Iphone 5s Not Turning On Itunes

Iphone 5s Not Turning On Itunes

Friends, occurrences USB cord and iTunes icon on the screen of iPhone phones, iPad tablets and iPods are quite common. In general, it is generally accepted that if a cord and an icon in the form of the iTunes program logo appear on the black display of one of these devices, it means that the Recovery Mode is running. But not everyone knows that cable and iTunes, in addition to Recovery Mode, can mean Recovery Loop, which is different from recovery mode.

In order for you to be able to make an accurate diagnosis, determine the mode in which your iPhone (or other device) is located, displaying a USB cable and Aityuns, we will write down the results of our research acquired as a result of using these mobile Apple devices. And maybe at least someone our meager knowledge will help solve their problem and restore the phone or tablet.

Recovery Mode. Normal

It is entered into the normal recovery mode of the iPhone or iPad using simple actions, the sequence of these actions is described here. “How to enter the iPhone in RM”. To exit the normal Recovery Mode, we simply left the iPhone for a while, it rebooted itself and exited recovery mode. To immediately exit recovery mode (so as not to wait), we simply forcibly rebooted the iPhone. It turns out that from the normal recovery mode, unlike others, it is quite easy to exit using a reboot.

Recovery Loop Mode. Obedient

There are cases that after a forced reboot, which is used to exit the normal recovery mode, the iPhone still continues to load a black screen, on which we see the cord and iTunes again and again. This situation means that the iPhone is in the so-called “recovery loop” mode (Recovery Loop). A phone or tablet in this mode is often driven by iTunes. Getting into Recovery Loop can occur for various reasons, for example, as a result of errors when updating or restoring iOS firmware. The recovery loop can occur as a result of a software, hardware or household failure (for example, accidentally unplugged the cable), once we put the iPhone into Recovery Loop mode when we tried to downgrade the iOS firmware from 7 to 6th.

Why did we add the word “Obedient” in the subtitle? Yes, because you can still get out of the obedient recovery loop and return the iPhone to working condition without losing information, for this we used the TinyUmbrella program, some users with TinyUmbrella had difficulties, and we found a more convenient way to exit Recovery Loop using the program RedSn0w. There are other programs to exit the loop. iReb and RecBoot.

Recovery loop mode. not obedient

If your iPhone or iPad falls into a naughty Recovery Loop, then, as a rule, not only a forced reboot is powerless, but also the redsn0w, iReb, TinyUmbrella and RecBoot programs cannot also take the iPhone out of the recovery loop. As a result of using the programs mentioned above, the iPhone continues to display the USB cable and iTunes logo after a reboot. In this case, we did not succeed in avoiding the loss of information stored on the iPhone, but it is good if you also made a backup copy earlier.

If you caught a naughty recovery loop, then you only need to connect your iPhone to iTuens and try to flash it. Sometimes it is not possible to flash the phone in this mode, then they enter it into DFU mode and try to flash it again. As a result of the firmware, the iPhone erases all the information, and we restore it from the backup made earlier. It happens that after flashing the iPhone or iPad they ask to enter someone’s Apple ID and password, but this is a completely different story.