Iphone 5s Heats Up When Using The Internet

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Iphone 5s Heats Up When Using The Internet

Many owners of Apple smartphones are concerned about the fact that they have a warm iPhone. Before thinking about a possible phone breakdown and visiting a service center, pay attention to the circumstances in which the iPhone heats up.

What is the norm

For example, if an iPhone warms up when charging, there is no reason for concern at all. Apple phones are mini computers that consume huge amounts of power. They have such a device, which cannot but heat up when charging. Also, the absolute norm is a slight heating of the iPhone in the following circumstances:

  • when watching a for a long time
  • when working on the Internet and viewing several pages at once
  • when using several programs at once (player, skype, geolocation)
  • when using the camera in recording mode for a long time

Also, iPhones often heat up in such cases:

  • when using various programs for editing or photo processing
  • when playing games with modern graphics
  • while talking on a smartphone connected to a charger

In a word, the harder the processor works and the more tasks it processes in one unit of time, the stronger the iPhone heats up.

Fault diagnosis

By itself, heating the iPhone in the above situations is not terrible. It is worth worrying only when, along with heating the iPhone case, there are other negative aspects of the mobile device. You can think about repairing the “apple” if you notice the following signs of damage:

  • iPhone charges unusually long
  • IPhone sits very quickly
  • iPhone turns off abruptly as soon as it gets warm
  • when heating the iPhone, the display shows much worse, the speakers do not work well

The reasons for heating in these cases may be battery malfunctions or other problems with the hardware of the device. Internal problems occur when the case is damaged or water gets into the iPhone. The causes of internal malfunctions in which the device is very hot can also be the repeated use of a charger that is not “native” to your “apple” model.

Preventive measures

If your iPhone is warming up, and you assume that it is unnaturally hot, make sure that the rules for its operation are correctly observed. Smartphones rarely heat up if you:

  • charge the iPhone with the “native” cord for the set time (turn off immediately after filling the battery)
  • do not allow situations in which the smartphone is discharged to zero
  • do not leave the phone overheated in the sun
  • turn off unnecessary functions in standby mode (geolocation, Wi-Fi search)
  • during games or watching a, give the phone a “rest” after several hours of constant work

These operating rules are especially relevant for owners of not new Apple smartphone models, which heat up much more often and faster than later versions of apples.

Types of Repair

Only a professional can determine the cause of the breakdown of your phone if it becomes unnaturally hot during operation. Most often, in these cases, the battery is to blame, especially if the smartphone quickly sits down or inadvertently turns off after it has warmed up. It is impossible to repair the battery, it is simply replaced. The battery is replaced within a few minutes, so you do not spend much time on repairs.

You can fix the problem yourself by replacing the battery at home. However, a professional at the same time will check the serviceability of such phone modules as:

If your battery has been very hot for a long time, some of the screen cables and other “stuffing” of the smartphone could be damaged. A professional master will not only quickly identify, but also eliminate the breakdown, which is quite difficult to determine on your own.

If your battery or the upper part of the “apple” body is warming up when browsing the Internet, watchings, playing games or talking on Skype, and the phone is quickly discharged and finally goes down, seek professional help from the executors of Yudu.