Iphone 7 Camera Does Not Focus

Despite the high quality technology from Apple, for some reason there may be a malfunction. This can be a banal device defect, software malfunction or mechanical damage. In most cases, this problem can be solved.

How to identify problems with the camera?

Iphone 7 Camera Does Not Focus

With each new iPhone model, the manufacturer improves the characteristics of the camera, but there are a number of cases where, for certain reasons, the operation of this element does not meet the expectations of the user, so the camera does not shoot well. Among the most common problems are the following:

  • the camera is soaping, it is not possible to make a clear frame;
  • dark or light spots appear in the pictures;
  • chromatic aberrations and other defects in photographs are present;
  • violation of the orientation of images;
  • a dark screen when the camera is running.

These problems do not necessarily indicate a technical problem.

Reasons for the appearance of muddy pictures

The muddy photos taken on the iPhone, can even upset the optimist. No one expects the pictures to be of poor quality when they acquire a new device model from this manufacturer. The causes of this defect are often associated with incorrect autofocus operation.

A problem may accompany each shot or occur periodically. Autofocus controls both cameras of the smartphone. Among the reasons leading to a problem with autofocus are:

  • contaminated camera lens, small particles getting under the lens;
  • autofocus captures the protruding edge of the cover;
  • the presence of a magnet on the case also leads to a focus failure;
  • software settings are set incorrectly;
  • breakage in case of mechanical shock or moisture.

How can I solve the problem with blurry photos myself?

If most of the reasons that are not technical can be eliminated on your own, then in the event of a mechanical breakdown, you must contact a service center. Try the following to try to resolve the problem:

  • wipe the lens with microfiber cloth;
  • remove the cover;
  • manually adjust the focus setting;
  • close applications that use the camera;
  • free up space on the drive;
  • update the version of iOS;
  • reset to factory settings, saving your data before that.

You can also enter the serial number of the device on the Apple website to check if it is in the defective copies database. If these steps did not help, then contact a specialist.

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