Iphone 6 Battery Recovery

Iphone 6 Battery Recovery

After a wave of conflicting opinions of readers about the selection of tips by Eduard Sargsyan on how to extend the battery life of the iPhone, I checked my wear.

For 163 days after activation and 140 full charge-discharge cycles, my 7’s battery status great. And the capacity reaches 98% of the declared.

In doing so, I:

  • I charge iPhone charging from iPad in 95% of cases
  • I keep a smartphone connected to a Mac for a couple of hours every day
  • is always connect it to charge all night
  • I used Rock’s dubious Lightning (they just fell apart in a couple of months), and today I preferred the Native Union (like MFi, quality 5)
  • I put my iPhone in powerbanks and Xiaomi auto-charging (I think it’s okay here)
  • I do not follow the temperature regime from the word at all (ahead of summer and a regular beach)

How to check for wear:

Battery Pro (for iOS)

The mobile application looks ugly and does not differ in measurement accuracy. It claims that the battery of my iPhone is in perfect condition. 0.0% wear.

At the same time, it determines the residual capacity at the level of 2000/2000 mAh (I recall, in general, in iPhone 7. 1950 mAh)

In addition, there is data on the source of the charge, which is similar to the truth, determining the operating time of the device and other additional information.

I recommend using this application only, if you don’t have a Mac at hand for more accurate tests.

coconut Battery (for macOS)

In my understanding, this is the best application for determining the level of wear of the iPhone battery, which can be found on the iOS Device tab.

Here you can see the number of complete charge-discharge cycles (after 500, experts recommend changing the battery), remaining capacity (see Maximum Charge) and other data.

According to this information, I am guided by the consequences of my “bad habits” of using the iPhone. lowered the level to 98%.

This application is also interesting for diagnosing a MacBook battery. in a year and a half of super-intensive use, I “killed” my up to 92% of the declared capacity.

iBackupBot (for Windows)

The data of this “scary” application, which I recommend to Windows users for lack of coconut Battery, does not coincide with the previous ones.

This is strange. it is generally claimed here that I can charge an iPhone up to 2000 mAh out of 1950 possible. But I suggest perceiving this as an ideal battery condition.

You can access information in the Information menu. Look at DesignCapacity. this is the declared capacity, FullChargeCapacity. this is the state of the battery today.


Almost half a year of intensive use, two of the three tests indicate the perfect condition of the battery of my iPhone 7, and one of the decrease in capacity by 2%.

On this occasion, to put everything in its place, I suggest small interactive: let’s check the iPhone batteries together and talk about their wear and tear “Bad habits” in comments.

Thus, once and for all, we decide whether the smart charge of the smartphone makes sense. Or you can just use it and have fun.

UPD: It is likely that the software that was used in the article does not have access to information about the battery of the iPhone 7 / Plus.