Iphone 5 Reboots By Itself

Often, iPhone users complain that their device reboots every 3 minutes. This situation not only annoying, but also does not allow to use the device at all. In this case, the need for qualified and quick repair of equipment is obvious.

The best way to solve the problem with the phone, which is constantly rebooting, is to contact the service center professionals. The Job’s Service wizards promptly diagnose the reason for the appearance of such a situation and quickly fix the problems, giving you the opportunity to use a working machine without constant reboots.

Failure symptoms

The main symptom causing the problem is that the iPhone restarts without stopping. In addition, the following factors may indicate a device failure:

  • disconnection during calls;
  • excessive heating during charging; in most cases, the device heats up and restarts at the same time;
  • inability to turn on the device;
  • blue screen appears.

Specific symptoms are directly related to what, in fact, was a failure. To solve each problem, it is recommended that a complete diagnosis of the device be carried out under service conditions.

Breakdown reasons

The main situations that cause the phone to reboot on an apple include a malfunction of the power source due to:

  • by connecting the iPhone to charging from the iPad,
  • frequent voltage drops in the charging network of the device,
  • charging in the car.

In this case, the reason is the instability of the current level, which leads to battery failure and requires a complete replacement of the iPhone battery

However, in addition to current instability, the problem with the fact that the iPhone heats up and reboots can provoke:

  • physical damage, including shocks and falls, while the battery may become deformed and lose contact with the phone;
  • software failures;
  • failure of elements and components;
  • moisture penetration and, as a result, corrosion;
  • damage to the power amplifier and the inability to adjust the current inside the gadget.
Iphone 5 Reboots By Itself

Trying to fix iPhone restart problem

  • First of all, it is recommended to install available updates of the IOS operating system. perhaps this is what will help to solve the problem.
  • Next, install updates for all applications. If a reboot occurs at the time of opening the application, then be sure to delete it and reinstall it again.
  • In addition, cleaning the memory can help, which will increase the performance of the device.

Among the additional recommendations of experts:

  • Forced reboot to enter recovery mode with a twenty-second hold of the home and start buttons;
  • Performing a copy of all files by creating a backup followed by a complete reset of the operating system.

If none of the above helps, contact an Apple Service Center professional to update your iPhone or diagnose other problems.

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