Iphone 6 Not Charging Solution

Iphone 6 Not Charging Solution

Problem number 1: unfinished iOS 13

Apple began testing iOS 13.1 a few weeks before the official release of iOS 13. Only this fact is enough to understand that the release of the operating system did not work out. Due to a rather large set of new features, it turned out to be too crude. The iPhone 11 based on it lost its network connection, “froze” even some standard applications, let down in working with the system and third-party software. What does a bug of third-party keyboards cost when flipping the screen, which was not fixed even in iOS 13.2.

Possible Solution:

  • It’s best to just wait for the developers to clean up iOS 13 from problems.
  • This, of course, is a joke, but the transition to Android will also not help with iOS 13 bugs.

Problem # 2: wireless charging

Malfunctions of wireless chargers are common. Some users reported that they put their latest iPhone models on a Qi-type station, but after a while their devices not only didn’t replenish their vitality, but also became very hot. Many people encountered this problem only after the release of iOS 13, so perhaps the problem is precisely in the software.

In addition, one of the popular forums is vigorously discussing a post:
“My iPhone 11 Pro Max does not see wireless charging, although I tried several different devices. What worked great with my past XS Max has now become simply useless. The new flagship only charges via cable. ” Possible Solution:

Most likely, this problem is not related to the improper use of the smartphone, so you can not avoid it. Just keep charging your iPhone with a cable until Apple sort out the issue, and don’t forget to install all the updates coming.

The main thing is to make sure you put the smartphone in the right place of the wireless charging station, try feeding the device without a case and other “layers” that may not allow electromagnetic induction.

Problem 3: Activation Issues

This question arises not only with the owners of the new iPhone 11. Many users have for several years been faced with the fact that when they first turn on their new device gives an activation failure.

Possible solutions:

If you are having problems with your new iPhone, first make sure your internet connection is active. Also check if you have installed a SIM card, if you have money in your account and if you have a data plan connected if you use mobile Internet.

Problem number 4: problems with volume and sound

This is also faced by a fairly large number of users, regardless of which model of Apple smartphone they have. iPhone 11 among them.

Possible solutions:

  • Try turning off Bluetooth to compare sound quality with and without it.
  • Make sure the speaker is clean and free of debris, food, or dust.
  • If the above steps do not improve the sound quality, clear the device’s cache by restarting it.
  • Complete a factory reset. Before doing this, first back up your data via iTunes, Finder (for macOS Catalina) or iCloud.

Problem number 5: smartphone overheating

Many users complain that their iPhone 11 is very hot, which negatively affects the battery life. Some wrote that this is especially noticeable when GPS is turned on. sometimes the gadget is simply impossible to hold.

Possible solutions:

If you feel that your device heats up too often and very much (even when you are not burdening it with tasks), take it to the nearest official Apple service center.

Please note that you should not leave your iPhone in the open sun and in a car when it’s hot enough outside. In addition, try not to use the device while charging. this negatively affects its temperature.

Problem number 6: unstable Bluetooth

The network also has reports of problems with connecting accessories via Bluetooth. An unstable connection is observed in all use cases, and not in specific situations.
“My iPhone 11 has the same Bluetooth problem that the iPhone 6 Plus once had. the connection is lost when the smartphone is connected to the car. Devices can look for each other for more than five minutes, and then simply display an error message, ”one user writes. Possible solutions:

  • Check if Bluetooth is turned on. If it is inactive and you cannot fix it, reboot the device. Then try pairing and connecting again.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth accessory and smartphone are in close proximity to each other.
  • Check if both devices are charged.
  • If none of the above steps help, contact Apple Technical Support.

In general, questions to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (Max), if any, are related only to the dampness of the software. Obviously, with the release of each next version of iOS, their number will only decrease. The faster they succeed in the light, the better.

Caution: this is a partial translation of the Digital Trends article.