Iphone 6s Stopped Speaker

All iphone smartphones are famous for their excellent sound quality, good noise reduction system and the volume of the polyphonic sound signal, but speaker breakdowns are often found in a variety of models, including iphone se. A lot of owners are faced with the fact that the speaker on the iphone se has become quieter, there are noises, wheezing and extraneous sounds, or the speaker has completely stopped working.

Iphone 6s Stopped Speaker

The causes of such malfunctions are very diverse:

  • mechanical damage (bumps, falls, etc.);
  • moisture penetration, circuit board contacts;
  • dust, dirt, or debris getting on the speaker or headphone jack;
  • crashes in the software due to the installation of malware and applications;
  • problems with adjusting the volume;
  • the presence of factory defects, etc.

What should be done first if the iphone se ear speaker does not work? There are a few simple steps that can help get your speaker back on track. The first step is to reboot the device, for which you need to simultaneously press the screen lock button, “Home” and the power button. It is also recommended that you uninstall all recently installed software and applications and reset all settings, as some programs may affect the sound control and speaker performance.

Bluetooth can sometimes cause the speakers to malfunction, and so you need to turn it off and try whether the speaker will work with the Bluetooth interface turned off.

Often, malfunctions are associated with the accumulation of dirt and dust on the surface of the speakers or in the headphone jack. It is enough to check the connectors and carefully clean them with a small brush.

If all of the above recommendations have not yielded results, most likely, there is a mechanical damage to the speaker and it will have to be replaced. Of course, you can take the service to a smartphone or manage it yourself. Consider how to make a replacement if the iphone se ear speaker does not work.

Replacing the speaker on iPhone SE step by step

  1. On the bottom of the case, unscrew the two screws with a screwdriver.
  2. We warm the iPhone with a hairdryer to soften the tape. Lift using a thin card, spudger or suction cup lift the display module.
  3. Immediately unfasten the Touch ID ribbon cable, pull out the Home button ribbon cable connector from the socket.
  4. We open it like a book from below, trying not to damage the cables.
  5. Unscrew the screws on the protective metal screen of the battery connector, which is attached to the motherboard. We remove the screen with tweezers.
  6. Using a spudger, we pull out the battery connector from the socket on the motherboard.
  7. We unscrew the screws on the upper metal protective screen, disconnect the loops of the camera and proximity sensor.
  8. We unfasten the loop of the LCD-display and touchscreen.
  9. Unscrew the screws on the protective screen of the speaker, remove the screen.
  10. Now you can carefully remove the earpiece and install a new one.
  11. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

It’s best not to save on buying high-quality replacement parts, since in the future low-quality parts can quickly fail or cause the iPhone to work incorrectly.