Iphone 6 Screw Card Print

Iphone 6 Screw Card Print

Iphone SE and a 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Logitech’s experienced gaming mouse, a smartphone’s TV, Panasonic nurse robots, an international processor and a Russian processor “card flash drive” ECG Dongle.

About these and other entertaining gadgets that have caught our attention this week, see Saturday’s selection of Vesti.Hi-tech.

New Apple

The highlight of the week was Apple’s spring press conference on Monday. The company demonstrated two new devices: a 4-inch iPhone SE smartphone, which looks like a 5S model, but with the stuffing from the flagship 6S, and a compact iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch display, talented, according to the manufacturer, to replace the laptop.

Iphone SE has A9 chip with M9 coprocessor, 12-megapixel camera with support for 4K and “revived” photos, and swift Wi-Fi and LTE. Imagining the new product, Apple announced that it is twice as powerful as the iPhone 5S in computing power and three times as powerful in graphics performance. But, the new smartphone can not be called “6S in the shoes 5S”. The device does not support 3D Touch gestures, it owns the 1st generation decrepit Touch ID sensor and a 1.2-megapixel selfie camera, like the iPhone 5.

The new 9.7-inch tablet is completely (the RAM is still half as much. 2 GB). The iPad Pro is similar in its capabilities with a 12.9-inch display, released in the autumn. The compact model has everything that should prompt users to replace their shabby iPad or Windows PC with it. a wonderful processor, four speakers in the corners of the case for better sound and a separate cover for the keyboard with a little smaller than a similar accessory for “huge” iPad Pro, with keys.

In addition, the i-company lowered the price of Apple Watch smart watches from 350 to 300 US dollars, demonstrated straps made of new materials and colors, and told how it works to reduce the negative impact of its business on the external environment and how it helps scientists in studies of important diseases. Read more about the presentation of Apple in our final material.

Liam: recovery robot

Besides “apple” new products, Apple hit the audience with another device not intended for sale to consumers. We are talking about a recovery robot, talented in disassembling dilapidated iPhones for parts. Cars also have a name. Liam. The system, located near the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, consists of 29 robotic modules, talented, holding the iPhone, quickly and accurately disassemble it into its component parts.

In the demonstrated at the event, the system sorts all the details. from cases and glasses to microchips and mounting screws. The robot sorts the parts separately for reuse or extraction of useful metals from them. aluminum, copper, tin, tungsten, cobalt, gold and silver. It takes only 11 seconds to disassemble one smartphone and, working continuously at full capacity, Liam can cope with several million in a year “iPhones”.

Liam was developed for almost three years, but so far it can only work with iPhone 6. In the future, Apple is going to increase the capabilities of the robot so that it can also utilize other devices “apple” company. Apple plans to launch a second similar system in Europe. the exchange program for dilapidated iPhone to new ones is also gaining popularity there.

New Intel chips will come out less often

Intel has pursued its own strategy in the last decade “tick tack”, which implies the release of a new processor every year and a half. Per cycle “teak” the company improved the process technology, reducing the size of the board and transistors, and per stage “So”. improved the set of micro-commands, which led to increased chip performance and lower power consumption.

But now the strategy “tick tack”Introduced in 2006, Intel no longer allows it to move at a pace. The fact is that the endless adherence to a method involving a continuous increase in the number of transistors on silicon wafer crystals is unrealistic. Based on this, the company decided to switch from a two-stage to a three-stage process: “process, architecture, optimization” (PAO).

The new strategy implies a 2.5-year release cycle, respectively, consumers will need to wait an additional year before the appearance of a more productive chip. In addition, Intel is going to continue the life cycle of processors manufactured using 14-nm technology. Ignoring this, the company, as before, is confident that it will be able to release a 10-without a doubt chip (based on Cannonlake architecture) before its rivals.

HTC is close to the release of the flagship smartphone

Taiwanese HTC announced the date and time of the presentation of the new flagship smartphone. A device called HTC 10 will be demonstrated on April 12. It will continue the line of One, maintaining its usual design, but along with this will offer more advanced features.

Some details about the not yet announced flagship are already known. The flagship is promised a 5.15-inch AMOLED QHD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB “RAM”, 32 GB of internal memory and two cameras: a 12-megapixel rear and “ultra pixel” (5 megapixels) in front. Of course, Android 6.0.1 will be used as the OS. With the signature shell of HTC Sense.

On the “leaked” In the network of photographs, you can see that on the front panel of the HTC One 10 there is an elongated Home button with a built-in fingerprint and two capacitive keys: Back and for invoking the menu of relatively recently launched applications. In the previous model, HTC One M9, the buttons are placed right on the screen.

Overview: “card flash drive” ECG Dongle

News: Hi-tech explores new ECG Dongle gadget The so-called cardioflash allows for rapid monitoring of the heart. Along with this through a web service “Cardio Cloud” the received data can be sent to a cardiologist to get his advice.

The device created by Russian engineers from the company “Nordavind” in partnership with skilled cardiologists, when connected to an Android smartphone (or tablet), it allows you to take an electrocardiogram (ECG) in the most unpretentious conditions. It is necessary to keep in mind that the gadget is not an experienced medical device, on this basis it is not subject to mandatory certification.

ECG Dongle allows you to monitor your health, without violating the usual rhythm of life, going to the doctor in the local clinic. Since the cardiocomplex, which includes a cardio flash drive, offers consulting services of a remote expert for little money.

We will see that the gadget allows you to conduct express monitoring of the state of the cardiovascular system not only to himself, but also to his friends and relatives. A cardio flash drive, which uses a fully simple smartphone or tablet in its work, is quite simple to operate. In addition, its price at the present time is very burdensome. only about 3 thousand rubles.

Apple’s new cable charges iPad Pro faster

Apple has begun selling the new Lightning cable to USB-C, which allows the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to charge faster. The cord is available in two versions: 1 and 2 meters long. Price in the United States: 25 and 35, respectively.

The new accessory is only compatible with “huge” iPad Pro It is forbidden to connect it to the new 9.7-inch model, which was announced shortly before. In addition, the 12.9-inch “pill”. the only one that supports USB 3.0 speeds. The compact version of the iPad Pro still uses USB 2.0.

Most likely, users who want to take advantage of the fast charge, in addition, will need to fork out for a more wonderful USB-C power adapter (29 W), which is sold for 49. The same goes with the 12-inch MacBook. Equipped with a huge screen, the iPad Pro consumes a lot of power, on the basis of this, many users complain that the overgrown tablet does not actually charge while it is connected to the network.

quoted “friends” smartphone LG G5

LG has announced for additional modules for the flagship LG G5 from the LG and Friends series. The new smartphone was presented at MWC 2016 along with the so-called “buddies”extending the capabilities of the phone. “Of friends” the news was announced for a couple, but specifically, instead of the lower end of the case, two are connected: the LG Cam Plus module, to facilitate camera control and the LG Hi-Fi Plus audio module with BO play.

In the Korean market, the LG CAM Plus camera module with an additional battery will cost 99,000 won (about 85), and the module with the LG Hi-Fi Plus audio chip will cost 189,000 won (about 160). In addition, LG announced the price of a spare battery for the LG G5 smartphone, which will be 39,000 won (about 35).

Sales of the LG G5 phone itself will start on March 31 and, according to data from sources in the American retail network Best Buy, the price of a smartphone without a contract will be 800 in the United States. Follow this link. read all about LG’s flagship smartphone with interchangeable “buddies”.

Logitech gaming mouse

Logitech announced the G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse. The novelty belongs to the experimental category: an advanced gaming optical sensor, buttons with an iron spring mechanism, customizable backlight, and a universal design suitable for controlling both right and left hands.

A new accessory for e-sportsmen is connected wirelessly (radius. up to 10 meters) with a sampling frequency of 2.4 GHz, and the response time forms one millisecond. A full charge of the battery allows you to play continuously for 32 hours, along with this, at any second, the user can switch to wired mode by connecting the cable included in the kit. Absolutely the battery will charge in two hours.

TV is already a smartphone

The Chinese company Xiaomi officially introduced its first Smart TV with a concave-shaped screen from the Mi TV 3S series. The model under the name Curve owns a 65-inch 4K matrix made by Samsung and a record low thickness. The novelty took a four-core MStar 6A928 chip with a Mali-T760 graphics controller, 2 GB of dual-channel DDR3 memory, 8 GB of eMMC 5.0 flash memory and a speaker system that supports Dolby DTS standard.

Device OS. Android with a proprietary MIUI shell. Ignoring the impressive specs, the TV is only 5.9 mm thick, which is also less than the iPhone 6s. In the Chinese market, the price of the curved Mi TV 3S Curve is 9,000 yuan (at the current rate of approximately 95,000 rubles).

Currently, televisions are available only in the Chinese market, and whether Xiaomi will sell them in other states will be known soon.

Russian chip is not strong imported

Russian x86-compatible processor Baikal-T1 from the company “Baikal Electronics” It has performance comparable to entry-level processors from Intel or AMD. These are the results of a review of the Geektimes website. The processor, created on the basis of two MIPS 32 r5 P5600 cores, operates at a frequency of up to 1.2 GHz, is manufactured using a 28-nm process and has a built-in 1 MB cache.

Low power consumption of the processor (only 5 W) allows it to work without a heatsink. Baikal-T1 supports two gigabit Ethernet ports and one 10-gigabit memory controller working with DDR3-1600 modules with a total capacity of up to 8 GB, a PCIe Gen.3 controller, a SATA 3.0 (6 Gb) controller, and a USB 2.0 controller.

In the Coremark test for two threads, he scored 10342 points. For comparison, a similar result in this test (approximately 10,800 points) shows a dual-core Intel Atom E3827 chip with a frequency of 1.75 GHz, released at the end of 2013 using the 22-nm process technology and costing about 40 for bulk deliveries.

Review: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)

Vesti.Hi-tech went for a test smartphone mid-range Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 example. Taking a more spectacular appearance thanks to the glass back panel, the updated model exceeded its predecessor as well as in the filling. In particular, the size (5.2 inches vs 5 inches) and screen resolution (Full HD vs HD), main camera settings (optical stabilization, aperture ratio f / 1.9 vs f / 2.0), processor power (Exynos 7580 Octa vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 ), a large capacity of an additional memory card (128 GB vs 64 GB), a battery capacity (2 900 mAh vs 2,300 mAh).

It is also necessary to emphasize the presence of a fingerprint scanner and improved communication capabilities (LTE Cat.6 vs LTE Cat.4) of the new device. Ignoring the increased processor power, the main limitation of the updated Galaxy A5 (2016) model, as before, remains its average performance, which, however, is fully enough for most applications.

Unfortunately, the device lacks a charging / notification LED. Well, in the 2-SIM (DUOS) version of the smartphone, the disadvantages include the alternative installation of the second subscriber identity module (nanoSIM card) and memory card. Read about all the impressions of the Galaxy A5 in our review.

Panasonic Robots

Panasonic introduced new developments in the field of robotics: exoskeletons, robotic suits, electric beds and nurse robots. Novelties are aimed at workers in professions related to hard physical labor. movers and farmers, and for older people.

Exoskeleton nicknamed “Ninja”Helps a person walk and run. Such a suit will be needed, for example, for a long climb to a gentle hill. Currently, Panasonic is developing exoskeleton, so that people”ninja” I was able not only to quickly run up, but also to carry additional loads. The largest of the exoskeletons, Power Loader, took 20 electric motors that enhance human capabilities. Such an exoskeleton will be needed for example to builders or rescuers.

Robot Resyone combines an electric wheelchair and an automatic medical bed. If necessary, the device can be divided into two halves, one of which is converted into a chair. This greatly simplifies the work of nurses in clinics when moving patients.

The Self-Reliance Support Robot Assistant Robot for seniors helps them cope with these daily tasks of getting out of bed, going to the toilet or bathroom. Through sensors, the robot can predict human movements. The device does not replace the movements of the owner’s muscles absolutely, allowing you to maintain a healthy physical activity.

3D printer for smartphone

American startup OLO introduced the world’s first smartphone-based 3D printer. There are no components classical for similar devices in development. those that process a virtual three-dimensional model and calculate the trajectory of the print heads.

over, OLO also lacks the printheads themselves. The printer does not create objects from molten material, but from a liquid polymer, causing it to solidify under the influence of light. The developers claim that using Autodesk 123D Catch, it is possible to scan any three-dimensional object, automatically create its model and print on a 3D printer in 10 minutes.

OLO is compatible with virtually any smartphone and supports Android, iOS and Windows mobile OSs. The printer can only work with unique supplies. We will see that the developers were struck not only by the idea, but also by an absolutely unprecedented price: OLO is sold for only 99 dollars.

The material was prepared by Oleg Ilyukhin with the participation of Nikolai Belkin, Andrey Borzenko and Victoria Nosova