IPhone 7 Activation Failure What To Do

How to bypass Activation Lock

If we talk about the iPhone, then there are only two ways:

  • Enter the correct Apple ID pair and password.
  • Unlocking via technical support.

There are no other common options. You can’t somehow cleverly reflash, update, roll back the firmware, make a Hard Reset, etc.

You ask: “But the guys on the Internet say that they will send some tricky firmware (for only 500-600 rubles!) And everything will be fine!”.

It will be good. But not for you, but for them. They will receive 550 rubles and will be happy. You will get nothing and you will be upset.

However, everything is not always so categorical. After all, there is.

IPhone Activation Lock. The Whole Truth How to Remove Activation Lock!

Hello! There are just a huge number of instructions on the Internet about Activation Lock and how to bypass this “disgrace”. This is a plus. The downside is different. in some articles (for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that not all) such nonsense is written that you are simply amazed. Some unimaginable combinations, special programs and other tin are invented, which only takes time. the benefits of all this are exactly “zero point zero tenths”.

Perhaps that is why, in our group and my mail, questions continue to come from the series “activation lock on the iPhone, what should I do now?” or “I gave the money, they promised to unblock it, but the person took the money and disappeared. what to do?” etc.

What should you do when you are often asked about the same thing? That’s right. write detailed instructions.

Let’s deal with this problem once and for all. it will be easier for you (you don’t need to strain and write to someone) and me (gave a link to the article and everyone felt good).

So, the whole truth about Activation Lock on iPhone is here. Go!

Removing Activation Lock via support

Again, this is the only working way to unlock your iPhone. There are simply no others.

You can entrust this task to other people and pay money (we have already talked about special services) or try to do everything yourself and for free. What is required of us?

  • Call technical support. It makes no sense to write to some kind of mail or immediately fill them up with documents. it all starts with a call.
  • Explain your problem. Especially stress that the iPhone belongs to you (bought for your honestly earned money, issued on credit) and you have documents (checks, loan agreements, invoices, screenshots, stamps) that confirm the purchase. The more pieces of paper, the better.
  • After that, you will receive a special letter by mail with a link to download all these documents.
  • Take pictures, upload and wait. If all is well, the block will be removed within a few days.

This is if in general terms. And now a few important points, questions and answers to them.

As you can see, the situation is difficult. but there is nothing you can do about it, these are Apple’s rules.

Activation lock status

A very important point, without the study of which the entire further procedure in some cases will be useless. So, activation blocking can be of three types. the device has a status:

  • OFF. no blocking. Activation possible using any Apple ID.
  • CLEAN. the device can be activated only after unlinking from the previous account.
  • LOST. device is erased (LOST AND ERASED), lost or stolen (LOST OR STOLEN), is in the operator’s blacklist (BLACKLISTED).

How do you know what status your iPhone has? There are several options:

  • In appearance. For example, on the screen of the device you can see the inscription “this device was lost and erased”. Everything is clear here. this iPhone has the LOST sign and, most likely, goes for parts.
  • Through special checker sites. I will not give a list of them here (many of them constantly disappear and appear. you cannot keep track of all of them). Unfortunately, there are practically no free ones. they ask for money for information. True, not very much. usually 2-3.

Why know all this at all? In order to understand. is it worth “bothering” and wasting your time on unlocking.

Here are two main takeaways:

  • If the device has the CLEAN status, there are chances of unlocking.
  • If the device has the LOST status, there is practically no chance. In this case, you just have to have concrete arguments for removing Activation Lock. which, unfortunately, are almost always lacking.

Well, now about the most important thing.

What it is?

Activation Lock is Apple’s server-level iPhone activation lock. In a slightly more understandable language, this very thing prevents you from turning on and fully using the iPhone.

Blocking occurs in two ways:

  • Apple ID.
  • Password.

Until you enter the correct Apple ID and password on the device (the one that was at the time the lock was turned on), you will not be able to use the iPhone. Generally not. No way. Even for a second. Even just to look.

And it’s good if you know this very pair (Apple ID and password). you entered the data and started using the device. And if not? This is where we come to.

Services that offer blocking bypass

Indeed, on the Internet you can find services and sites that offer (for a fee) to unlock your iPhone. Should I use them or not? It’s up to you to decide. I, for my part, will give some simple tips.

If you decide to use such services, then:

In general, be vigilant.

And yes, it is worth remembering that all these services work in the same way. they seek unlocking through support. This means you can do it yourself.

The article turned out to be large. it’s time to summarize a little all of the above.

So here are the main points.

  • Activation Lock can have CLEAN and LOST statuses. The first one has a chance of unlocking, the second one practically does not.
  • Blocking occurs on Apple servers.
  • You should not trust those services that give a 100% guarantee of the result even without seeing the serial number of the device.
  • You can remove Activation Lock on iPhone (without knowing Apple ID and password) only through technical support.
  • Apple support doesn’t take its word for it. it needs documents to confirm the purchase.

I hope you now have the correct opinion about how to bypass Activation Lock on the iPhone and you will not waste time (money) on incomprehensible programs, firmware and other “special things”. Better throw all your strength into searching for documents. this will definitely help.

How to Activate iPhone with iTunes

  • Insert SIM card into device and turn it on.
  • Swipe from left to right across the screen anywhere.

Select Language and Country.

Click on “Connect to iTunes”.

Wait while the program recognizes your device and contacts Apple’s activation server. Upon activation, you will see a message: “Congratulations, iPhone is unlocked”.

As you may have noticed, in all the described methods, in the iPhone, first of all, you need to insert a SIM card. Question: can I activate it without a SIM card?

What is iPhone Activation

How to activate iPhone

This can be done in 3 ways:

  • Use cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Via iTunes

When to activate iPhone

You need to reactivate iPhone / iPad every time after:

For reference: After resetting all settings, you do not need to reactivate iPhone.

In order to activate the iPhone, it must be connected to the Internet to communicate with the Apple activation server.

All possible ways to activate iPhone

Information for beginners and curious.

First of all, the iPhone is a mobile phone with which you can make and receive calls over the cellular network (GSM), as well as send SMS and USSD requests. And only then, this is a smartphone with all the functions that follow from its definition.

In order for your iPhone to register with the operator’s cellular network, it must be activated.

Activating iPhone over Wi-Fi

  • Insert SIM card into device and turn it on.
  • Swipe your finger from left to right anywhere.

Select Language and Country.

Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi with Internet access (required).

Wait for activation to complete.

Follow the further instructions in iPhone Setup Assistant.

It can also happen that the mobile Internet is not connected and there is no wireless Wi-Fi network at hand. In this case, the iPhone can be activated using iTunes (your computer must be connected to the Internet).

How to activate iPhone without a SIM card

In intermediate versions of iOS 7.0-7.0.6, there was a vulnerability that allowed activating an iPhone without a SIM card using an emergency call to 112. In the final iOS 7.1.2 and newer iOS generations, the hole was closed.

As you can see, to activate an “unlocked” iPhone, you just need to connect it to the Internet, the rest of the device will do it yourself. In most cases, this is not a problem, but if you have an exceptional case.

Activating iPhone over a cellular network

    If your SIM card has 3G or LTE (mobile data) cellular data service enabled, simply insert the card into your iPhone to activate.

The phone will contact Apple’s activation server, which will check the status of your device and allow it to be activated. After that, the logo of your operator will appear in the status bar on the iPhone screen.

If mobile Internet is not connected or unavailable, activate iPhone via Wi-Fi.

How to fix Failed product activation in Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016

The Microsoft Office package contains a set of office programs for work and for all occasions. Thanks to their simplicity and extensive functionality, it is easy to work with them. Many users of the 2010, 2013, 2016 version of the package choose the trial version, and after its completion, the discomfort is brought by the message “Product activation failed”, which pops up every time the program is started. Even the owners of the licensed product who entered the key may have a similar problem. How to remove this inscription and what to do to unlock full functionality?

Microsoft Office Activation Wizard

We remove the problem

Basically, the methods for different versions of 2010 and 2016 of the product are the same (except for 2013). The solutions are divided into legal and illegal. I use unofficial unlocking, the user, in fact, becomes a pirate, which can have consequences, for example, in Windows 10.

Error when using licensed software

If you belong to law-abiding citizens, then the problem that has arisen can be solved by the following actions.

  • Check the date and time of the computer. Don’t forget about setting the time zone. Date error causes connection failures to Microsoft servers.
  • Update the Office package to the latest version.
  • Try to open the application as an admin.
  • Add Office to firewall and antivirus exceptions.
  • Check proxy server settings in browser.

For Office 2013, you need to download the “Diagnostic Cabinet” from the developer’s official website. After installing the application, you need to launch it and wait for the procedure to complete. Next, launch any office program and enter the email address and password.

  • To avoid this problem, you need to completely remove previous versions before installing office applications 2010, 2013 and 2016. After uninstalling, you should also apply cleaning through CCleaner, running the Registry and Cleaning options there.

File tab. Details indicate activation status

How to fix a crash in the trial version?

Immediately it is necessary to stipulate that this solution can cause problems not only due to illegal use, but also due to the installation of software that may contain a threat to the operation of the computer. Remember to use an updated antivirus to detect malicious activity early.

Activation does not require a key or certain actions. Such activation is carried out through the illegal servers of the KMSAuto Net program. You can create it on your computer after downloading and installing the appropriate applications. Today there are a lot of them, however, in view of the release of constant updates of the Office, not all of them are relevant for certain versions. After installing the application, you need to download and run KMSAuto and activate. The complexity of the procedure depends on the chosen software, but, as a rule, they are all quite simple. There is enough information on the web on how to use the KMS application. For example, here is one of the instructions.

Activation is carried out for a certain period of time, but today there is software that independently extends the period. This program is not one of its kind. Here is a visual instruction video that demonstrates how a similar utility, the Office Toolkit, removes “Product Activation Failure” in Office 2010.

Hardware problems

The worst reason is that the modem is faulty, which is responsible for the activation. Only contacting the service center will help here, since it is not impossible to solve this problem on your own, but simply dangerous. After such a repair, you can finally break the device.

IPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 activation failed. what to do

The key difference between smartphones from Apple and all similar ones is a close relationship with the manufacturer throughout the entire life of the gadget. All services provided by it are possible only with an activated device. However, the user may face a problem when the iPhone refuses to go through the activation procedure, making these functions unavailable.


iPhone may refuse to activate after a factory reset has been done on the device. A similar problem is observed on iPhones with iOS 11 and higher, which have been repaired in an unofficial service. In such workshops, non-original components could be installed on the device.

Another case. the smartphone was bought from hands, while its origin remains a mystery with seven seals. Assembled do not understand from what a semi-artisan way, such a device, after resetting the settings for activation by a new user, may not pass it and become completely inoperative.

SIM card problems

The most commonplace reason why an iPhone 4 activation error occurs is the incorrect operation of the installed SIM card. Perhaps it is simply not inserted correctly or is completely out of order and requires replacement.

IPhones use microSIM format

Internet connection problems

Lack of Internet connection may cause iPhone activation to fail.

Note! In addition to traditional networks, some wireless Wi-Fi are able to block the attempts of the gadget to activate.

Other possible problems:

  • some gadgets from Apple can only work with a SIM card of a certain cellular operator. Such devices are usually called contract or gilded. You can find out if this is so on specialized sites (for example, at IMEI.info);
  • some devices may display an “Activation Failed” message due to the fact that they could simply freeze;
  • a possible reason may also be the performed procedure of updating the firmware version to the latest version or restoring;
  • there are iPhones on which the beta version of the firmware is installed. Such a gadget cannot be activated because it is not registered with Apple.

Activation via iTunes

You can try to activate iPhone via iTunes installed on your computer. IPhone activation requires updating to the latest version.

  • Turn on device and select country and language.
  • Click on the screen on the inscription “Connect to iTunes”.
  • Connect your smartphone to a PC using a USB cable (you must first check the adapter’s functionality), and run the program on the computer if it doesn’t start working automatically. The application will automatically contact the Apple servers and activate the device, which will inform you with the appropriate message.

What does it mean if iPhone activation lock is set

IPhone Activation Lock is a method to protect your device if it is lost or stolen. Such a device cannot be used, since the iPhone is not activated, which means that it is impossible to work with it until a special password is entered.

This mode is enabled if the iPhone owner has enabled the Find My Device option in Find My. From this time on, the phone number will be displayed on the screen of the gadget, which should be used to call the person who found the device.

Note! The “Activation lock” option also allows you to remotely erase all data from the phone’s memory, so that unlocked people will not be able to use the owner’s personal data even when unlocking.

Restart iPhone

You can try hard restarting your iPhone. To do this, you need to hold down the shutdown button and the “Home” key for a few seconds until the device turns off. After that, you need to turn it on and try to activate again.

Important! On those smartphones that do not have such a key, the “Volume Down” button is used.

Reasons for activation failure on iPhone

IPhone activation fails out of the blue, it is preceded by some actions of the user himself. Although there are cases of breakdown of the device itself. Below is a description of why iPhone cannot activate.

Iphone 7 activation failed update required

We decided to write this article, since recently, for some reason, the number of calls to the service of iPhone owners with activation problems has sharply increased. If recently activation problems arose for two main reasons. a breakdown of the modem or an unavailable server, then with the release of iOS 11 the problems became more serious.

If such a problem occurs, we advise you to contact the specialists of the Repair My Apple service center.

When might activation be required? Activation helps to personalize the smartphone, customize it for a specific user, save and synchronize personal data. Activation is required after resetting settings and content, firmware, updating and restoring the system, in other cases. A common situation: the iPhone does not see the network, the owner does a factory reset, after which the system requires activation, after which a message appears about its impossibility.

At first glance, everything is very simple: we wait for the time and try again. But not everything is so unambiguous, the problem may have a deeper character, which can only be determined by professional diagnostics of the device. If the diagnostics show that the reason for the activation failure is a faulty modem (one of the symptoms is that the system does not issue IMEI when prompted), its repair is required. This procedure is carried out in our company according to the established scheme.

Another dangerous situation began to appear after the release of iOS 11. It was from that moment that Apple changed its policy regarding iPhone repair, which caused a number of problems for users. During the activation process, the iPhone sends data to the Apple server. If the data does not match the baseline, then activation is automatically blocked. The essence of the situation boils down to the fact that if non-original parts are installed in the iPhone, after resetting the settings, it will be impossible to activate the smartphone, you can get a “brick”.

The risk zone primarily includes smartphones that have been repaired in unofficial services with low-quality spare parts and the so-called “refurbished”, that is, refurbished phones.

What to do?

First of all, be careful when buying an iPhone, carefully tracking down its origin. If activation fails:

At the moment, the activation error for the iPhone 5S, 6, 6Plus series is guaranteed. Other models require a more serious approach, in each case you will have to understand individually.

Additional Information

Activation failures can be of various origins. Before contacting the service, we recommend checking and eliminating the simplest causes.

IPhone 7 Activation Failure What To Do

The reason for the activation failure can be anything. from simple (SIM problems, lack of Internet) to complex. a damaged modem or “iOS 11 syndrome”. If the former give in to an independent solution, then the latter must be solved professionally in a service center. Use Repair My Apple to help you solve any iPhone problem.

How to fix iPhone activation failure after resetting iOS 7 to factory settings when the activation server responds that it is temporarily unavailable. Try to connect iPhone to iTunes to activate or try again in a few minutes.

Your iPhone has failed to activate because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try to connect iPhone to iTunes to activate or try again in a few minutes.

If the problem persists, contact Apple Support: apple.com/support.

Use a different Wi-Fi network

Check if the Wi-Fi network has Internet access, the settings of the router may block iPhone access to Apple servers. In some cases, changing the router solves the iPhone activation problem.

Please try again

Press the Home button on the iPhone, a menu will open from which you can: call emergency services, start over, or change the Wi-Fi connection settings. Select “start over” to retry activation, if the second time failed, you should try a few more times. Loaded Apple servers may respond in 5-7 attempts.

Use a working SIM

Change the SIM card in iPhone to a known working one, press the Home button and try activation again. Your SIM card balance must be positive, and the amount on your account should be sufficient for one SMS abroad. This is not specified anywhere, but this is how the problem with activating iMessage and Facetime is solved. To confirm the activation of these services, the iPhone tries to send a technical hidden SMS to the Apple servers. SMS comes to a free number, but to send it, the balance on your SIM card must be positive and sufficient for such an operation.

Restore iPhone

Turn off your iPhone, connect one end of the USB cable to your computer, hold and hold the Home button, insert the USB cable into the iPhone when the icon appears. If everything went well, iTunes will show the message “iTunes has found iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore your iPhone before using it with iTunes. ” Then click the Restore iPhone button and follow the instructions. After restoring, try to activate iPhone.

IPhone Activation Failed. Everything Is Very Bad

Why does the title say that everything is very bad? Because, it is quite possible that the modem in the device “died”. Indirectly, this can be confirmed by the fact that by connecting the gadget to a computer and iTunes, absolutely nothing happens. no activation or something even remotely similar to it.

There is another way to check this terrible guess, on the welcome screen, click on the “letter i in a circle”.

After clicking, on a normal and working iPhone, the serial number of the device should appear. If IMEI does not appear, but only standards are written, etc. then I have bad news, the modem in your iPhone or iPad has ordered a long life. Naturally, with such a malfunction, the device cannot be activated. What to do?

  • Contact the service, the repair price is not very high (relative to the cost of the device), but they undertake such a repair of the unit and no one gives guarantees.
  • You can try to put it in the freezer (at your own peril and risk!), There is a possibility that the contacts will stand “as it should” at least for a while, and it will turn out to activate it.
  • Warm up with a hairdryer (also at your own peril and risk!). the effect is similar to freezing (it may or may not appear).

It should be understood that the last two points are, of course, a fierce “collective farm” and they should be carried out very carefully. But it helps some. By the way, updating the firmware on such gadgets is useless, during this operation you will get an error.

All that is described above is not your case? IMEI is displayed and is the modem normal? Moving on to the next item!

IPhone Activation Failed. Server Unavailable or Worse?

Hello! It doesn’t matter what you did to get the activation failed error. We reset the content and settings, flashed it, performed an update, recovered. any of these actions leads to the fact that the device must be activated again. Yes, yes, yes, you will have to go through exactly the same procedure again as when you first turned on the gadget. And here one very large and large ambush can await us.

An iPhone or iPad is easily able to warn that activation is impossible, because: “Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting iPhone to iTunes to activate, or try again in a few minutes. If the problem persists, contact Apple Support: apple.com/us/support “.

It would seem that everything is very logical. The server is unavailable, Apple has problems, we wait until the failure passes and we swear at the company. However, not everything is so simple.

And in general, if you are faced with such a message, then I will have two news for you, good and bad. And we’ll probably start with a bad one.

iPhone on iOS 11 and iOS 12 won’t activate after factory reset

This text is an update to the article after the release of iOS 11.

We have already discussed this situation in the comments, but for those who are too lazy to read, here is a short excerpt from all this.

The essence of the problem:

Who is at risk? Devices (running iOS 11 and iOS 12) that:

  • Have ever been repaired (with replacement parts. Nand memory, modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module) in unauthorized service centers.
  • They are so-called “handicraft restored” iPhones (smartphones assembled by someone who and where). unscrupulous sellers often sell them under the guise of new.

What’s happening?

So, what exactly to do with this now?

  • If there is a guarantee. use it.
  • Some unofficial service centers may try to solve this problem with special equipment. But, as a rule, no one gives any guarantees. even if the activation failure can be “bypassed” now, then in the future everything can happen again.

Here is such a sad story. However, it is not at all necessary that the error occurs precisely because of this.

iPhone failed to activate. the server is to blame or.

In fact, failure can occur for a variety of reasons. And the right decision is to check everything in order, let’s go!

  • Check if the SIM card is inserted and is it working? The advice is of course very obvious, but everything happens.
  • Make sure you have internet access again.
  • Apple servers are unavailable. how to check their status at the moment? This often happens on days when new versions of iOS are released. A lot of people around the world are trying to get a new firmware as quickly as possible and the servers simply cannot withstand such an influx of people. In that case, you just need to wait.
  • Use a different internet connection. Some Wi-Fi networks can be configured to block access to Apple servers.
  • Use iTunes to activate (be sure to update it to the latest version!)
  • Hard reset your iPhone or iPad. Hold down the Home and Power buttons. do not release them until the iPhone turns off.

By the way, the reason for Activation Error may be the fact that a beta version of the firmware was installed on the iPhone, and the device was not registered in the developer program. In this case, the error text will be like this:

In this case, you need to go to the Apple developer portal (developer.apple.com) and register the gadget.

As you can see, the reason that the iPhone fails when activated can be a variety of situations.

From banal. lack of Internet, to very complex. breakdown of the modem and the newly minted “iOS 11 syndrome”. And if the first ones are solved quite simply (wait, change the SIM-card, etc.), then the second (“iron” problems) are corrected only with the participation of a competent service center specialist. But I sincerely hope this is not your case.

Several other reasons for iPhone activation failure

The activation procedure itself “iPhone” can be terminated for a number of other reasons, independent of the software. Before going to the service center, you should first carry out a few simple manipulations with the device: check for the presence of a SIM card in the slot, rearrange it, and then try to activate the device again. It is also recommended to change the internet channel. It is possible that the next update of the device is too “heavy” or the data packet transmission channel is busy with another gadget. Another option is to activate your device through iTunes. If this does not help, then the service will offer to restore the data, after which the device will automatically return to the previous state.

Software glitch

In the event of a software failure, we are talking about installing suspicious software or the shell in general. In this case, saving the entire smartphone, as well as fragments of the system and user data, is possible only by rolling back all changes in the gadget to the previous version.

IPhone activation failed: what to do?

A frightening screen with an activation error message lit up can appear for a number of reasons. Regardless of what exactly led to the “breakdown”, the user should know that the further scenario will require, if not repair in the service, then exactly rollback of the system and a number of other manipulations. Unfortunately, the more “killed” the model of the smartphone, the less chances that the failed activation of the “iPhone” can be fixed. It is important not only to conduct an external examination of the phone, but also to restore the picture prior to the breakdown. This will help you understand why the activation of the “iPhone” failed at all, as well as how to behave further. It is likely that you will need to not only roll back (return to the previous version) the changes made to the smartphone, but also clean the device itself. However, it will be fair to say that there are still chances of restoring the smartphone.

What is the reason for the failure

The most common are two specific iPhone activation failure issues. The first is the hardware, both the device itself and the Apple servers.

Modem malfunction

If the problem is hardware-based, but Apple’s servers are fine, then the problem is in the device. If the “iPhone” writes about a failed operation, but the other device is updated without problems, then the matter is most likely in the processing of data from a specific device. It is quite simple to check it, just select the item with the letter “i” circled in a circle, after which it will become clear whether the device is capable of receiving data. This item also shows the serial number of the device. If this is not the case, then the matter is almost 100% in the smartphone modem.

How to fix it

A hardware failure in the activation of “iPhone” can be eliminated either in a licensed service center for a rather tangible amount, or with artisanal technologies.

Also, the reason for the failure to activate the “iPhone” may be a short circuit in the contacts of the board where the modem is located. In some cases, a sharp change in temperature can help when the smartphone is sharply cooled or, on the contrary, heated. However, it is worth carrying out such manipulations at your own peril and risk.

Why activation is needed

Before pondering the question of what to do if iPhone activation fails, some angry users will reproach the developers of Apple Inc. for the imperfection of the device. Many adherents of the “apple” have more than once seriously criticized the activation procedure as ineffective and problematic.

If the device is not registered

Failure to activate the “iPhone” in the network with the proper operation of the gadget and Apple servers may also be dictated by the fact that a beta version of the firmware was installed on the smartphone. In this case, when a full version is released with fixes, a certain number of devices may “drop out” from the register. In this case, you can fix the failed activation of the “iPhone” by going to the developer’s website, where the gadget will have to be entered into the database manually by entering information. If this does not help, then you need to contact the official service center, after which the device will be in good order. If “iPhone” writes activation failure, then this is always a reason to contact the service center.

It is sometimes difficult to say for sure why iPhone activation failed. Several factors leading to error may be related. The owner can only be advised to conduct a complete external examination of the device, after which not resort to artisanal methods of restoring the gadget, but immediately turn to professionals. Almost any case of activation failure can be fixed, with the exception of a broken modem. Much more destructive are the attempts of users to solve the problem on their own, after which the gadget cannot be repaired.