Iphone 5 Sends SMS Abroad

What to do if iMessage sends SMS to number 44 and other bugs related to the Apple service.

These mistakes are a hundred years in the afternoon, but a definite solution does not yet exist.

iMessage is a cool service with the introduction of which there is no need to pay for each SMS. One trouble, he periodically falls off. And if in some cases you can just set up your iPhone correctly, then in others you won’t do anything. It seems that the operators deliberately put sticks in the wheels of the free message service.

So what if iMessage does not work correctly?

Do not change from year to year. We have written several times about these errors. If you put everything together, you get the following list:

iMessage is not activated

Often, you may encounter an “eternal” expectation of activation. It seems that the slider is in the right position, but iMessage does not turn on. I have this “sore” manifested itself when flying to another country.

iMessage not sent

Typically, the case is disabled iMessage at the recipient or incorrect settings at the sender. But it happens like this: everything is on, activated and correctly configured, but when sending a message it still gives an error.

iMessage sends SMS to number 44

Usually iPhone sends a service SMS to a British number (example: 447786205094), Receives a response and iMessage is activated. But if the chain is broken, the smartphone will send these messages until it receives a response. Or until you reset the account, After all, one SMS to another country costs about five rubles.

That is, if the SMS gateway of the Russian operator incorrectly sends a service message, the iPhone takes it for a regular SMS. And asks for more.


You need to restart your smartphone, update your OS, or restore from a backup. But everybody knows this. Usually these actions don’t help solve problems with iMessage.

There are a couple of other ways to return free messages to your iPhone. Here is a list, from simple to more complex:


Iphone 5 Sends SMS Abroad

Often iMessage cannot be activated due to lack of funds on the balance sheet. As mentioned above, service SMS costs about five rubles. We replenish the account and, perhaps, the first problem disappears, iMessage is activated.

Entering data about yourself

It is better to enter your phone number and indicate your contact in the settings. We fill it to the maximum, the iPhone will take information about the owner from there.

In your contact list you need to create your own and specify it here: Settings. Mail, addresses, calendars. My details.

And you can check the number here: Settings. Phone. My number.

Time Zone Setting

Perhaps the most popular way to solve problems with iMessage. In tech support, Apple is also advised to do so. We go in Settings. General. Date and time. The slider next to “Automatically” should be enabled, and the correct time zone should be below.

Reset Network Settings

If all else fails, you can drop the network settings. Caution, the saved passwords to Wi-Fi points will fly off. We go in Settings. Basic. Reset and click “Reset Network Settings”.

Other SIM

If iMessage is still not activated, you can try to launch it with another SIM card. After which, return your SIM card to its place and turn on the service again. Such a reboot can solve the first two problems, but it is unlikely to stop the flow of SMS to another country.

Email Binding

It’s a shame, but there is no absolute way to solve the problem of endless SMS to a British number. After all, perhaps it’s not the user’s iPhone, but the operator’s SMS gateway. If you can’t turn on iMessage by your number, it’s easier to bind the service to your mail than to lose money.

I have to get a tambourine and dance a little with him.

Turn off iMessage, remove the SIM card, connect to a Wi-Fi network. We go in Settings. Messages, turn on the service. Enter the Apple ID, confirm if requested.

We go in “Sending / receiving” and see that the phone number is inactive, put a check mark next to the desired e-mail address.


I agree, it’s inconvenient, I’ll have to give my mail in order to correspond via iMessage. But still better than nothing.

Apple itself would be nice to limit the number of service SMS in order to offset the costs of users in case of dishonest behavior of operators.