iPhone 5s can’t see SIM card

What to do if instead of the operator on the iPhone it says “no network” or the smartphone does not see the SIM card after repair (flashing)

In the event of the described problem, first of all, you need to look at the set time. if the smartphone does not correctly display the current time and date, then you need to perform the following simple algorithm of actions:

Connect the device to an active Wi-Fi network;

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Go to Settings → General → Date and time;

Toggle the “Automatic” checkbox to the active position (if set by default. turn it off and on);

No network, search or what to do when the iPhone does not see the operator’s SIM card while roaming abroad

If you have ever traveled abroad with your iPhone, you may have encountered this problem. You turned off your smartphone during the flight, and when you turned it on, your device does not connect to the cellular network, but displays the message “No network”. What to do?

The Apple Support Forum has a corresponding discussion thread with a million pages to read. But even if you honestly start reading everything in order to figure it out, you will not get an answer to your question even after a few hours of careful reading.

The system message “No network” (Searching for a network) appears when your iPhone or iPad (yes, the problem is also relevant for “apple” tablets) cannot connect to it, or connects to the operator, but cannot establish a connection with any Internet or cellular network. You can even see the name of the operator who serves you. but then it will disappear anyway.

This error can have several reasons at once. But first, the most common and simplest of them should be excluded. And anyone can do it.

Switch from LTE (4G) to 3G

Open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings.

Select Cellular → Voice and data. 3. Click on the Voice and Data label and change LTE to 3G or 2G.

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Why should you do this? Experience shows that not all mobile operators abroad provide roaming in 4G / LTE networks. As a result, which is logical, your iPhone or iPad is not connected to networks. simply because there is nothing there for “foreigners”. And the easiest way to solve this problem is to look for networks of the previous, third generation (3G), because it is difficult to imagine a more or less developed country where they do not exist.

Let’s repeat. this situation has nothing to do with 4G coverage of foreign operators. They can provide 4G networks to local subscribers, but not to newcomers.

Well, let’s look at the options for solving the problem from among those that Apple offers us.

Turn your iPhone (iPad) off and on

Update carrier settings

Take out the SIM card and insert it back

Reset network settings

Settings → General → Reset → Reset network settings. Keep in mind that this operation resets Wi-Fi passwords, cellular network settings, and preset VPN / APN settings.

Update iOS on iPhone and iPad to the latest version (details)

Contact your cellular operator for help

Check with him if the account is active, if there are any technical problems with communication in your region.

Reset iPhone or iPad to factory settings (detail)

No network, search, or why the iPhone does not see the operator’s SIM card

Sometimes users face such a problem while traveling, using roaming, after reinstalling iOS, hardware repair (battery or display replacement) of the smartphone, or a long period of inactivity (without recharging). the operator logo disappears on the iPhone and there is no connection to the cellular network. Let’s try to figure out what is the cause of the “breakdown” in such cases and how to fix it.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that the employees of service centers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. They are far from always able to identify the real reason for the lack of connection to the cellular network (or deliberately hide it) and perform a number of expensive procedures. from a simple reinstallation of iOS and ending with hardware repair using a soldering iron and other “jewelry” tools.

Check if the SIM card is working?

Unfortunately, SIM cards also fail. Therefore, first of all, check if the SIM card in your iPhone works. This can be done, for example, by installing a SIM card in another smartphone.

What to do if the Internet does not work on iPhone while roaming

Go to Settings → Cellular and see if the slider next to Cellular data is turned on. 2. If you are abroad, check if the data roaming settings are active (Settings → Cellular → Data Options → Data Roaming).

Keep in mind that the cost of mobile data roaming is much higher.

These simple methods, in some cases, will help you avoid going to the service center and save a decent amount, which could be invoiced by not clean on hand specialists.

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Why iPhone can’t see or read SIM card. what to do

Owners of “apple” products often face situations when the iPhone does not recognize the SIM card. And although Apple products are traditionally considered reliable, breakdowns occur in any equipment. iPhone also breaks down with active use, and there are a large number of reasons that provoked the appearance of problems with the SIM-card. The list is impressive, from crashes and bumps to incorrect firmware updates. The owners of smartphones panic, because it is expensive to carry them for repairs, besides, the owner will solve three quarters of the problems without the help of a master. The main thing is to figure out what is the cause of the breakdown, and instructions for elimination can be found in this article.

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Actions if the SIM card cannot be read

Update operator settings

Most of the operator settings are loaded and installed automatically, but the update can also be installed manually. To do this, open the smartphone settings, go to the “General” tab, where you will select the “About this device” item. If an update is available for installation, a message will appear on the screen. Confirm your choice and wait for the installation to complete. The process takes a couple of minutes, you may need to restart your smartphone. It is imperative to update the settings, even if the SIM is working properly. the mobile network will work better and “cleaner”.

Mechanical damage to the smartphone

Reinstall SIM

After buying a new smartphone or hitting the ground, users are “introduced” to a SIM error. In this case, reinstalling the SIM will help:

  • disconnect your iPhone;
  • find a small round hole on the side of the smartphone;
  • take a specialized or suitable paper clip;
  • insert into hole and press;
  • carefully remove the tray;
  • pull out and reinsert the SIM card;
  • put the tray back;
  • turn on your smartphone.

iphone 5s no service

Wait for the phone to fully boot up. If an icon of a defined network appears at the top, then the problem can be considered solved without going to a specialist.

Failure in network settings

A failure in the network settings can occur both immediately after the start of using the iPhone, and after a while. To fix it, you must try to do a network settings reset.

    Open the parameters on your smartphone, and then go to the “Basic” section.

Tap on the item “Reset network settings” and confirm the start of the process using the password code.

iPhone 5/5c/5s: How to Fix “No Service” or “Searching” Issue

Phone malfunction

If the iPhone appears to malfunction, the first thing to try is to restart the phone. Typically, this simple method will solve a communication problem successfully in most cases.

Incorrect connection

  • First of all, you should make sure that the SIM card is connected to the phone correctly. First, you need to open the SIM card tray using a special paper clip.

When the tray is removed from the device, pull out the SIM card. Reinstall it with the chip down. Also make sure the cut corner of the card aligns with the notch in the tray.

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  • Press lightly on the SIM card until it fits snugly into the tray. Then replace the tray by pushing it in until it clicks into place. Turn on the screen and check if the operator is detected in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • SIM card malfunction

    Do not exclude the possibility that the problem is not in the iPhone at all, but in the card itself, which for some reason is out of order. You can check this using another phone: just connect a SIM card to it and check its performance. If you are convinced that the card is faulty, you will need to contact the nearest operator’s salon. As a rule, the procedure for replacing the SIM card is provided free of charge.

    Why iPhone can’t see SIM card

    Below we will consider the main list of reasons that can affect the occurrence of a problem with the visibility of the SIM card on your phone, and options for their elimination.

    Firmware malfunction

    If the phone still does not see the connected SIM card, it should be assumed that there is a serious software glitch in iOS. You can solve it by flashing the device.

    • Connect iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and then launch iTunes.
    • Put your smartphone in DFU mode. This mode is emergency and is used to solve problems in the operation of the device’s operating system.

    iPhone 5/5s/5c: 8 Fixes for Invalid Sim, No Service, Constantly Searching, No Sim Card, etc

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    If the iPhone input to DFU is correct, iTunes will report the connected device. Don’t worry if the screen displays the wrong color of your smartphone. Click on the “OK” button.

    Then iTunes will offer to restore the device. Start this process and wait for it to finish: first, the program will automatically download the latest version of iOS, and then proceed to installing the firmware.

    When a welcome window appears on the smartphone screen, activate the device and check if the cellular operator is detected.

    What to do if iPhone can’t see SIM card

    Cellular module failure

    Unfortunately, if the recommendations given in the article above did not bring a positive result, one should suspect a hardware malfunction. a breakdown of the cellular module. accurate information can be provided by a qualified specialist. Therefore, you should contact the service center, where diagnostics will be carried out. If the technician discovers that the problem really lies in the breakdown of the cellular module, the faulty part will be replaced.

    In most cases, the problem when the iPhone does not see the SIM card occurs either due to its incorrect installation in the device, or due to software problems. And only in rare cases there is a hardware failure.