Iphone 6s Speaker Doesn’t Work

Modern mobile devices offer great opportunities for their owners. from making calls to watchings and listening to music. If you find a malfunction in the speaker, then the solution to this problem should be entrusted to experienced professionals from our service center. In cases of quiet dynamics, it is necessary to exclude clogging of the auditory canal and, if necessary, to clean it. The speaker can also fail if there is a strong mechanical effect on it. Our skilled craftsmen quickly and efficiently replace iPhone speakers.

Our iFix SC is often called with the question: why am I hard to hear when talking? Or, I do not hear the interlocutor? And really, in order to hear the speaker you have to listen carefully. The cause of bad sound on the iPhone can be both hardware and system problems.

One iPhone speaker does not work, out of two on the end of the gadget

The owners of the first iPhones in their life face such a problem. They notice that at the end of the gadget there are 2 nets for sound, but only through one is audible. In fact, it should be so. In the iPhone there is only 1 polyphonic speaker at the end. on the right, the left grill works for the microphone. But to receive the voice of the interlocutor, the front speaker (auditory) on the front panel serves.

I can not hear the interlocutor in iPhone, what is the reason?

  • Silent On
  • Accidentally reduced call volume by pressing the Mute button on the side of the iPhone
  • Software crash
  • Hardware failure of the front speaker or cable
  • Drops and bumps leading to disruption in contact of the iPhone speaker loop
  • Crashing iPhone Transmitted Sound Chips
  • Fatal effects
  • Auditory obstruction
  • Development of a resource of use
Iphone 6s Speaker Doesn't Work

I can not hear the conversation of the interlocutor in the iPhone

The most common failures with iPhone 6, 6s plus, in addition to the above, are problems with iOS 8.9. As well as attempts to jailbreak and download third-party applications. A fact confirming this version is the lack of sound when using a number of iphone programs, and not in all cases.

Other common causes of poor hearing iPhone

The sound disappears in the iPhone headphones

When the headset is working, the speakers do not participate in the process of transmitting sound, so the reason is not in them, but in the headphone jack, in the headset connectors themselves, in a software malfunction, poor recording quality or incorrect operation of the audio application itself.

The interlocutor can not hear me when talking on skype with iPhone

If the microphone has not been muted or switched to the minimum mode with the slider, and the headset is working (if there is an audibility problem when talking on the headphones with Skype). That is rather a hardware failure of the iPhone.

Apple gadgets purchased at unauthorized sales centers may also cause factory breakdowns of audio codecs (converters that convert a digital code to analog) and audio mixers (connectors between the codec and the sound directly through the speaker). Damage to one of these components can cause cracking, noise, or third-party sounds when talking or listening to music. It is unlikely that the seller will agree to replace such a gadget under warranty, but repair of the iPhone 6s, 6 s Plus speaker is possible and necessary.