Iphone 5s Settings Files

Sometimes there is a need to return iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7 to the factory (standard) settings that were installed on the device before purchase. But not everyone knows how to reset an iPhone to factory settings. I would like to warn you that this action will erase all the data that was previously on your iPhone (contacts, applications, etc.)

I suggest you consider two possible options for resetting the following models to iPhone: 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7.

1 way. reset without iTunes

If in doubt or is afraid to perform a factory reset, back up your data. I will explain, having done this, you can restore all the data that was on the iPhone before resetting the settings. You can back up using applications such as iCloud or iTunes.

  1. Turn on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the “Settings” section.
  3. Click the “General” tab.
  4. Here you need to find the tab called “Reset”. iPhone will offer you two possible options. By clicking on the “Reset Settings” button, you will delete all device data, but leave the existing files. If you click on the “Reset Settings and Content” button, then absolutely all data will be deleted from the iPhone.

Iphone 5s Settings Files

You will get an iPhone with a completely clean operating system and factory settings. Now you know how to reset the iPhone to the factory settings, there is an alternative way that is not inferior to this.

How to reset iPhone without using iTunes. instruction:. Method 2. reset using iTunes

Another way to reset iPhone settings is through iTunes. As in the previous version, all data available on the device will be completely deleted.

But before you start the reset (restore), do the following:

  1. Update iTunes to the latest version.
  2. Back up the data on the device (this can be done in iTunes itself) and transfer it to your PC.
  3. Now all that remains is to turn off the function called “Find iPhone”. This can be done in the iCloud tab located in the “Settingsmenu.

Now you can start the recovery process itself, you need to do it in this order:

  1. Find the cable and connect the iPhone to the PC, it is advisable to use the cable that came with the device.
  2. Wait until your iPhone appears in iTunes. When this happens, click on it, and then on the “Restore” button (it is located in the “Overview” tab).
  3. To start the reset process, you need to press the button one more time. Now you just have to wait, iTunes will start downloading the software to your device.
  4. When the recovery process comes to an end, the iPhone will reboot. Reset is completed, “Configure” appears on the screen. You will need to complete the setup just like on the new iPhone.

instructions for resetting iPhone using iTunes:. Hard reset

It happens that the iPhone does not start, or a person just forgets the password, then you can use a more stringent method. Hard reset. Its main drawback is that you will not be able to save the necessary data. To implement it, you also need to update iTunes in advance.

  1. Disconnect the iPhone, if this fails, hold down buttons such as “Home” and “Sleep”.
  2. Connect iPhone to PC using cable.
  3. Keep digging home while connected to iPhone USB.
  4. Only the last step remained. When the iTunes screen appears, release the previously pressed button. If this screen does not appear, do not worry! Try repeating steps 1-3.

Now you have learned how to reset iPhone via itunes. The choice of method is up to you, you can use any.