Iphone 5c Top Button Does Not Work

Hey. It’s time to tell you your iPhone lock button failure history. You will laugh, but I still have an old iPhone 4S brought by an employee from Canada. My iPhone has served for as long as 4 years and is still working flawlessly.

True, there was one case when the POWER button simply stuck (stopped pressing) and I could not use the phone normally. Today I will tell you how to overcome this fairly common disease. This story is from the happy end series. So read the article to the end.

I was not the first and I will not be the last user of the iPhone, which is faced with broken iPhone buttons. In this case, there are cases of failure of both the lock (power) button and the volume buttons (plus or minus). And also it is worth noting that the buttons break on absolutely all iPhone models.

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What leads to their failure? It’s difficult to give an unambiguous answer here. It could be the iPhone falling onto one of these buttons or a strong press, or it could just be a defect or poorly-made iPhone components.

Faced with a situation when one of the most strategic buttons on the iPhone stopped being pressed, I decided to get to the bottom of the problem and fix the lock button on my own. Well, or at least try to fix it. In the next paragraph more about this.

Why iPhone Lock Button Does Not Work

Why does the lock button stick on some less happy devices? The answer lies in the bowels of the iPhone and is associated with “physiology of the structure”Button mechanism.

Iphone 5c Top Button Does Not Work

The button itself (what we see at the end of the iPhone) cannot break, since it is just a piece of aluminum. But here under the button is the so-called loop with miniature spring contacts, which fail.

The figure above shows the spring contact with a small black plastic “pimpochka” in the center. It is this very little girl who is the cause of all the troubles.

The fact is that over time (possibly after a strong push or hit) this little black tubercle can crumble or fall away, and without it the button will no longer function.

That’s the whole breakdown. Now the situation is only in the repair method. It all depends on how much you are willing to fork out or perhaps you yourself want to make repairs.

Workaround for a broken power button on iPhone

A lot of instructions about “How to fix iPhone lock button.”But almost all of them deceive users and come down to temporarily replacing the button with an iOS software feature.

Apparently the Cupertinians initially knew that the problem with the buttons is quite possible, and added to Settings The main Universal access paragraph AssistiveTouch.

After activating which, a square button appears on the iPhone screen, which has many functions.

One of the functions is called “Screen lock“(Located in the subcategory”Apparatus“) And essentially performs the action of the iPhone’s lock button.

Actually, this is a temporary solution that many successfully use. Naturally, the physical button will also be inoperative and in order to really fix it, read the next paragraph.

IPhone Lock Button Repair

Let me remind you that the lock button stopped pressing after the small plastic tubercle crumbled (fell off, etc.). Well, you remember (see photo above)

To resolve this malfunction, there are only two options:

  • replace the entire loop
  • repair an existing cable

You can replace the cable on which the lock button is located in the service center, or you can do it yourself. If you are quite direct-handed and you have the necessary tools, you can try to save.

Detailed instructions with photos on disassembling almost all Apple equipment and more are posted on iFixit.com. You can buy a cable for your iPhone model in China on AliExpress.com (or another site), but from personal experience I can say that The spare part MAY come initially non-working.

The fact is that on the same loop with the buttons there are also other elements. sensors or switches.

Apparently, the Chinese are not very good with quality control yet. So I bought a cable to replace the volume buttons on the employee’s iPhone 4S (the “” button did not work for him).

According to the instructions from the site iFixit.com made a replacement (it took about 1 hour in time), and eventually got a working “” button, but a disabled “-“ and a headphone jack.

Fortunately, I did not damage the original cable when disassembling it. I had to install it back and resort to the option of repairing the original loop.

Repair of the loop, or rather the spring contact of the button, consists in restoring the microscopic tubercle. What have I done? I took a sharp blade and cut off the tubercle from the Chinese plume, and then glued it with “super glue” to the right place on the original plume.

It is necessary to be extremely careful and accurate in your movements, because the parts are really VERY tiny.

I bought ten spring contacts on AliExpress and am now using them as donors to make plastic tubercles.

In this way, I restored the power button and the volume “” button in two different iPhone 4S. ATTENTION: If you have never before repaired anything in your life, it is better to contact specialists.

Well, the “photo on the horse”. The operation was successful, the patient was satisfied.

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