Iphone 6 S Screen Auto-rotate How to Make

Since firmware iOS 4.0, in iPhone and iPad there was a screen flip lock function, a very useful feature that will help, for example, lying on the couch, fully use the device and not suffer from unexpected rotation when viewing photos or writing SMS.

To temporarily disable screen rotation, press 2 times Home button and scrolling the bottom line you see the lock icon, such as shown in the image above. The lock means. block, in this mode the screen will not be flipped.

In previous versions of the firmware, in order to lock the screen, it was necessary to jailbreak and install a third-party application. If Apple’s policy goes in the same direction, then soon (with the advent of new firmware versions) the need for jailbreak procedures may disappear altogether.

Screen rotation lock on iPhone with iOS 7

After updating the iPhone firmware to iOS 7th version, the screen rotation of the phone began to be blocked even faster and more convenient. Now screen rotation is locked in a new menu called Control Point.

If your iPhone does not flip the image, be it photos,s, contacts or the Safari browser, this means that the phone’s display is locked. In this case, the lock icon in a circle will be displayed in the status bar of the iPhone.

Liven up the display i.e. It’s easy to turn on the screen rotation in iOS 7, pull out the widget of the control point below and turn off the lock using the same icon that shows the lock in the circle. The following will appear on the iPhone screen (in the control room):

Iphone 6 S Screen Auto-rotate How to Make

Block. portrait orientation: off

Now the iPhone will again be able to rotate the photo or. both horizontally and vertically. The screen flip will also apply to other applications, for example. Contacts, Safari and others.

The only inconvenience of the new iPhone and iPod touch screen rotation lock is that the display lock is mainly performed for portrait orientation only, i.e. Lock the display with Safari in horizontal mode does not work, the display with the browser will turn over and lock vertically. Accordingly, lying on its side to climb the Internet pages in horizontal mode for the iPhone and iPod will not work. But on the iPad you can, the screen lock on the tablet works a little differently.