctions can appear in small things, for example, sometimes one earphone itself turns off. Or the indicator, which indicates the status of the device, is off. Restarting and factory resetting your AirPods can resolve these issues. After which the gadget will work stably again.

To reset, you need to put the headphones that your iPhone cannot see in their case:

    Open the lid of the case. Press and hold the button located on the back of the case;

Headphones don’t work with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Find out what to do if you can’t hear sound in your headphones, sound is muffled, or your microphone isn’t working.


If you have branded AirPods headphones, then do the following:

    Open the charging case next to the iPhone, a corresponding menu should appear on the smartphone screen.

If nothing happened, then you should erase the AirPods data. To do this, open the headphone case and hold down the button on the accessory case for 15 seconds. The AirPods LED should start blinking white. Then repeat pairing.

  • Try connecting any other Bluetooth gadget to your iPhone. If the attempt is unsuccessful and the smartphone still does not see the accessory, contact the service center.
  • Still need help?

    If your headphones still don’t work, contact Support Apple.

    iPhone X (s / r) / 8/7/6 does not see wired or wireless headphones

    If the iPhone does not see the headphones or they do not work, then the problem may lie in the software and in the hardware. In this article, we will analyze solutions to problems with connecting wired and Bluetooth accessories.

    This article is suitable for all iPhone Xs / Xr / X / 8/7/6/5 and Plus models on iOS 12. Older versions may have different or no menu items and hardware support indicated in the article.

    Check for debris, damage, or poor contact

    • Check for debris in the headphone port on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    • Check the headphone cable, jack, remote control and in-ear headphones for damage such as wear or breakage.
    • Inspect the mesh of each earbud for debris. To remove debris, gently brush all holes with a clean, dry soft brush.
    • Connect the headphones securely to the device. If your iOS device is protected by a case, remove it for a secure connection.

    If the problem with the headphones is not resolved, follow the steps below.

    Switching the system language from Russian to another language

    You can switch the system language of the device from Russian to another and then restart the device. If iPhone returns to normal, change the language to Russian.

    iPhone Can’t See Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    In the case of wireless headphones, problems may arise, including those related to iOS. First try restarting Bluetooth and pairing with the accessory again. To do this, go to “Settings” # 8212, “Bluetooth”.

    Make sure the headphones are working. Connect them to another device and check for sound. Also look out for large sources of interference and note that the Bluetooth signal only extends a few meters (typically around 2-3 meters) and does not penetrate concrete walls well.

    In addition, an important point is the simultaneous connection of headphones. IOS 11.3 introduced the AirPlay 2 feature, which makes it possible to pair multiple audio sources at the same time. Earlier versions of the system do not have this functionality, so you won’t be able to play music on two headphones at once. Therefore, please note that you cannot use multiple accessories at the same time.

    IPhone / iPad or iPod Touch earphone stopped working, how to fix? If the microphone doesn’t work

    • Make sure the headphones have a built-in microphone.
    • Check if the microphone is blocked by small debris, lint or plastic wrap.
    • Try connecting a second pair of headphones to see if replacement is required. If the second pair works, check with the manufacturer of the first pair to see if you need a replacement. If the second pair of earbuds doesn’t work, contact Support Apple.

    Charging for AirPods Headphones

    To charge the headset, place it in the case and close the lid, after which the headphones are charged automatically. This kind of charging in a wireless case or standard headset case is suitable for the first and second generation AirPods. The battery in the case or case can be recharged using the Apple Lightning USB cable.

    What you can do with headphones?

    Only one earphone works

    There are 3 ways to fix this error:

    • Place your AirPods in the case for 10 seconds as the battery may be low. After recharging, the headset is taken out and put on to check the working condition.
    • In the event that the actions of the first point did not help, you must turn off the Bluetooth option on the device to which the headphones are connected, and turn it on again. If you fail, restart your headset.
    • It often happens that the iPhone simply does not see the headset. In such situations, go to the AirPods settings and select the “Forget device” item, then connect both headphones as new.

    Why the sound may disappear?

    What to do if sound drops out during calls or music playback?

    There are several ways to solve the problem:

    • if the headphones are charged, they should be switched to the mode of operation of one headphone when talking on the phone;
    • The most common problem is the iPhone’s Bluetooth function crashing. To fix this problem, you need to restart your phone;
    • if the above methods did not work, you should restart the headset;
    • if you disable the “Auto-detect ear” option, this will narrow the functions of the gadget and eliminate the reason for the lack of sound.

    Siri. your assistant in everything

    To use Siri on second-generation AirPods, simply say “Hey Siri”. First generation headsets require you to double-tap the earpiece to activate Siri. This function provides the ability to play music through headphones, ask questions (add volume, pause music, etc.).

    Headphones run out quickly

    The manufacturers give a 5 hour battery life guarantee. AirPods will last three hours if they are charged for 15 minutes, and when the headset is placed in the case for 24 hours, it will work all day.

    There are several ways to get around this problem:

    • check how the headset is configured using the “Auto-detect ear” option. If the option is enabled, then the headphones will be automatically turned off, at the moment when you do not use them to ensure the safety of the charge;
    • if after all the above manipulations the battery is quickly discharged, then restart the headset;
    • nothing works. contact the service.

    iPhone does not see headphones

    If for some reason iphone headphones do not work, you need to do the following:

    • check if the Bluetooth function is enabled on the phone;
    • restart your smartphone or headset;
    • check the battery charge level, if it is low, then connect it to the network;
    • scan ports for dust;
    • check the working condition of the cable and damage to the connectors;
    • view the mesh on one and the second earbuds, if you find debris, then remove it with a soft brush.

    One earbud is quieter than the other

    To solve this problem, do the following:

    iPhone 7 Can't See Wired Headphones
    • check the charge of both headphones, because one may be discharged;
    • check the hole for debris;
    • If you find dust or debris on AirPods, you need to carefully remove it;
    • check the volume;
    • if after all these manipulations the sound quality on the device is not clear, then you should contact a specialist to fix the device.

    iPhone does not see headphones, what to do?

    There are several types of headphones for iPhones: traditional wired ones, with which each of us is familiar, and wireless new generation. Apple gave them the name AirPods. After the release of the headset and its appearance on the shelves, the manufacturer faced complaints from users that there were flaws in the AirPods. Let’s consider this problem in more detail in this article and try to find solutions, for what reasons the iPhone does not see the headphones and why the iphone headphones do not work.

    First, we’ll follow the correct path for consistently setting up AirPods:

    • Go to the “Home” window;
    • Open the case with AirPods and place it next to the iPhone;
    • The installer splash screen appears on the phone;
    • Next, we find the “Connect” button and select “Finish”.

    If you set Hey Siri on AirPods (2nd generation), it will work through headphones. In the case when this option is used for the first time, the options for configuring it are initially opened. When iCloud is working, the headset syncs automatically.

    How to connect wireless headphones to iPhone 7?

    Then follow these steps.

    • Go to the Home screen.
    • Open the case containing the AirPods and place it next to the iPhone.
    • The iPhone displays a setup animation.
    • Click “Connect”.
    • If you have AirPods Pro, read the on-screen instructions.

    Why iPhone headphones don’t work?

    Make sure the Bluetooth accessory and the iOS or iPadOS device are close to each other. Turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth accessory. Make sure the Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged or connected to a power source. If the accessory uses batteries, check to see if they need to be replaced.

    Can I charge my phone and listen to music at the same time?

    The Belkin Lightning Audio Charge RockStar Adapter lets you listen to music on your iPhone or iPad while charging your device. With this adapter, you can listen to music through Lightning headphones while charging your iPhone. in the car, at home, or on the go.

    How to connect a Bluetooth headset to a Windows 7 laptop?

    • Turn on the Bluetooth device and make it discoverable. The procedure depends on the device.
    • Select Start Devices and Printers.
    • Select Add a device, select a device and click Next.
    • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

    What to do if iPhone 7 does not see headphones?

    iPhone does not see wired headphones (EarPods and others)

    • Restart your iPhone.
    • Check the connector for any debris or dust.
    • Check the integrity of the headphones, inspect the wires, and look for kinks, damage, and exposed wiring.
    • If iPhone has a case, remove it and try connecting headphones.

    Can I connect a Bluetooth headset to iPhone?

    Connecting Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone

    Then start the headphones you want to pair with your phone in discovery mode. … Turn on Bluetooth, after which a list of all available devices will appear. Find the headphones you want to pair with in the list and tap to select them.

    Why headphones don’t work on iPhone 7?

    As a rule, the reason that the iPhone does not see wired headphones is a faulty connector. In the case of the 3.5 audio jack, it is often clogged with dust and dirt, foreign objects and various liquids get inside. This leads to corrosion of the socket itself, or internal contacts.

    How to charge and listen to music on iPhone 7 at the same time?

    Accordingly, the charging cable is inserted into one connector, and the headphones are inserted into the other. The Lightning Audio Charge RockStar adapter is called. If you want to listen to music using headphones with a 3.5 mm cable, you will have to connect one more adapter to this adapter. since it comes with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

    Check your phone settings

    Check the settings of your device and if you enable the phone call function in automatic mode. If you haven’t enabled, go to General. Accessibility. Sound Source. Automatic.

    IPhone / iPad or iPod Touch earphone stopped working, how to fix ?

    • Switching the system language from Russian to another language
    • Check your phone settings
    • Clean the headphone jack
    • Reset all settings
    • How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone via utility

    Headphones do not work on iPhone 11 Pro / 11 / XS / XR / X / 87/7 Plus / SE / 6s / 6, what to do ?

    IOS device owners face a variety of problems while using their gadget. For example, after connecting headphones to an iOS device, the sound is heard from the speakers and not from the headphones, the iPhone does not see the headphones, or after the headphones are disconnected, the headphone volume indicator continues to display on the iPhone when adjusting the volume. But, as a rule, they are all solvable, and in this article, we will provide several methods to fix iOS device headphone problems.

    Clean the headphone jack. (Does not apply to AirPods)

    Long-term use without proper maintenance can damage something as wonderful as the iPhone’s headphone jack. You need to clean the headphone jack regularly. You need to get the most ordinary toothpick, a piece of cotton wool and a little alcohol. You can also use a cotton swab.

    Switching the system language from Russian to another language

    You can switch the system language of the device from Russian to another and then restart the device. If iPhone returns to normal, change the language to Russian.

    Reset all settings

    How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone? If the above methods do not help you turn off the headphone mode on iPhone, you can reset all settings. Go to settings. General. Reset. Reset all settings. This method can fix other iPhone problems too, such as black screen on iPhone, iPhone not showing incoming calls.

    How to turn off headphone mode on iPhone via utility

    After restarting the system, the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch still does not see the headphones. In this case, we recommend that you use Tenorshare ReiBoot, which is able to solve most of the iOS errors. With Tenorshare ReiBoot, your device will enter / exit recovery mode with all data saved, after which the error will be corrected. Detailed instructions for using the program are below:

    • Step 1 Download the Tenorshare ReiBoot program from the official resource, and then install it on your Mac or Windows. Please note that the program supports both platforms.
    • Step 2 Next, you need to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer using a USB cable. After connecting the device, run the program.

    Step 3 Click on the active button “Enter recovery mode”. Wait a while, the iTunes logo will light up on the display of the mobile device.

    Step 4 Now click on the “Exit Recovery Mode” button.

    Your device will be rebooted and ready to go. Then try to connect the headphones again and check if the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch recognizes them.

    If the problem has not been resolved yet, Tenorshare ReiBoot software is available in standard and professional versions. You can use the Fix all iOS problems feature, which fixes most of the iOS errors. For example, iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone won’t turn on, etc.

    Update 2020-02-12 / Update for iPhone Problems and Solutions

    AirPods wireless headphones won’t connect

    Operation of wireless headphones is in no way related to the presence of external connection ports. As the name suggests, the signal is transmitted remotely, in this case via a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, the cause of the malfunction may lie both in the headphones themselves and in the equipment of the phone.

    Most often, the iPhone “does not see” AirPods due to a broken Bluetooth module (or antenna). This microcircuit is responsible for finding and pairing all devices available in the range. After the phone is dropped, hit, or liquid gets into it, the module may fail. It should be noted that in this case, the iPhone will not see any Bluetooth devices (or the connection will be unstable). As in the previous paragraph, a faulty audio codec (absence of any sounds) may also be the cause. When updating the firmware, a software failure may occur, as a result of which the Bluetooth module will stop working correctly.

    Apple wired headphones won’t connect

    At the very beginning, let’s remember that all models up to the iPhone 7. smartphones had a built-in 3.5 audio jack (mini-jack). This is the standard headphone jack used by almost all portable equipment manufacturers. But, starting with the “seventh” model, the iPhone lost this connector, instead, EarPods began to be connected through a single and universal Lightning port. Therefore, the breakdown of different iPhone models is different.

    As a rule, the reason that the iPhone does not see wired headphones is a faulty connector. In the case of the 3.5 audio jack, it is often clogged with dust and dirt, foreign objects and various liquids get inside. This leads to corrosion of the socket itself, or of the internal contacts. The same breakdown factors apply to the Lightning port, with the only difference that in most cases it is not only the headphones that stop working. iPhone refuses to charge, does not connect to the computer, you must constantly move the plug in the connector to “catch” the desired position.

    In addition to a problem with the connector, a breakdown of the audio codec (iPhone sound chip) can also be the cause. In this case, the sound will disappear not only in the headphones, but also in the speakers. Various software failures that do not happen very often can be attributed to a separate category. If the system update is unsuccessful, after a poor-quality repair or flashing of the smartphone, problems may arise with the detection and identification of the connected headphones.

    Why iPhone doesn’t see headphones?

    This is not to say that the problem with connecting headphones is too common on Apple smartphones. But, nevertheless, from time to time, clients come to our Apple Pro service center (Moscow) with a complaint that their iPhone “does not see” the headphones.

    In other words, the smartphone does not react in any way to the connection of headphones (wired and wireless), respectively, they do not work (no sound). Let’s look at the reasons for such a malfunction.

    IPhone Diagnostics and Headphone Troubleshooting

    There are many reasons why iPhone is unresponsive when headphones are connected. We have listed just a few, the most obvious ones. But you can’t do without professional diagnostics of your smartphone. Come to our Apple Pro service for a specialist inspection of the gadget, after which the exact cause of the malfunction will be established. We will offer the best and most affordable iPhone repair options.

    What to do if iPhone 7 does not see headphones and why

    First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that headphones for the iPhone, as well as for some other devices, are divided into classic wired and new wireless generation accessories. The latter were named AirPods, they are gaining popularity, gradually ousting confusing wired devices from the market.

    If the iPhone 7 headphones are not working, then it may be due to a hardware failure.

    Note! Since their release, Apple has received many complaints about design and connection issues. If the phone does not see the new wireless headphones, then most likely this happened due to errors in synchronization.

    The reason for the lack of sound and the impossibility of identifying the device may be:

    • Operating system updates that were incorrectly installed due to failures;
    • dirt, dust or sand has got into the headset jack, as a result of which the phone does not receive contact for detecting and switching to the listening mode from the headphones;
    • dirt or, more often, moisture has got into the phone case. It could oxidize the input pins for the headset, which also prevents the signal from passing to the processor;
    • the smartphone or headphones were dropped, as a result of which the loop responsible for transmitting signals was damaged.

    iPhone 7 Plus also suffers from headphone problems

    Important! It is a careless attitude to equipment and accessories that causes most of the breakdowns, which may not be related to headphones. Do not expose the phone to direct sunlight, leave it in damp rooms or drop it on a hard surface.

    The first thing to do is restart your iPhone or iPad. If that doesn’t work, you can reset all custom settings and updates. Perhaps the problem lies in the software part in which the failure occurred. After restoring the phone, it is advisable to return the backup copies of the updates that were prepared before resetting the settings.

    It often happens that some program simply does not allow the phone to turn on the vibration option. You need to remember which updates or software products were recently installed on the device and uninstall them manually, and then check for connection and sound.

    If water gets into the phone, the contacts may oxidize and the operation of many modules will be impaired. Needed as soon as possible:

    • Unscrew the outer screws of the iPhone case and detach the back cover.
    • Using a suction cup or a sharpened credit card, carefully remove the display and take out its ribbon.
    • Dry the device with a hairdryer and remove oxidation with alcohol, if they appear.
    • Assemble the phone in the same sequence.

    If after all this music does not appear and the headphones are not detected, the problem is in the connector. It is recommended to gently clean it with a needle and cotton swab, which will remove dirt and dust lumps that have accumulated there due to wearing in a pants .

    The headset may not turn on due to a defective adapter

    Why iPhone doesn’t see headphones. what to do

    Many people love to listen to music, it inspires and gives strength. It is better to do this with headphones so as not to disturb others, especially since their tastes may not coincide with the musical preferences of the music lover. Sometimes there are problems with accessories of this kind, or rather with their connection. The owners of expensive technology are not immune from this, as are the lovers of cheap smartphones. It happens that the iPad, iPod or iPhone does not see the headphones. This material will tell you in as much detail as possible what to do if the headphones on the iPhone 7 do not work, how to set up the connection and what to do if one headphone suddenly stops functioning.

    How to turn on wired headphones on iPhone

    The headset from the iPhone can be easily used on the iPad or iPod touch. If these are wired headphones with a 3.5 mm jack, you just need to insert it all the way into the corresponding jack on the phone. This should be done as carefully as possible, without connecting the accessory abruptly, moving it along the sides. If everything is done correctly, an icon will appear on the display, symbolizing that all contacts in the socket are closed and the headphones are successfully connected.

    On iPhone 7 plus, the jet connector is at the bottom

    Note! You can perform all these actions with other accessories with a 3.5 mm audio jet, but remember that it makes no sense to connect headphones with an impedance of more than 32 ohms. The power of the phone and battery is not enough to produce the same high-quality sound that they are capable of when connected to a computer or laptop.

    Why iPhone can’t see headphones via Bluetooth

    Even iPhones, which are the standard of reliable and modern mobile technology, can have problems identifying the headset and other devices via Bluetooth. The most common causes of the problem are:

    • violation of the software integrity of the firmware, physical damage to the motherboard and individual contacts of the wireless module;
    • various software failures both due to unforeseen actions and during updates;
    • conflicts between system and user applications.

    Important! Installing software from unverified sources can not only cause the operating system to fail and software conflicts, but also the complete or partial inoperability of the gadget.

    The adapter must be plugged into the connector through which the iPhone is to be charged

    The correct operation of Bluetooth is also affected by increased temperature, moisture, drops or surges in the home power supply during charging.

    One earpiece from the iPhone stopped working: what to do

    Unfortunately, the quality of the Apple earbuds is poor. AirPods have certainly propelled the company forward in this regard. But after constant use for a couple of months, they also often fail. The most amazing thing is that most often it is one earpiece that breaks, and it is the right one, which contains the microphone and the volume or video switch.

    It would seem that you have to buy a new accessory or use it in one ear, but there is one catch. All sounds in the phone are reproduced in stereo: the song is decomposed into left and right channels. One can hear a voice, and another, for example, the sounds of individual musical instruments. This is why you may not always enjoy the sound quality when listening in one ear.

    AirPods may not be supported on older iPhones

    The solution to the problem is peculiar, since it does not make the second earpiece work. The point is to set the sound to play only in mono mode. It uses only one canal and all the components pass through it into one ear. To switch to mono, you need to go to the phone settings, find “Universal Access” and switch the desired parameter.

    How to connect the speaker to the phone via Bluetooth

    For users who like to listen to music through speakers wirelessly, the method of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an iPhone will be relevant. This can be done as follows:

    • Put a speaker or a pair of them in close proximity to the phone to ensure future wireless communication. If the distance is too long, the connection may fail.
    • Turn on the speakers and put them in pairing mode by pressing the corresponding button on the case. If not, then you should carefully study the instructions for use of the speakers.
    • Go to the phone menu and select the “Settings” icon (gray gear).
    • In the general parameters window, find the “Bluetooth” item and go to it.
    • Switch on the module by moving the slider to the appropriate position. After loading, the screen will display a list of devices in the immediate vicinity and ready for connection. The speakers will be displayed under the name of their manufacturer or model.
    • Click on the name of the columns and connect to them. Pairing may take some time, most often no more than 2-3 minutes. If the columns are not visible, you can turn them off and on again or refresh the search list on your phone.
    • After pairing, the speakers are ready to use. You can test them, turn on any melody.

    Native headphones on the iPhone seven

    Note! Sometimes, to connect to the speakers, you need to enter a password, which is indicated on their case or box. If lost, please refer to the speaker manual.

    How to set up headphones on iPhone

    You usually only need to set up wireless headphones. If they are used for the first time, then you need to make sure that the latest software version is installed on the smartphone. Then you should perform the following actions:

    • Go to Home Screen.
    • Open the case with the headphones and place them next to the phone.
    • Wait for the setting animation to appear on the display.
    • Click “Connect”.
    • In the case of the Pro version of the headset, carefully study all the instructions.
    • Click “Finish”.

    The accessory may not connect due to moisture getting into the phone

    Important! If you’re signed in to iCloud, the headphones will automatically set up to work with any supported Apple ID-connected devices.

    How to Remember Bluetooth Device on iPhone

    It happens that when using Bluetooth headsets, they accidentally click on the “Forget device” item in the connection settings. After that, the phone no longer finds accessories and cannot work with them. The following sequence of actions can help:

    • Turn off Bluetooth.
    • Restart iPhone.
    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • Search for all devices.
    • Find what you want and start pairing.

    Sometimes this does not help, and then it is recommended to reset the phone and accessories. This is a rather radical method, and sometimes you can do without it. It is enough to try one more step-by-step instruction:

    • Turn off headset.
    • Press and hold the “On / Off” and “Synchronization / End” buttons on it simultaneously for ten seconds or until the indicators start blinking alternately.
    • Start searching for a headset from your phone (blinking mode. ready to search).

    Failure to pair Bluetooth on iPhone is a fairly common error when connecting a headset

    Thus, it was analyzed how to enable wired and wireless headphones on the iPhone 7 and other versions of the popular smartphone. It should be noted that in most cases, the inoperability of components and accessories is associated with the user’s negligence. Therefore, you should carefully use your gadget, and then everything will work properly.