Iphone 5c Front Camera Does Not Work

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Iphone 5c Front Camera Does Not Work

Despite the fact that Apple products are considered the standard of quality, even it sometimes fails. One of the common failures iPhone 5 owners encounter is a camera malfunction.

Why the camera does not work

Inexperienced iPhone 4s and 5s users often face the problem of a camera not working due to a discharged battery. Therefore, before going to service, look at the display, the battery may be poorly charged. The second most common cause is crashes in the operating system. This usually happens after you have a new application, or the next update has downloaded incorrectly.

Apple Service Center Addresses. Repair cost if the iPhone camera does not work

If your phone has fallen and after that the iPhone camera, main or front, does not work, then the cause is most likely the mechanical damage to the module, which outwardly cannot always be recognized. Also, a fairly popular case is the failure of the camera as a result of contact with water or any other liquid, because of which the control unit may burn out or the matrix may deteriorate.

What to do if the iPhone camera does not work

The most banal answer to this question is to try to charge the device. However, this can only help if your iPhone is really dead. over, before turning off the camera, the flashlight will stop working, and the smartphone will in every way notify the user about the state of charge.

If the problem is an operating system error (instead of the image, a black display, the flash does not turn on, the color rendering is incorrect, the zoom does not work, etc.), there are two ways to solve it. Try restarting your phone. If this does not help, your iPhone 5s needs a flashing. This procedure is best carried out in the service center, as independent manipulations can lead to new malfunctions.

Contact with water can damage the camera in seconds. The most common cause in this case is a short circuit, which leads to the shutdown of the entire module. When you see that your phone has fallen into the water or ceased to function normally after a small overflow of tea, immediately go to the service center!

The front and more advanced rear camera contain a lot of sensitive elements: lenses, a matrix, a variety of sensors and controllers. Therefore, in the event of a fall, there is a high risk that one of them will be damaged as a result of severe mechanical stress. As a result, the iPhone’s camera does not work, doesn’t take pictures, and generally does not work properly. In this case, you have no other choice but to use the help of professionals who, depending on the extent of the damage, will repair the module or replace it with a new one.

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