Iphone 5 Install Whatsapp

Iphone 5 Install Whatsapp

The usability of popular mobile instant messengers is hard to overestimate. Significant savings on SMS messages, the ability to make free calls and many, many other advantages that far exceed the capabilities of standard expensive SMS / MMS protocols. The popular WhatsApp messenger does not need to be introduced too much. But along with a number of amenities, it has one significant drawback. the lack of a client version for the iPad. Through simple manipulations, we will eliminate this annoying oversight.

If you want, installing WhatsApp on your iPad takes just a few minutes. over, it is not necessary to have Jailbreak neither on the iPhone nor on the iPad.

First of all, download the application from the stationary version of iTunes. We find Whatsapp and load it.

To install, we need an application iFunBox for Mac OS or Windows. Download iFunBox. Install and run, select the item Install. We go to the root of our system drive and in the search bar Finder enter the name of the WhatsApp application. We are interested in the installation file with the extension .ipa. We install it.

And now on the iPad appeared the application icon Whatsapp. But, alas, it’s too early to rejoice. After starting the application, we will receive the following message.

Do not rush to get upset, because there is only half a step left before the full-fledged work of WhatsApp on iPad. Completely remove the application from the iPhone. Download it again and install. Please note that the application should offer to re-register by phone number. If WhatsApp offered to recover from a copy of iCloud. refuse and repeat the Install-Uninstall step.

After receiving the activation number and successfully registering the client for the iPhone, connect the iPhone to the computer and go to iFunBox. On the Applications tab, go to WhatsApp and copy the two folders Documents and Library, let’s say to the desktop. Turn off the iPhone.

We connect the iPad and go to iFunBox. Application Software. WhatsApp. Delete folders Documents and Library, and instead, copy the copies saved from the iPhone.

Unload the previously launched WhatsApp application from the iPad (double-click the Home key and swipe up on the application) and launch WhatsApp again. Voila! WhatsApp on the iPad now works and is tied to the number specified during registration.

Please note that messages will be sent to the device from which correspondence or application launch was last conducted. If you do not plan to take the iPad with you, launch the application on the iPhone.

Otherwise, all correspondence will be sent to the iPad, which you will find out only after returning home.