Iphone 5 Quickly Discharges What to Do

Why is iPhone 5 discharging quickly? This question often arises among owners of a smartphone manufactured by Apple. If before the occurrence of such a problem, the mobile device was operated for two years or longer, then the battery has already worn out and may need to be replaced. But what if the battery of an iPhone, which has worked for only a month, quickly discharges? Most likely, the matter is in the wrong settings of the smartphone. This article describes the causes of the problem and gives detailed recommendations on how to optimize the operation of a mobile device.

Why is my iPhone battery running low?

If iPhone 5 quickly discharges, then the reasons for this may be the following:

    The power controller is malfunctioning. This happens if sudden changes in voltage occur when charging the phone. Such situations most often occur when the smartphone is powered by electricity on the road or using mobile devices. Also, the cause of the failure may be the use of a charger with a larger capacity.

Iphone 5 Quickly Discharges What to Do

Why is the iPhone battery warming up?

Possible reasons for heating the iPhone are:

  • Charging process. When the mobile device is connected to electricity, some processes in the battery are accelerated, which can affect the temperature.
  • Watching a movie or passing a game. If several applications are running at the same time or any program that requires a lot of energy is active, the phone may heat up more than usual.
  • Moisture Heating the battery may result from water entering the smartphone.

It should be remembered that during charging the phone will warm up, especially if the device is still in use. Panic in this case is not worth it. But if iPhone 5 is quickly discharged, and the battery temperature is increased during the standby mode, then you should be anxious and go to the service center. Although before that, it is still recommended to follow the recommendations for optimizing the operation of the device, which are given below.

So, if the iPhone 5 heats up and quickly discharges, to solve this problem you just need to set up your smartphone correctly.

Disable geolocation

In order to see the list of applications that use determining your location, you need to follow the route: “Settings”. “Privacy”. “Geolocation Services”. The number of these programs will be considerable. But thanks to GPS iPhone 5 is quickly discharged. Another minus of the abuse of geolocation is the threat to your privacy.

To reduce battery consumption, you can safely exclude almost all applications from geolocation services, leaving only the really necessary and useful, for example, “Maps”.

At the very bottom of the screen you need to find the tab “System Services”. In this section, it is recommended to disconnect all applications from the GPS, except for the “Hourly Search” utility, which can be useful to people who frequently travel. Disabling the items “Frequently visited places” and “Popular near” is mandatory! These applications consume a lot of energy, but have little practical benefit.

Get rid of push notifications

Push notifications are signals and windows that appear on the iPhone screen when any application installed on a mobile device wants to attract the attention of the owner.

Unnecessary messages of this nature are not only distracting, but also because of them, the battery on iPhone 5 quickly discharges. To turn them off, select “Settings” and go to the “Notification Center”. At the very bottom of the screen will be a list of installed applications. For each of them you need to do the following: put a “No” mark in the “Reminder Style” and deactivate the four available items by moving the corresponding slider to the left. These positions, which are recommended to be turned off, are called “Sticker on the icon”, “Sounds”, “In the Notification Center” and “On the locked screen”.

If light notifications sent by the camera flash are active in the smartphone, they should also be turned off. To do this, follow the route “Settings”. “Basic”. “Universal Access”. “LED flash for notifications” and move the corresponding slider to the left.

Disable Photo Stream

Photostream is a component of the iCloud application. It automatically uploads new pictures to the cloud when a mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi. If the iPhone 5s is quickly discharged, you need to pay attention to this function and turn it off. This can be done by selecting the “Settings” section, the iCloud utility, the “Photos” item.

Turn off automatic downloads

The “Automatic downloads” function independently downloads applications purchased on a combined device to the smartphone. If it is active, then iPhone 5 is quickly discharged. What to do in this case? You need to turn it off by going to “Settings”, the item “iTunes Store, App Store”.

It should be noted that it is recommended that you leave the software update function in the current version of iOS active.

Hard reset

Why is iPhone 5 discharging quickly? The cause may be the failure of an application, which consequently begins to intensely absorb battery energy. A hard reset process can help solve this problem. To do this, hold down two buttons at the same time: “Home” (a circle located under the screen) and “Sleep / Wake” (a rectangular button on the top of the device). Hold them in the clamped state for seven seconds until the screen goes blank.


After establishing the correct settings on the phone, its battery will stop heating up and will rapidly lose energy.

If all the above steps are completed, but your iPhone 5 is quickly discharged, as before, then you can’t avoid contacting a service center. They can simply reflash the device. Sometimes this is enough. If not, it means that the “insides” of the smartphone are damaged, and this may not only be in the battery. In this case, a qualified specialist will help you.